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PHN BIT CC T NG NGHA TRONG TING ANH ( PHN 5) -----------------------14.

phn bit cc t teacher, tutor, lecturer, professor, instructor, coach v trainer 15. phn bit: Wear, put on, dress 16. Phn bit thief, robber, burglar ----------------------------------------------14. phn bit cc t teacher, tutor, lecturer, professor, instructor, coach v trainer Teacher: y l mt thut ng dng ch ngi lm cng vic ging dy. Xem cc v d sau:

Id like to go intoteaching and get a job as a teacher in an inner city primary or secondary school. (Ti mun theo ngh dy hc v s tm cng vic lm mt gio vin dy mt ngi trng cp 1 hoc cp 2 trong ni thnh.)

Teaching assistants can only ever support the classroom teacher; they can never replace him. (Nhng ngi tr ging ch c th h tr gio vin chnh trong lp, ch khng th thay th c h.)

Tutor: ch mt ngi dy cho mt hay mt vi c nhn. Xem cc v d sau:

My son wasnt making much progress in school, so I hired a maths tutor to give him private lessons after school. (Con trai ti khng tin b nhiu lm lp, v vy ti thu mt gia s ton dy km ring cho n sau gi hc lp.)

If you are enrolled as a student in a British university, you will have a personal tutor who provides you with close support throughout your studies and with whom you will have tutorials to discuss aspects of the subject being studied. (Nu bn ghi danh vo mt trng i hc Anh, bn s c mt gia s ring, ngi s gip bn trong sut thi gian hc v bn s tho lun vi ngi cc lnh vc hc tp.)

Lecturer: ch mt ngi gio vin ging bi hoc thuyt trnh mt cch chnh quy trong cc trng i hc v cao ng. Xem v d sau:

Dr. Gradgrind is our lecturer on the Victorian novel and the course will be taught through a series of lectures and seminars. (Gio s Gradgrind l ngi thuyt ging v tiu thuyt thi Victoria ca chng ti, v kho hc s c a ra thng qua cc bi ging v cc hi tho chuyn .)

Professor: Trong ting Anh - Anh, thut ng Professor dng ch ngi ging vin c v tr cao nht trong mt b mn mt trng i hc hoc cao ng. Xem v d sau:

Professor Stephen Hawking, Professorof Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, is one of the most formidable intellects ever to theorise on the origins of the universe. (Gio s Stephen Hawking, gio s ton hc ca trng i Hc Cambridge, l mt

trong nhng v gio s ti nht to ra cc l thuyt v ngun gc ca v tr.) Cc cp bc dy hc tm lc nh sau: lecturer (ging vin), senior lecturer (ging vin lu nm),reader (ph gio s) v cui cng l professor (gio s). Ch : Trong ting Anh - M, professor l thut ng ch ging vin chnh thc mt trng i hc. Gio vin cc trng cp 2, cp 3 hay cao ng u khng c gi l professor. Instructor: Anh, thut ng instructor dng ch mt ngi dy bn hc hay pht trin k nng hc tp hay k nng th thao c bit no . Xem cc v d sau y

If you want to learn how to drive, you will need a driving instructor. (Nu bn mun hc li xe, bn cn tm mt ngi dy li xe.)

If you want to learn how to fly, you will require a flying instructor. (Nu bn mun bay, bn cn phi tm mt ngi dy bay.)

Ch Trong ting Anh - M, thut ng instructor dng ch nhng ging vin i hc di cp tr ging cho cc gio s.

Coach: ch hun luyn vin th thao.

Tim Henman, Britains No 1, has new coach, Paul Anacone, who worked with Pete Sampras for six years. (Tim Henman, tay vt hng u ca Anh, c hun luyn vin mi l Paul Anacone, ngi tng lm vic vi Pete Sampras 6 nm.)

Paul Bracewell, national coach with the England youth teams for the past two years, has resigned. (Paul Bracewell, ngi hun luyn i tuyn tr quc gia ca Anh 2 nm qua np n t chc.)

Trainer: Ch ngi o to ngh hay th thao. Xem cc v d sau

In-service teacher trainers are in very great demand here as there is no pre-service training for teacher. ( y ang cn mt s lng ln cc chuyn vin o to gio vin ti chc do khng c o to trc ti chc cho gio vin.)

If you can get Kevin as your personal fitness trainer, youll work on a wide range of strategies and teachniques. (Nu bn nh c Kevin o to cho bn, bn s phi tp luyn vi nhiu chin thut v k thut.)


15. phn bit: Wear, put on, dress

wear, put on, dress khng n thun ch mang ngha mc qun o. Chng cn c s dng trong rt nhiu ng cnh khc nhau. Mi cc bn cng tm hiu cch dng ca tng t qua nhng v d di y nh!

Wear Khi chng ta ni: wear clothes, wear shoes hay wear jewellery, ngha l

ta mc, eo n trn ngi (have them on your body). V d:

She was wearing a beautiful diamond necklace with matching earrings. (C ta eo mt ci vng c kim cng tuyt p v i khuyn tai rt hp).

Bn cng c th dng ng t wear khi ni ai tc hoc ru theo mt cch c bit: V d:

He wears a very long beard. (ng ta mt b ru rt di). David Beckham used to wear his hair short, but now he is wearing it long. (David Beckham tng tc ngn nhng gi th anh y ang tc di).

Ngoi ngha ni trn, ng t wear cn c ngha l th g tr nn v dng, xc x hoc kit qu do dng thng xuyn v qu lu. V d:

This carpet is beginning to wear. We shall soon have to replace it. (Ci thm ny c rch ri. Chng ta phi nhanh mua ci mi thi).

Cm t to wear thin: cn kit, yu dn v cm ng t to wear out: mn dn. Nu ai cm thy worn out, tc l h cm thy v cng mt mi (extremely tired). i vi vt worn out c ngha l mn do dng nhiu. V d:

He is such an annoying person. My patience is wearing thin. (Anh ta qu l mt ngi kh chu. Lng kin nhn ca ti ang cn dn).

If you didn't play football every day, your shoes wouldn't wear out so quickly. (Nu cu khng chi bng hng ngy, giy ca cu s khng b mn nhanh n th).

I've spent all day shopping and I feel quite worn out. (Mnh i mua sm c ngy nn mnh cm thy mt qu)!

Put on ng t put clothes on c ngha l mc (o...) vo, i (m) vo, i (giy...) vo..., tc l bn place them on your body c c ng t wear. Tri ngha vi put clothes on l take clothes off. V d:

Take that shirt off and put on a new one. You can't go out in such an old shirt. (Con nn ci ci o ra v mc o mi. Con khng th ra ngoi vi ci o s mi c th ny c.)

Put on cn c nhiu ngha khc. Mi cc bn tm hiu thm mt vi cch dng ca put on qua cc v d di y: Put on weight: ln, tng cn, cm t tri ngha l to lose weight: gim cn V d:

I thought I was going to put some weight on on holiday, but I lost half a kilo as I swam every day. (Mnh ngh l mnh s tng cn sau k ngh h nhng mnh gim na cn v mnh i bi hng ngy).

Put on: cn c ngha l bt (n, ti vi, i) V d:

Why don't you put that new CD on so that I have some music while I'm ironing? (Sao anh khng bt ci a CD mi em c th nghe trong khi l nh?)

Put on = perform: trnh din, a ln sn khu V d:

They put on a new play, but had to stopped itafter three days as nobody came. (H trnh din mt v kch mi nhng phi ngng li 3 ngy sau v khng ai n xem c).

Dress ng t dress tng ng vi cm t put clothes on. Chng ta thng ni get dressed = dress trong trng hp khng trang trng. V d:

You'd better get dressed now. Henry will be here in ten minutes. (Cu nn mc qun o ngay i. 10 pht na Henry s n y y).

Bn bao gi gp cm t dress children, dress a wound cha? Liu dress cn ngha l mc khng? Hy tm cu tr li qua v d di y nh! V d:

She came in covered in mud. So I dressed her in new clothes. (C b bc vo m ngi lm lem bn. V th ti tm ra v mc qun o mi cho c b.)

I think it had better not to dress that wound. We'll just leave it.(Mnh ngh l khng nn st trng v bng b vt thng . C mc n ri s khi m).

Chng ta hay dng cm t dress up tc l n mc chnh t, chi chut, khin ai tr nn bnh bao, sang trng hn. Tri ngha vi dress up l dress down, tc l mc qun o bnh thng, hay c dng khi ni v qun o ca cng nhn khi lm vic. V d:

I must dress up at Edwards party next Saturday. (Mnh phi tht din khi ti ba tic ca Edward th by ti).

In certain offices in the city on Fridays, there is no need for staff to wear a uniform. They can dress down. (Ti mt s vn phng trong thnh ph, vo ngy th 6, nhn vin khng phi mc ng phc. H c th mc qun o bnh thng).

Khng ch c ngha l din bnh, dress up as somebody or something cn c ngha l ha trang:

I am going to dress up as the pumpkin from Cinderella. (Mnh s ha trang l qu b ng trong truyn c tch C b L Lem).

Cm t Dress down somebody hoc dress somebody down ngha l mng m ai v h lm sai iu g. V d

She dressed him down in front of his co-workers. (C ta mng anh y ngay trc mt nhng ng nghip ca anh).


16. Phn bit thief, robber, burglar Khi dch t ting Anh sang ting Vit, 3 t trn u tng ng l k trm, cp nhng v bn cht th li khc nhau. Mi cc bn cng tm hiu ngha chi tit ca tng t di y.

Danh t thief (s nhiu l thieves) l danh t ch ngi, ngha l k trm, k cp. Trong ting Anh, khi ni n thief, th chng ta phi hiu l k nh cp mt cch ln lt, thng khng gy ra bo lc v do , ch khi b mt, nn nhn mi nhn ra rng c k trm. Thief c th hot ng tt c vo mi thi im trong ngy. V d:

a car/jewel, etc. thief (tn trm xe, trm trang sc)

Danh t theft c ngha l s n trm, hnh vi n trm V d:

to commit theft (phm ti n trm) petty theft (s n cp vt) Police are investigating the theft of computers from the companys offices. (Cnh st ang iu tra v n trm my vi tnh t cc vn phng ca cng ty .)

Chng ta c thnh ng lin quan n t thief sau: (There is) honour among thieves ngha l lut x hi en (As) thick as thieves dng trong cch ni thn mt gia hai hoc nhiu ngi, tc l rt n , rt thn nhau. V d:

Mary, Tom, and Sally are as thick as thieves. (Mary, Tom, v Sally rt thn nhau.)

Danh t burglar ch k trm t nhp (break into) vo nh (ta nh, vn phng) mt cch bt hp php v ly cp c. Khc vi thief hot ng vo bt c thi im no trong ngy, burglar l k trm hot ng vo ban m.

Danh t ch hnh ng ca burglar l burglary: hnh ng n trm V d:

Theres a rise in the number of burglaries committed in the area. (Hnh vi phm ti trm cp khu vc ny tng ln).

Danh t robber l k cp. Khc vi thief nh trnh by trn, robber thng gy thng tch, e da nn nhn hoc dng nhng hnh thc bo lc khc ly . V d:

a bank robber: k cp nh bng The robbers attacked him and disappeared with the expensive painting. (Bn cp tn cng anh ta v bin mt vi bc tranh t gi).

Danh t Robbery ngha l v cp, hnh vi cp bc. V d:

armed robbery (= using a gun, knife, etc.): v cp dng v kh (c s dng sng, dao)

There has been a spate of robberies in the area recently. (Gn y c nhiu v cp xy ra vng ny).

Lin quan n robbery, trong ting Anh c thnh ng: daylight robbery = highway robbery dng trong vn phong khng trang trng, ng phn nn gi bn qu t, trng trn (m ngi Vit Nam hay v nh n cp gia ban ngy). V d:

Four thousand dollars!I won't pay it! It's highway robbery! (4 nghn la ! Ti khng tr u! Tht l trng trn.)

It's daylight robbery to charge that amount of money for a hotel room! (Tht l trng trn khi i tin phng khch sn nh th.)

Ngoi 3 t trn, cn c mt s t khc din t k trm, cp trong ting Anh. V d nh: shoplifter (k cp gi lm khch mua hng ca hng hay siu th), pirate (k cp bin,hi tc), pickpocket (k mc ti), bandit vgangster (trm cp theo bng nhm). T criminal l t chung nht cho tt c cc t trn.

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