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Pukeokahu Newsletter No. 2

Pukeokahu Newsletter No. 2

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Published by: Pukeokahu on Feb 22, 2012
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All school families, please read the following and return the slip below before Thursday 1st

March. This camp will be held at the Ohope Beach Holiday Park, from Sunday 1st April to Thursday 5th of April. We will leave from school at 9am on the Sunday, and depart Whakatane by 12.30pm on the Thursday. This year we will be taking private transport, to reduce travel cost involved with hiring a bus. There will, however, be a petrol voucher for those who will be taking private cars, to reduce cost for families. This will be a very active camp and all school students will be expected to participate in all activities, though we will make sure that there are sufficient rest periods and differentiation of activities for the younger children. Please fill in the form below, so that I am able to start making bookings with the correct numbers and also so that I know how much parent help we have. Please, if you have any concerns or queries please come a see me. Otherwise we will have our pre-camp meeting on Wednesday 21st March at 3pm. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Family Name: We will / will not be able to take our car on camp. We will / will not be able to provide extra transport if needed. No. seats available Number of school children attending camp Number of pre-school children attending camp Number of adults attending camp

Camp Whakatane 2012

Thursday 23rd February

“I am learning to learn for life!”

No. 2

Contact Details: Marama's eMail: principal@pukeokahu.school.nz Office eMail: office@pukeokahu.school.nz School Phone Number: 388 0529 Up and Coming Dates: Term Four: Wednesday 1st February - Thursday 5th April Parent Interviews - Monday 27th - Thursday 1st February Hall Meeting - Tuesday 28th @ 7.30pm Horse Trek - 3rd - 4th March Rural Schools’ Swimming Sports - Friday 9th March Inter-school Swimming - Friday 16th March Pre-Camp Meeting - Wednesday 21st March @ 3pm School Camp - Sunday 1st - 5th April From Marama I have decided that the New Zealand weather committee is saving all of the sunny, summer weather for the five days that we are on camp in Whakatane. It makes sense, the powersthat-be obviously want us out on a boat, fishing. They also want me to tell colorful tales, in future newsletters, about certain tall parents who, I hear, have issues with sea sickness … I’ve already started to prepare my ‘poetic compendium’. Speaking of poetic compendiums, weren’t early 20th century schools a stockpile of fantastic ideas! At our school’s recent visit to the 1906 classroom at Te Manawa, I managed to gather a whole load of fantastic ideas! Why oh why did we get rid of slates and chalk? The scratch, scratch of

small children copying from the board all day … brilliant! And do forget that wonderful motto “Children will be seen, and NOT heard!” Ah the peace and quiet, just think of the hours of Facebook I could get through! I think I am on to a real winner here, I must bring it up at our next principals meeting, they will love it! But wait, I haven’t told you about the best bit yet! You know, this could be revived as the teacher’s best friend … The Strap! Genius, Lochy will tell you, he’s a better learner because of it! I hear they come in lots of different styles too, black leather, slim line, chunky and rustic, I wonder if Apple does one? Yep, these new innovations will definitely be at the top of our next BOT meeting agenda, I mean don’t they all look so quiet and content? 28th February All welcome to attend this meeting at the hall at 7.30pm. This meeting is to discuss quotes for the building of the deck. All Welcome. Ka kite ano, Marama and Carol Hall Meeting - Tuesday

Large oil x 2 5kg margarine 15 pkts muesli bars 3kg sugar 2 x Dishwashing liquid 1 large bottle tomato sauce 10 pkts barley sugars 1 lb butter 1 x 5pk bars soap 1 liquid soap 6L iceceam 1L cream 2 x packet feta cheese 3 large jars mayo Cleaning clothes, scrubs etc Salt / pepper 1-2 kg cheese 2 x chickens for lunches 1 x ham for lunches 8 packets bacon 1 kg rice 2 bags pasta Dressing for Pasta Dressing for Rice Friday Night Salads Large Coleslaw to be supplied and made by:Heather Large Lettuce salad to be supplied and made by:Amanda

1x mer 1x carol marama 3 X Susan 6X Janette Tina 1x Janette 1x Hall Jenny Kylie Janey Claire Tina Hamish speedys donation Janey Carol Coke Hall Claire Hall Stacey Ham –mer 2x mutton jenny Hall Stacey Claire Stacey Stacey BAKING Kaiangaroa Janey Tina Madelene Claire Amanda Jenna Heather Susan

Pukeokahu School Horse Trek 2012

Other Notes: Gladwrap, tinfoil- tinfoil roasting trays, rubbish bags

Timahanga 3rd & 4th March

2012 Pukeokahu School Horse Trek Insert
YAY!! It’s horse trek time again. For the new comers to the district our horse trek is run by the hall committee but the funds raised go directly to the school. It is a full on weekend for those guiding the trek and those back at base feeding the hungry trekkers so all hands on deck are needed! As far as catering goes we provide the following over the course of the weekend: A casual dinner Friday night. Full cooked breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning. Lunches Saturday and Sunday A delicious dinner Saturday night. This year we are based at Timahanga Station and due to this location Saturday night’s salads will be made on site. The help received from the community is the only way our trek continues to be a huge success. Any donations of food for catering is greatly appreciated. We are also on the hunt for baking as well. Opposite the list of donated food (just a reminder so you don’t forget ;-) that is required to cater for the weekend. If you are able to donate anything else, help by baking, making a salad or help with preparation Friday, Saturday and Sunday please give Claire Law a call on 388 1414. Any form of help is gratefully received. Please drop all food to the school, where it can be picked up and taken out to Timahanga

Donation List 30kg potatoes (to cater 2 meals) 12 doz eggs 3 x-large tins spaghetti (A10) (largest size) 2 x cornflakes 3 x muesli 10 loaves toast bread 180 x bread rolls 4 x lettuces 3 packets mesculan lettuce 4kg tomatoes 2kg carrots 4 med size tins beetroot 3 bags oranges

People donating… Mary Mead -10kg /Mavis at Ngamatea Madelene 1doz -2doz janey 4doz mer -1 doz jen Marama Claire Susan stratton Mavis Ngamatea Stacey to organise Janey Nicolas donation Mary Jenny Mary Susan stratton

6 bags apples (for lunches and Hall - Claire crumble) Veges for roasting Hall 1 bag onions 3 red peppers, 1 cabbage 2 x-large tins peaches (A10) Marmite, honey, jam (1 jar each) Milo, Coffee x 1 large tin Tea 10 x 2L Milk Toilet Paper x 1 packet Carol gilbert Jenna Nicolas donation Mar /honey Amanda jam madelene Carol Hall Tina Pukeokahu school Carol List continued over page ...

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