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Broadcasting Place

Broadcasting Place

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Published by: l_craigs9997 on Feb 22, 2012
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LEEDS most controversial building, The building houses Leeds Metropolitan Broadcasting Place, known to locals University's Faculty

of Arts, as ‘the rusty tower’ has been Environment and Technology along with awarded as ‘The Best Tall Building student accommodation. in the World’. “Described as humble, economical and The unique building was awarded environmental, Broadcasting Place ‘Best Tall Building in Europe’ early greatly impacts the university campus last year. It then, amazingly, went on and the skyline of Leeds” according to to win the World title, but standing at Halcrow Yolles who provided the only 70m (228ft) tall is this award structural engineering for the project. really justifiable? The building seems to have a marmite It is hardly the first building which affect … people either love it or hate it. I springs to mind when we think of the think the steel material of the building is Best Tall Building in Europe; surely the cause of controversy rather than the the Eiffel Tower is far more building itself. impressive, the ‘iron lady’ standing at We saw similar 324m (1063ft). comments back in ‘BEST TALL BUILDING IN THE WORLD’ In context of the whole World you’d BROADCASTING TOWER LEEDS 1994 when the Angle barely consider the UK to even have of the North was built an entrant when you think of the vast The win took even the designers of in Gateshead costing skyscrapers and global landmarks of Broadcasting Place, Feilden Clegg £1 million; however other countries; consider the Empire Bradley Studios, by surprise; Julian locals have grown to Gitsham, an architect of the firm, said: State Building, the Bahrain World love the statue’s raw ‘We are delighted – we’re a bit stunned Trade centre, the Shanghai World material, so perhaps Financial Centre or the Willis tower. really. We were very pleased with the time will tell. Europe award and then we thought, The Council on Tall Buildings and “Well, we’re going to be up against the Urban Habitat (CTBUH) awarded Broadcasting place the prestigious title Burj”.’ Whilst the CTBUH insist “the design over three other competitors; The ANGEL OF THE takes into consideration a respect for the NORTH Pinnacle@Duxton in Singapore which stands at 163m (521ft), The Bank of scale and grain of the surrounding America tower in New York which listed buildings, and stands at 336m (1200ft) and perhaps a simple palette of more deserved winner Burj Khalifa in natural materials”, Dubai which stands at 828m (2717ft), others remain making it the tallest building in the unconvinced; world statistically. preferring the The Burj Khalifa is 11 times the height definition ‘eyesore’. of Leeds humble Broadcasting Place, Student Mark Lyall, how then does it not achieve the ‘best’ Leeds, remarked “I PINNACLE@DUXTON, THE BANK OF The British Architects (RIBA) said the AMERICA TOWER tall building; surely the measurements think it looks like building was "truly iconic" and speak for themselves? rusted scrap metal. captured the essence of Yorkshire's Broadcasting Place cost £50 million; a I’d never of rugged landscape; they admired it small sum in comparison to the £1.6 considered it the enough to present it with an award of billion Burj Khalifa budget. Worlds Best excellence. Building… worst With two awards is it ‘The Best maybe!” Building in the World’ or is it still just ‘the rusty tower’?

Lucy Craigs

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