A local war hero was shot yesterday during the armed robbery of the Elm Tree public house

, Toward Road, Leeds. Terry Stewart, 39, Landlord and former soldier was attacked whilst opening the pub at 9.15am. He was approached by four men, one with a sawn off shotgun. They demanded money and when Mr. Stewart claimed there to be none, he was shot at close aim in the left leg. The men took £20 till float money and four bottles of spirits before fleeing the scene. Terry’s wife, Jill, 38, heard shouting Lucy gun shot and rushed to see the and a Craigs 299 words and her husband injured. men leaving “I have never been so terrified. Terry was lying on the floor and I could see that he was bleeding.” The incident could have ended far worse if the brave decorated soldier had not remained so calm, having been held hostage at gun point before.

Mrs. Stewart, a nurse, performed first aid whilst waiting for the ambulance. Luckily her two children remained upstairs, hiding in a cupboard after hearing the gunshot. “It’s terrifying to think that these monsters could have killed Terry and they could have shot my kids.” Terry is in a stable condition at Leeds General Hospital after emergency surgery. The identity of the men remains unknown. They wore dark tracksuit tops, dark jeans and stocking masks. Mr. Stewart recalls they were all white with local accents, dark hair, and were 5’10 and under. This is the second robbery of a public house in Leeds this year. Inspector Eva Thomson, West Yorkshire Police, stresses “these are serious incidents and we need to put a stop to them before someone is killed.” The incidents are not yet linked. Police are urging anyone with information to contact Leeds Central CID on 011342-515 8000

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