‡ Marriage Seminar Friday/Saturday ‡ Beauty For Ashes ‡ Sunday at 5pm Healing Class and March 11th with Pastor James Utley ‡ Prayer chain volunteers/ text& email ‡ March dates:
± ± ± ± ± 4th Spaghetti supper after church Leader s prayer Wed. 7th Ladies conference on the 10th Men s meeting on the 25th Youth 23rd.

‡ PURPOSE: How is my life benefiting the kingdom of God? ‡ Most of us see this as a challenge to build a ministry . ‡ God s view is building a LIFE-MESSAGE. ‡ YOU deepen the message and GOD will broaden the ministry.

‡ Your life message is found in the fulfillment of 2 Pet.1. ‡ Salvation Faith ‡ Separation Virtue ‡ Dedication Knowledge ‡ Service Self-control ‡ Suffering Patience ‡ Responses Godliness ‡ Insights Brotherly Kindness ‡ Spiritual Maturity Love

‡ God is calling for individuals to rise up and answer the call to leadership. ‡ This requires replication and impartation. ‡ Replication: duplicate; reproduce; repeat ‡ Impartation: to give, convey or grant from a store; disclose ‡ The function of leadership is not to produce followers but more leaders.

Old leadership paradigm the head buffalo has the herd stand around until he shows them what to do.

New leadership paradigm the flying geese where every goose has the responsibility to lead, follow, or scout in order to effectively accomplish the goal of the gaggle

‡ Old thought: I m the leader follow me ‡ New thought Here s the goal, let s go My challenge is to take the responsibility to raise up new leaders not followers. 3 QUESTIONS: 1. If we do not do it who will? (responsibility) 2. If we do not do it now when? (priorities) 3. If we do it only for ourselves why? (motive)

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