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Andrzejewski Lauds Rodger Cooks Reform Agenda Says Cook will fight to clean up government; Asks why Plummer

wont release his FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2012 February 22,

Contact: Ben Evans 573-268-2790 Freeburg, IL.Government watchdog Adam Andrzejewski threw his support behind Rodger Cooks efforts to bring transparency to government in the race for the Republican nomination in the 12 congressional district, citing Cooks record as a government reformer and his release of his own personal taxes. Cooks opponent, Jason Plummer, has evaded calls to release his taxes.

The people of Illinois deserve the truth. If you dont have gold-standard ethics, youre part of business-as-usual. Rodger Cook is the latest and most prominent candidate in this election cycle to lead on this transformational ethics policy, said Adam Andrzejewski, former 2010 gubernatorial candidate. Rodger Cook released his taxes and has posted them on the internet at Cook, a former cop and homicide detective, is a proven reformer who took on the machine in Belleville and cleaned up a system of patronage and back room deals. When Cook was mayor of Belleville he opened city council meetings to the public for the first time in the citys history. Thats the kind of Representation we need in Washington. Illinois number one manufactured product is corruption, said Adam Andrzejewski. Transparency of personal sources of income is critical ethics policy. Top Republicans are especially concerned that millionaire candidate Jason Plummers refusal to release his taxes could cost Republicans a chance to pick up a seat held by Democrats for nearly 70 years. It was also a major issue in his failed campaign for lieutenant governor where he was dogged by questions about his taxes. It got so bad he didnt even show up to the last debate. Many believe if Plummer was not on the ticket in 2010, Pat Quinn would have lost.

Since 2010, Ive called on the leadership of both political parties to release their income tax returns. This is the single most important ethics policy that would challenge the culture of corruption in Illinois, said Adam Andrzejewski. Rodger Cook is leading on and issuing the clarion call on the best policy. ###

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