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Alexander the Great. In 356 BCE a young man named Alexander was born.

n. He was son to the King of Macedon, Philip II and his wife, Olympias of Epirus. Aristotle taught the young Alexander, Alexander enthusiastically read and idolized Homers Iliad. Philip conquered the city states of Greece, while Alexander led the Macedonian army. When Alexander was twenty years old, Philip selected another wife and she gave birth to a son. Shortly after, Pausanias, the chief bodyguard assassinated Philip II. Many suspected foul play but was never proved and Alexander consolidated power, Achilles was Alexanders favorite Greek hero. The desire to journey East both to recreate Achilles accomplishments and to take revenge on the Persians for invading Greece had remained with Philip and Alexander and their lives. Philip trained and reformed the army and now Alexander would lead it into the pages of history. Over the next three years, Alexander won every battle that was fought and created the largest empire the world ever knew. At the age of twenty-three, Alexander achieved great accomplishments than most men will achieve in their life time. Sadly he would not live to govern his empire for long; he mysteriously died and his top three generals divided up his kingdom. However Alexander lives on through his legacy, but many attempts will be made to recreated his story and glory.