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Pneumatic Pipe Bender Machine

Attempt by M.Dinesh Kumar 44909114008 K.Shankar 44909114048

Pipe Bending technique was initially established in the year 1991 by China. Through the years it has become clear that the distinguishing factor apart from Hard work relay on Smart work thereby imposing Hydraulics/Pneumatics in order meet the upcoming demands with the view of achieving sustainable progress.

Main Components Required

Single acting cylinder Compressor Major pulley Follower pulley Accumulators Handle Valves Angle indicator

Cost Estimation
Pneumatic cylinder : 1500.00 Rs Compressor : 1750.00 Rs Major and follower pulley : 1650.00 Rs Valves, actuators, angle indicator and Handle charges : 1800.00 Rs Further assembling charges : 1000.00 Rs Gross Total : 7700.00 Rs

Components Acquired
Major pulley Follower pulley Angle indicator

Components Further Needed

Compressor Pneumatic cylinder Valves Actuators

Industrial Applications
Hydraulic lines Fabrication of chasing Pneumatic lines Motor cycle frames