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Itinerary Mexican Riviera Tour 7days, 6nights February 8-11, 2011 Day 1 ETA-ETD X -1600H Port, Los Angeles,

California Day 2 ETA-ETD X-X At Sea Day 3 ETA-ETD X-X At Sea Day4 ETA-ETD 0900H-0905H 1000H-1300H 1330H-1500H 1520H-1630H 1700H-1800H 1805H-1820H Puerto Vallarta, Mexico El Tigre Golf Course Mestizo Restaurant (Lunch) Las Caletas Downtown (Shopping) Back to the Cruise Ship Day 5 ETA-ETD 0700H-0705H 0730H-0930H 0945H-1145H 1200H-1330H 1400H-1630H 1700H-1715H Mazatlan, Mexico Citys golden zone Aztec Theater Restaurant Los Arcos (Lunch) Pueblo Bonito Back to the Cruise Ship Day 6 ETA-ETD 0700H-0705H 0830H-1100H 1130H-1300H 1330H-1500H 1505H-1520H Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Explora Beach (Clear Bottom Kayak Adventure) Taco Cantina (Lunch) Sea of Cortez (Sea Trek Helmet Dive Tour) Back to the Cruise Ship

Day 7 ETA-ETD X-X At Sea Day 8 ETA-ETD 0700H-X Port, Los Angeles, California End of the Tour