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Energy Audit
Audit means Verification and examining of financial accounts Account survey and verification

Energy Audit means Energy survey and energy analysis

Preliminary Energy Audit

1. Identifies the quality and cost of various energy forms used in plant. 2. Identify energy consumption at department. 3. Highlights energy wastage in major equipments

Preliminary Survey
Prior to the walkthrough survey, the auditor may need to know the building and the way it is used. The information can be obtained from:
Architectural blueprints Air-conditioning blueprints Electrical lighting and power blueprints Utility bills and operation logs for the year preceding the audit Air-conditioning manuals and system data, and Building and plant operation schedules

Preliminary energy audit takes 2-10 days It is also known as walkthrough audit STEPS:
1. Organize resources like manpower, machines, and money 2. Identify data requirement using question answer method 3. Conduct informal interview with Plant Manager, GM, Production Engineers, Finance Manager, etc. 4. Conduct plant walkout 5. Analyze data
Develop database Evaluate data

6. Develop action plan 7. Implementation

Output of Preliminary Energy Audit

A set of recommendations Identification of major areas which require more analysis

Detailed Energy Audit

Short term action Medium term action Long term action

Detailed Energy Audit

1. To gather information
Description of equipment/plant Specification/data collecting Hours/day operation Energy consumption per day Operational schedule All type of bill collecting- like electricity bill, petrol, diesel, fuel, heat, etc. Total production of the year

2. Measurement
Actual measurement ECO (Energy Consumption Opportunity) and ECM (Energy consumption measures) Priority-wise project list Recommendation of energy manager Project investment, annual saving pay back period of energy consumption measures

3. Recommendations

Tools for Energy Audit

Power Analyzer Tachometer Digital multimeter Clip-on meter Tri vector meter Power factor meter Gas analyzer Smoke tester Rtd temp detector Portable thermometer Radiation pyrometer

Diagnostic Approaches for Energy Audit

Records of energy consumption Process flow sheet Preparation of data sheet Consumption of mass and energy flow Action plan