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Compress Air Generation


What is a Compress air generation..

In order to generate compressed air, the compressor, driven by an electric motor or internal-combustion engine, inducts air through a filter, compresses it to 6 to 10 bar and forces it - frequently via an intercooler - into a compressed air reservoir.

Filters are compressed air preparation equipment that are essential for most compressed air applications. A standard compressed air filter will contain the following components (1)Air inlet (2)Filter cap (3)Air path (4)Filter discharge (5)Filter element

Types of the filters

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Cyclone separator Pre filter Micro filter Active carbon filter Sterile filter Dust filter

Cyclone separator
Cyclonic separation is a method of removing particulates from an air, gas or liquid stream, without the use of filters, through vortex separation. Rotational effects and gravity are used to separate mixtures of solids and fluids.

Pre Filter
For reliable supply of clean, oil free compressed air and gases . For High pressure Gases and Air up to 400 Bar. three dimensionally layered microfiber medium which provides 99.99999% stages of filtration.

Active carbon filter

Activate carbon filters are used for removal of the vapor and odors which still may be present in the air or gas flow. The activated carbon element absorbs vapors and bind them to surface of the activated carbon grain molecules.

Sterile filter
Absolute removal of solid particulates and microorganisms is performed by a sieve retention or membrane filter. They are often referred to as sterile air filters as they also provide sterilised compressed air.

Dust filters
A dust filter is a system used to enhance the quality of air released from industrial and commercial processes by filtering dust and other impurities from air or gas.

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