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The Social Networking Site for Professionals

LinkedIN is the social networking site focused on business and professional contacts and has more than 100 million registered users, making it an indispensable tool for career-building.

Five Ways to Use LinkedIN

Find A Job: Linkedin is a favorite haunt of recruiters and headhunters. It adds the element of networking, unlike or

Build Professional Relationships: Provides a means for you to branch out and make new connections within your field or your company, and to leverage your connections connections when necessary.

Conduct Research: can be an invaluable resource for gathering information.

Seek Advice: You can use Linkedin answers to pose a question big or small- to your entire Linkedin network.

Establish A Community: You can form a group dedicated to a specific topic or industry, and then invite others to join that group to debate, discuss, and learn from one another. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate your own knowledge and expertise by sharing what you know.

Linkedin is the social networking site that doesnt want to be known as a social network, but known as a site thats about having, getting and keeping a job.