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PETR 3313 Reservoir Fluids Homework 1 Due on Feb 1, 2012

Please submit your work on 8 x 11 inch paper. Please write only on one side of the paper. Calculations should be submitted in an organized and neatly presented form. Circle or box final answers for each problem or part of a problem. Appropriate units must be included in all answers.

1. List the names and structures of all of the structural isomers of C8H18. 2. Tabulate the values of the melting and boiling point for each of the isomers described in
question 1 and explain the results you observe 3. Vapor pressure data of carbon dioxide is given in the table below. Estimate the vapor pressure of CO2 at 20 and 40 F. Vapor Pressure of Carbon Dioxide Temperature (F) Vapor Pressure (psia) -39.1 147.0 -2.0 293.9 22.5 440.9