AutolJ1otive Head Lalflp


.... Please read the device manual before you install


(red port..>'" • Weshait not see. Please wail for the entire cool-down of the car lighting and engine for the sake of safety in installation. D j • Please r~adthe reterencithan~~o~kd!r~tuIIYbetor~ takl~gdowhtllecarli~~tI~g'~bitl • Please readthrolJgh. caretur. 7. In putting through the power supply of a step-up transformer. please confirm that the gear is "N" or "P" 3. Be careful to avoid scald..:. 4. Please let the end of bulb not touch the interior light shield of the headlight assembly when adjusting the bulb. especially in turning on/off the lighting. not to touch bulbs with fingers. In connecting the bulb and the step-up transformer. Before the installation. and theniristalf the HIOsystelll.. 2. Please connect the port of bulb with the port of power supply.r:J . do not connect the wrong electrode L Please fix the stability instrument tightly with double-sided tape and make sure the two ends are firm 2.. prorts and voltaic wire. Please insure that the switch is off in installation. which will bring blots 6. Be careful to avoid beating and cutting bulbs. 8. Please drill a hole of 25mrn in the back cap of resin or rubber on the headlight. black port) -1- . False connection will bring on lighting 5.Jr . Be careful to examine the connection of the contactor.. 9.' ' ': I. do not connect the wrong electrode 10.Jo'anY'damag~da~S~dbynotfollowingthegUjdanceserlc)u$'~~' t"eve~lcl~..

Malfunction of bulb the high temperature on the top of bulb may melt the interior shield * Solution: * Problem: please separate the top of bulb form the interior shield with a distance of 5mm by using a wrench.) I. automobile sound sets. Please check up the work of other automobils parts (lamps.. and no extrusion. l. 2. 2. Please check up the effectiveness of the work of long-distance light and short-distance light 3. .J-J . Poor electric discharge effect of the beam/ray gas Lack of power input may lead to the bulb glittering or poor discharge effect * Solution: -2- to use an additional relay-set to stabilize electric voltage * Problem: there may be some noises when opening the light...J .. it may change the foeus of light 2. screen wipers and ect. Make sure the two electrodes of wire are not connected reversedly. Make sure the connection of wire is neither too tight nor too loose. Make sure the parts taken apart beforehand for the installation return to their original please.D 1.

!.J r .. D9004. (G) H4 Type (F) (A/B)35W HID Head lamp x 2(C)2 Ballast (D)12 fixing buckles of wiring harness (E)2brackel' of ballast (F) 14 sets of bolts..9007 Type P D90~/jl rEiD ~ ~.r:J..D007 (E) oi H1.9004 9006.... j B •• "••• II ....J . . " (0) p- ...H7.. nut' and gaskets (G) 1 set of wire splice to power supply -3- .

_!_) (l) Please open the hood and take off the assembly of headlights on the two sides(left and right). the headlights may not be takeen down.... In the case of enough room for installation.'..J J r .. -4- .s: .

. .j-J ..D J (2) Open up the backcap of the assembly of headlights and take out the original bulb. (3) Drill a hole in the middle of the back cap with a 25mm cutter. -5- ...

installation. If the bulb becomes spotted. which may leave blots..._) (4) Take down the plastic cover/shield surrounding the HID head lamp (Notice) Please pay attention to avoid any influence that may be caused by the workaroundin Db not touch the bulb by hand.J. . l_ -6- .. J..Ij. r . please sipe it with dry cloth or alcohol. _.s: ..

(5) Put the HID head lamp into the headlights. (Notice) please make sure the pressure spring is fixes in the right position -7- .

j 9SIack plugln _..") ur "r. .(6) The installation diagram of power supply and relevant data are as follows.....('m~ dlt~¢~ir>n '*' Please use a fuse of20A (fuses of 20A below will melt in turning on the lamp.... .~ !~t'dlod('(I\.) -8- .'~h .· III .r..~~ p~~.. Ballast // // In 'h~ \'J'~ o)t-I2V-':rl".. ~ (Relay Kit) IBRed _I __ i--""t.( ~h~..

adjust input the exportation lead the linear position. -9- . then according to top the diagram shows the beginning gearing. • Before installing far near light system. will result in the [amp buib damage. • Do not make an effort the ambulation part that push pull the lamp bulb.H4 Hi/Lo Bulb • Please read first the foundation install the catalogue. please the first careful check power supply or-line and plus or minus pole.

3) Press the rubber end in to cover the metal end D9005. DH4 POWER CONNECTOR -10- .J.~ . After that.lrl (7) First plug the bulb's wiring harness into the rubber base. and do the same thing to the black wires. please shut the headlight shield tightly.J_. and then put into the back cap of assernb ly.r.. * Installation method of power supply's port * I) Insert wiring harness into Ballast's interior slot 2) Connect ballast's red wire with the red wire of bulb( +).1 .J_.

.(8) fix Ballast on any solid place in the engine room by using double-sided / .D tape.J .. fixing buckles and brackets(attentioo: avoid high temperature). first insert the wire of relay and then put the rubber base into the hole of Smm on the back cap oftbe headlight -11- . + Ballast 'Pleaserefer to the instructional drawing 00 the left in running therelay • I) drill a hole with a 25mm cutter and a 8mm drill in the middle on the back cap of the headlight 2) asshown in the drawing. J-J ...

please change with the above 70A batteries. * If the two lights are extinct or glimmer simultaneously.(9) connect the Ballast wiring harness to the wiring harness of the bulb (Notice) The sound of "kaba" implies connection is successful and correct. (10) Inspect whether the two headlights are in normal operation state. The said problem may be -12- . caused by shortage of electric power supply.

3. Please tum off the power supply in any accident.. sprayer. and this will seriously impact the safety in other driving'driving. Please do not switch on the lights until the automobile starts.J . Please do not adjust the optical focus upward.IJ L Take care! high voltage is dangerous! it may cause the hurt by electric shocks 2. paint. for such deeds. oil. diluting agent and etc .j-J_. or we will wake no responsibility and repair are needed. 8. please do not make disassembly or reconstruction. 9. Do not stare at the light directly. * All sell service locations please confirm that copies of this handbook have access to all customers. otherwise the unprotected eyes will be burned.. 4.. 6. 5. Broken high voltage box and wires will leak out high-preessure which will create danger. electricity. Please seek help form the nearest specialized institution when replacement 7. Please do not touch the bulb when switching on/off the power of lights: otherwise the released heat in large amount would scald you. Please keep away from inflammables. In any case. -13- . such as paper.