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WATER CONSERVATION: JIVNA TO FUTURE Mrs Neerja Mann Asst. Professor in English G.C.W.

Karnal ABSTRACT Human population figure of the world has crossed seven billons. Such a huge accumulation of human mass in the biosphere is due to availability of resources. This has brought the natural resources in some area of the world on the brink of collapse. The rapid growth of human population has brought an ever-rising drain on the natural resources. Undoubtedly water is the most essential necessity of human life. Human life cannot be sustained longer than a fortnight without water. According to Hindu scriptures water is called Jivana. The development due to fast urbanization and industrialization has negatively affected the environment. the most pressing need of the present time is to reorient human activities in a such a way as to ensure non or least possible damage to the biosphere . Water conservation is a meaning effort towards up keeping of ecological balance. Conservation of indigenous knowledge, traditions and culture friendly to the environment should be there in the society. It is high time that we should seriously think over the hazards of many kinds around which we can affect safety of our life style. The need of time is to have full consideration of our natural ecosystem and enjoy life in ideal manner so that least chance of damage to natural resources remains existing. Dr. Reeta Arora Asst. Professor in Commerce G.C.W. Karnal