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Kill the prodigy

Judge me if you can when your mirror doesn't lie , kill the prodigy but his legacy cannot die..

On my trail my nemesis follows , he doesn t know I m leading him to the gallows , unable to cope the force fed evil he swallows , by my intellect rots his insecure race , fading legion that leaves no trace , losing their grip

1 by Krishnendu Piplai |Distorted Malice

can t keep up with time`s pace , in my mind I relentless conspire , snatching away his birth-right to respire , under my reign their pagan lord expires..

Pour his crimson life in my sacramental bucket of blood , dancing on his grave I crack open the rotting coffin , on his tombstone I etch his disgraced epitaph..

Obscurity under my shadow makes life a weeping widow , non-believers I will slaughter

2 by Krishnendu Piplai |Distorted Malice

raging fire that rules over water , graphic walls in the pit of death bears the marks of gravity`s haste , screams and cries its echoes tasted plunging my nemesis for the life he wasted..

Muted to oppression erupts my merciless aggression , payback is inevitable where coup`s misery isn`t edible , burn the gamble`s dices whom the cheating tyrant entices..

3 by Krishnendu Piplai |Distorted Malice