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Ladies Quarter Auction

Join us for "QUARTERMANIA" ...Come early to shop vendor tables and view items up for bid! DOOR PRIZES GIVEN!

Sunday, March 4, 2012 2:30 to 5:30 pm

$5 Admission ticket Doors open at 2pm so that you can shop The Falls Reception Hall 5925 Adams Street, Lincoln, Nebraska Bring your quarters (one roll minimum), Ready to have some FUN!!!!!!!!

Jennifer McCollough 402-770-0092

Tupperware ~Usborne ~ Vault Denim ~ Tastefully Simple ~ Body by Vi Pampered Chef ~ Mary Kay ~ Cre Handbag ~ Lia Sophia ~ Jamberry Nails 31 bags ~ Scentsy ~ Partylight ~ Essential Body ~ Organo Gold Coffee Dove Chocolate ~ Clever Containers ~Pure Romance
Each item up for bid will be displayed for all guests to see. The auctioneer then gives a brief description, retail value and how many quarters you will need to bid. Guest will give their bid (quarters) and hold up their numbered paddle. If you have more than one paddle, you must place a bid for each one. When all bids are collected, then the auctioneer will draw a numbered chip from the hopper. If the number on the paddle matches the number on the chip drawn, the guest wins that item. The auctioneer will draw again, until we have a winner. Once we have a winner all number chips will be placed back in the container and go to the next item to be auctioned.