CREM Manager¶s roles in different management levels

Business Strategist

Strategy Policy Intrapreneur Resourcing Dealmaker Portfolio Controller Project Taskmaster Facilities Task Management y Clean y Safe y Warm y Lit Facilities Management Engineering buildings Management y Procurement and putting in place y Budget y Programme y Workmanship y Functionality y Renewals Project Management Minimising building costs Cost of Production (eg. Cost per square foot) Analytic Management y Leases y Acquisitions y Disposition y Rent Reviews y Audits y Renewals y People y Systems y Templates y Information y Service Providers Accountability y Roles y Responsibility y Performance y Reporting And Planning y Strategic data gathering y Business plan to justify space y Cultural change to achieve corporate objective y Relocation strategies

Management Involvement Main Function Performance Measurement Knowledge Required

Property Management Standardising building usage Portfolio optimisation (ROI, ROE, profit and lost) Financial and human skills (problem solving and negotiation)

Basic measurement (cost against budget) Technical

Strategic Management Matching market usage Aligning CREM with organisation¶s goal Financial analysis & Integrated with (NPV analysis, other functions such opportunity cost) as HR and IT Business planning Strategic and hybrid of all knowledge

(Joroff, 1993)

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