I have been passionate about the health status of my country, Nigeria, this is what led me to study Microbiology in my undergraduate, its relevance to health which is obvious in the breakthroughs we have had in the times past starting with the discovery of micro organisms, the cures and prevention of diseases through antibiotics and vaccines, their pliability and adaptability as revealed by recombinant DNA technology, its prospects in offering more solutions to existing challenges and the certainty of better discoveries, these and many more are the factors that enthral me to build my career in health research. The Youth Professional Internship Programme provides me with such ample opportunity in the realization of this goal. My technical areas of interest are Prevention of Blindness and Health research, this choice is due to my understanding that there is a potential of cure behind every disease and also as a result of my relationship with the blind which has brought lots of stories to my ears, this serves as an impetus for me to commit myself to its prevention in the next generation. Presently, I work with Blind Football Initiative in Nigeria; an NGO that hosts football matches in Nigeria amongst the blind I decided to take up this role due to my passion for the handicapped people, particularly the blind, working with them, I have seen a group of people who are resilient and whose passion haven’t been marred even due to their disabilities, preventing this in the next generation will be a great feat of achievement in the health sector and consequently, lead to the development of West Africa and the world at large; the YPIP provides me the pedestal to committing myself to its prevention. Also, my thesis majored on the isolation and antibiotic susceptibility pattern of staphylococci obtained from the nasal cavity of goats which confirmed bacterial resistance to commonly administered drugs and also the effect of opportunistic micro-organisms in immuno-compromised patients which are factors to the prevalence of diseases in the world.

planning and dogged determination skills for the achievement of this goal. I will employ and enhance my innovative.This platform will give me an opportunity to continue learning. self motivating. . interactive. thereby adding value to myself and to the society as I build my career in research and teaching.

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