Leopold café sees immense increases in business after attack
Adding up to various tourist attractions in Mumbai, the Leopold café has become a must-visit for every foreigner visiting the city after the 26/11 terrorist attacks. Situated in the heart of Colaba, this café is owned by an Iranian family since 1871. The café was one of the places attacked by the Let terrorists on the night of November 26, 2008. Though the number of people who died in the café is lesser as compared to the other places, but the impact that it has left on the minds of the people present there at the time of the attack is unforgettable. The number of people visiting the Leopold Café has tremendously increased after the infamous day. It’s very heartening to know that this café was the only place to resume business four days after it was attacked, among all other places which were attacked. The amount of customers frequenting this place every day has doubled since the attacks. Earlier it used to mainly be college students and Mumbaikars, but now after the attacks foreigners as well as people from other parts of the country come to have a look at this café. “Before 26/11 there was major business from November to January, but after the attacks business has become regularly high throughout the year”, said one of the brothers who own the café. The owners have still preserved the bullet marks on the walls and the paintings of the café. Every year on the 26th of November, people come to light candles outside the café to show respect and remember the people who lost their lives at Leopold that night. There are a lot of visitors who come for the first time and also a lot of them who come regularly since they have an emotional connection with the place after the attacks; it has become like a second home to them. “We are happy that our business has increased so much but the reason behind it is not a good one”, said the owner at the café. It has become a major landmark for the people in Mumbai. Although the café is now back to serving its overcrowded tables, the memories of that night would never fade.

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