Republic of the Philippines House of Representatives Third Legislative District of Camarines Sur


December 2011

Name: Esviel S. Payte Batch number: 8 I. II. Date: December 16 ± 31, 2011

Area of Assignment: Delivery Room, Pedia Ward

Activities: Receiving endorsement from outgoing shift, vital signs taking & recording, monitoring intake and output, inserting indwelling catheters, performing actual deliveries of babies, assisting in cerviprime insertion and removing products of conception, doing cord dressing, , carrying out doctor¶s order, giving intramuscular & intravenous medications, intravenous insertions, maintaining intravenous flow rate, wound dressing on surgical site

III. Learning/Insights: Patient¶s safety is major concern for nurses especially in giving medication. Double check or even triple check the medications you are about to give. It includes the right patient, dose, medication, route & time. One needs to observe these principles in administering medication. One error could be fatal and could lead to legal actions. If you are not sure ask your colleague if not the physician itself. Lives we dealing with & a mistake could not bring back a life that is lost. IV. Issues/Concerns: N/A


Recommendations: N/A

______________________________ Esviel S. Payte, RN SPN Batch 8

____________________________ Supervising Nurse

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