Stuck up?

Take a nap Kekule discovering structure of Benzene, Mendeleyev arriving at Periodic layout of table, Herowitz cracking design for laser telescope and numerous artists’ claims of artistic breakthroughs, all while dreaming, is not a mere coincidence. Recent dream research suggests that by thinking hard about a problem before going to bed increases the chances of dreaming a solution, especially to problems requiring creativity or visualization. Sleep is no more considered as a passive state, but another state of consciousness where thinking continues. PET scan in individuals in dream sate shows higher activation of brain areas responsible for emotion, visual imagery and perception of movement coupled with inhibition of brain areas involved in logical thinking and social conditioning – logical thinking and conditioning is considered a big hindrance to arriving at novel or breakthrough ideas. You may benefit from this new insight by training yourself to dream out solutions to your problems. 1. Write down your problem on a notepad. Keep pen and notepad handy. 2. Visualize the elements of problem. 3. Decide to dream about the problem - before falling asleep. You may wake up with a ‘Eureka’ in the middle of night. Otherwise, upon waking up lie in the bed quietly for some time and try to recall dreams for any solution that might have unfolded while you were dreaming. Finally, remember, practice makes us perfect. Ref: Answers in your dreams. Scientific American Mind, 22(5), Nov/Dec 2011, 27-33.

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