Amartex is fully integrated manufacturing company with a balance manufacturing and marketing.

All products rolling out of our premises find their way to every nook & corner in the region through company owned retail outlets. The weaving unit, the dyeing section, the drying area wherever you look quality makes its presence felt. Strict adherence to International quality standards is followed religiously at our manufacturing units. Amartex was brought under existence in 1988, by Grover family, a team of competent promoters with more than two decades of experience in manufacturing and marketing of textile products. The management of the Company comprises of an appropriate mix of qualified and competent (Directors and Managerial Staff. The Company has flourished under the able and dynamic guidance of Mr. Arun Grover, Managing Director. The Company has grown to be one of the best competitive companies in the apparel and textile sector with a large employee and an impressive client base. The Company has complete in-house facilities such as Dyeing Units, processing Units, Garment Units, Design Studio and even its own Retail Outlets. This ensures cost effective products and a ready cash flow for the Company. Professional staff and optimum use of technologies enable us to provide high quality at competitive prices to the consumers, a state-of-the-art research and development center ensures quality in all products that roll out to the end users. In fact, it would be just right to say that we have ¿¿¿Redefined the value of Money".

Aim / Vision / Mission
"To see above and beyond the majority" Keeping consumers happy is our tradition; making it a practice is our vision. At Amartex to achieve that we make sure that enhancing product offering is a constant process to keep this process going we make sure that team Amartex is motivated with common vision to achieve bigger and better after every achievement. Audit's the very reason that we have set our eyes to make Amartex a Rs. 1000 crore company in coming years.

night wear and other . Amartex we roll out world class range of designer garments for men. We have ambitious plans to enhance garment production capacity and carve out a niche in the not so distant future in this segment. Ladies Garments We are a professionally managed manufacturer. We have ambitious plans to enhance garment production capacity and carve out a niche in the not so distant future in this segment. Punjab Rattan Award (The Millennium Great Personality of India) 2.Awards / Recognition 1. Indira Gandhi Shiromani Award (4 Dec. Kids Wear At. Amartex we roll out world class range of designer garments for kids. India Institute of Materials Management (Outstanding Chief Executive Award) 3. IMM Award of excellence (20 June 2006 as a top CEO) 4. 2010) Products Gents Garments At. Award id Honor 2010 7. exporter & supplier of finely created range of Apparels like ladies wear. Certificate of Application (Management of Industrial Development institute) 6. sportswear. Udyog Rattan Award 5.

Lather.Newbroke Lather * Mens Sports Shoes:.Apeat.Gifts Items:* Blankets * Gift Vouchers * Suting & Shirtings Fabric The words fabric and cloth are used in textile assembly trades.Apear Santhatic Mati * Mens Basket Slipers:. Empowered by a modern manufacturing & skilled professionals. knitting. for fashion. we bring you customized range of Knitwear in stunning colors. spreading.knitted garments.Men Footwear Categories:* Mens Formal Shoes:. Corporate Gift Corporate gift companies come up with newer ideas each season. we can make apparels with any type of prints and embroidery as per client\'s requirement. and adornment. or bonding. With a flexible approach to accommodate latest fashion. Fabric refers to any material made through weaving.Santhatic * Mens Casual Shoes:. designs & style. protection against the environment. crocheting.Eva & Raber. Gents Footwear Footwear consists of garments worn on the feet. airemix .Apear . These can be termed as regular corporate gifting that is related to product launches or promotion of a particular brands. Santhatic.

Grocery A grocery store is a store established primarily for the retailing of food. A grocer.Eva Raber * Ladies Sandal Sliper.Many types of Ranges:y y y y y y y y y y Cotton Suits Santhatic Suits Fancy items Bhuj Brand Cambric Brands Doller Barnd Zari Brand Tisshue Lining Garwal Print & South Coton Ladies Footwear Footwear consists of garments worn on the feet. and sells them to customers Ladies Ethic Wear We are provide a wide range of ladies sit duptta\'sand many more collection:. stocks different kinds of foods from assorted places and cultures. and adornment. the owner of a grocery store.Lather. SeetSol (Pv) .Ladies Footwear Designs:* Ladies Basket Sliper.Apear . Airemix. for fashion. protection against the environment. SanthaticSole.

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