1. Seven steps of getting help for depression.
2. Your curriculum vitae. 3. Videogames and children, solution.

4. Working at home, advantages and disadvantages. 5. Children punishment (does it work? Explanation)
6. Unemployment and solution. 7. Relationship in Vietnam nowadays (between parents and children,

teachers and students...) 8. Modern life seems to be busy. What do you have to do to get it right? 9. Sports for disabled people
10. Give some advice to people who are bullied at their office or

11. Your travel (travellogue) 12. Eco-tourism in Vietnam 13. The role of women in Vietnam 14. What is the superwoman myth? What do you think about it? Is it

applicable to the role of women in Vietnam?
15. Is it good to tell a lie? Can lying be justified? What are the factors

that help determine whether someone is lying?
16. Seeing red: reasons and ways to keep anger at bay.

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