Rules and Regulations

CLARIFICATIONS TO THE PROBLEM Teams may request for Clarifications to the Moot Problem via e-mail to The last date for applying for clarification would be 15th February 2012.

MEMORIAL · Each Participant/ Team is required to prepare a Memorial for only 1 side. All the participant(s) are expected to research on their own for preparing the memorial. · The Memorial shall consist of the following mandatory heads: a) Cover Page b) Table of Contents c) List of Abbreviations d) Index of Authorities e) Statement of Jurisdiction f) Statement of Facts (not exceeding 2 pages) g) Issues Raised h) Summary of Arguments (not exceeding 2 pages) i) Arguments Advanced (not exceeding 25 pages) j) Final Submission/Prayer · Teams shall cite authorities in the Memorial using footnotes following a uniform style of citation. · Teams have to submit the Memorial on 26th February 2012(Soft Copy) and 28th February 2012(Hard Copy) . · The Memorial shall be typed on A4- sized paper, with the following mandatory formatting specifications: a) Font Type: Times New Roman b) Font Size: 12 c) 1.5 line Spacing d) Margins: 1 inch on each side. For Footnotes, the formatting specifications are: a) Font type: Times New Roman b) Font Size: 10 c) Single Spacing The Memorial shall be stapled only. The following color schemes shall be followed for the Cover Page of the Memorial: a) Applicant/Petitioner/Applicant- BLUE b) Respondent- RED. · The Memorial shall not contain any annexure, photographs, graphs, diagrams or any other representation of like nature. · Footnotes should be limited to only citations or any other information relevant to the arguments. In no event shall footnotes contain extra or irrelevant information and in no case shall footnotes contain arguments. · Plagiarism of any kind is strictly prohibited. Any memorial found to be violating this rule would not be evaluated.

Though Raj could not directly allege her of any betrayal. After all the discussions they understood each other well and started to live together. On the night of 13th May. Thereafter Raman saw Dimple and Raj many times together at shopping complex.MOOT PROBLEM FAMILY LAW Raman Kapadia is a 26 year old man working in the Multinational company by the name of Mark n Louis situated in Mysore. Defendant finally moved to SC against the judgment of Family Court. So she sued Raman for attempt to rape. On 2nd February. so they mutually decided to rent an apartment in that region only and decided to live together in order to give time to each other and their work as well on. He slapped and hit her and even tried to have forceful sexual intercourse with her. she told him that her car broke down and therefore she was late. During her training in the Mark n Louis . but he thought it to be a co-incidence. He suffered mental harassment due to change in Dimple s behavior and attitude towards him. 2008 . I know everyone has a past and I am proud of you that you are honest and true to me . Dimple Sood is a 24 year old girl is from a very wealthy and high class family pursuing her post graduation in business studies from a highly reputed institution New Delhi. etc and coming late at night became quite often. as usual Dimple came very late at night. which upheld the Family Court verdict. Family Court considered the issues and granted relief in favour of Dimple. Raman was heading to his apartment when he saw dimple in a café near to the office premises with Raj Oberoi. Due to their hectic work schedule they were unable to give time to each other . His past relationships were always a matter of discussions among his friends and colleagues. One night. On being asked. they started to live together and with this four months passed . Raj had a superior post than him. On 18th June she went to her doctor for treatment of the scars given by Raman and a routine checkup as well. As the time passed there were many issues which had arisen between the two of them. but he didn t pay much attention and headed to his apartment. Dimple being from a wealthy family and who always led a lavish life started to face difficulties in living in the small apartment and Raman being from a middle class family had a limited salary could not met all the additional expenses of dimple . During his college and professional life Raman was famous for his flamboyance. but he became frustrated day by day. The next day when dimple returned back she told him that she had a minor accident last night and had stayed at Sameera s house one of her friend.000 / month. the defendant moved to Mysore High Court. Aggrieved by the judgement. They started meeting quit often and on a regular basis and subsequently in the course of their regular meetings they both were attracted towards each other. . restaurants. and hot conversations exchanged between them. In the medical report it was found that she had a severe injury and scars could not be removed easily. amusement parks. She filed a petition on 21st June before the Family Court at Mysore. under whom she was training. That day he was drunk. But that night dimple did not return back home. Raman and dimple came across each other and became friends and as well as good colleagues. when she again came late to the apartment Raman suspected her of cheating on him. 5. On 11th May. Raman tried to call her but her mobile phone was switched off. domestic violence and maintenance of Rs. Hence this Appeal. But owing to his serious relationship towards Dimple he confessed his past to her and Dimple being an understanding partner told Raman that . Dimple decided to leave his apartment and did so the same day and shifted back to her old place. Raman liked his place to be neat and clean and liked to see everything in order but Dimple did not do the same and therefore this was another issue of the quarrel between them which caused a high intensity of frustration and had started to build a disinterest towards each other.

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