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Campus Carrier Feb. 23, 2012

Campus Carrier Feb. 23, 2012

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Volume 103 ∙ February 23, 2012 ∙ Number 18

eighty additional Fire and Ice Late Night gate of opportunity scholarships funded
Kristen sellers Deputy News Editor At Scholarship Night Friday Feb. 17, President Stephen R. Briggs announced the donation of a generous sum of money to Berry for the Gate of Opportunity Scholarship program. With the new $10 million Donor Opportunity Fund, the donor has allowed the addition of 80 student positions for the scholarship. The goal of this donation is to help more students work through college with the prospect of graduating debt free and to inspire support from Berry alumni and friends for the Gate Scholars. In his campus-wide email, President Stephen R. Briggs said this “…remarkable gift is meant to inspire support among alumni and friends by matching donations from individuals and groups wishing to establish new Gate of Opportunity Scholarships.” Junior Mary Castro said she enjoyed Scholarship Night and getting the opportunity to meet donors to Berry. “It was a wonderful event that helped us put faces to the people that are helping us pay for school,” Castro said. Castro said she thinks the donation will mean a lot in the future. “We know that there will be opportunities for future students,” Castro said. “I’m excited that deserving future students will have the opportunity to come to Berry. Its great that people are generous enough to donate that kind of money and desire to help students afford college.” Gate of Opportunity Scholars are required to participate in the student work program the summer before enrolling and must work a total of 4,500 hours during their four years at Berry. This works out to 16-20 hours a week and 40 hours a week each summer. If Gate Scholars complete less than the required hours, they are responsible for paying back the difference.

christian turner, Assistant Photo Editor

The Fire and Ice Late Night Edition sponsored by the Mountain Campus residence life featured a fire performer, ice cream and dancing. wall. The room also has new paint, carpet and furniture. For more photos see pg 12.

‘Technology classroom’ opens in Memorial Library
classroom features iPads, tV monitors, projectors and whiteboard wall
Kelly DicKerson News Editor Memorial Library renovated the second floor classroom over winter break and transformed it into a technology classroom. The newly renovated classroom in Memorial Library features 30 iPads, two TV screens, a projector and white board wall. Director of Memorial Library Harrington said the $54,000 grant paid for 90 percent of the classroom, covering things like the iPads and new furniture. Berry funded things like new paint for the walls and new carpet. Instructional Services Librarian Elizabeth Andrejasich said the room is open to students for individual or group study when the room is not being used by a class; however, students will not be able to use the iPads unless they are there with a professor for class. Students can ask a worker at the circulation desk to unlock the room. Harrington said most of the construction was done over winter break so that students’ use of the library would not be interrupted. The classroom became available for use at the beginning of February.
see “Library” P. 2

christian turner, Assistant Photo Editor

The Memorial Library rennovated the second floor classroom over winter break. The classroom is now available for professors to reserve for their classes. The room features 30 iPads, two Apple TV monitors, one projector and a whiteboard wall. The room also has new paint, carpet and furniture.


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Fact of the Week:
Your stomach has to produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks otherwise it will digest itself.
Please recycle our paper.

Facial Recognition Software

Vampire Weekend Review

Swimming Conference




FebRUARy 23, 2012

conTinued from pg. 1

-Theft- On Feb. 18 victim reported $110 in cash taken from her vehicle while parked in the Cage Center parking lot for the Half marathon.

“be conscious of your surroundings on and off campus.”

Harrington said the plan was to build a new area on the first floor to house the technology classroom and a new writing Center but after the storm in April 2011, the budget request to build a new room was not approved. Instead the decision was made to renovate the existing room on the second floor. The room was originally going to be a laptop room. Andrejasich said iPads were chosen instead because of their ability to foster more collaboration and give the room a more open feel. “students sitting at the tables can turn around with their iPad and work with other students at another table very easily,” Andrejasich said. “They create a more mobile and open learning experience.” senior sarah Larson said she likes the

idea of the classroom but thinks its too soon to measure it’s success. “It’s a cool concept,” Larson said. “I can only hope the berry community will get out what they put into it.” Harrington said even students who cannot use the iPads may still find the room useful. “The room was designed with a particularly robust wireless connection and there are outlets on every table, so students can bring their laptops and study,” Harrington said. Harrington said the technology classroom is available for reservation. The schedule is posted outside the door so students will know when it can be utilized. Andrejasich said the iPads are all synced together but any one iPad has the capability of projecting to one of TV monitors. “If a professor wants everyone to see what one student is doing or what they’ve pulled up on their screen, they can link that iPad to the TV monitors,” Andrejasich said. “It really facilitates interactivity and handson learning.”

Andrejasich said the library wants to hear what students think of the new iPads. “were looking for feedback from the students on how they feel about the incorporation of iPads and if they have any ideas for other ways the library could incorporate iPads into what it offers students,” Andrejasich said. Andrejasich said there were not any major problems in the renovation process. The project did take longer than expected however due to delayed delivery of the new furniture. An open house was held wednesday to allow students and professors a chance to visit the classroom and see how the iPads, TV monitors, projector and whiteboard wall worked. The library will also be holding an open house for its newly organized music library in Ford. The same company that gave Memorial Library this grant also funded a lab area for the Kinesiology department.

Death row survivor to speak
Convicted murderer billy Moore will share how he was released from death row
KrisTen sellers Deputy News Editor Rome resident billy Moore will speak at berry Tuesday Feb. 28 to share his unique story of being the only self-confessed and convicted murderer to ever be released from death row. Moore returned from his military deployment in Germany in 1974 and was faced with hard times. To relieve several home problems and to make ends meet, he planned to rob the uncle of an acquaintance with no harm in the process. Contrary to the plan of no injuries, Moore shot and killed 77-year-old Fred stapleton, consequently pleading guilty to first degree murder. After being charged, Moore was sentenced to death by electrocution. In a 10-year period his execution was postponed 13 times. Among those petitioning to convert Moore’s sentence to life in prison were five members of Stapleton’s family, Rev. Jesse Jackson and Mother Teresa. Ultimately it was set for May 24, 1984 but seven hours before the planned execution he received a stay of execution from the U.s. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. since he was freed from prison in november 1991, Moore has traveled around the world sharing his past which he focuses around grace and the power of forgiveness. Moore is now an ordained minister in the Christ Assembly evangelistic Ministries. Moore will also be attending a session of the honors Perennial Questions course “Law, Justice, Mercy and Grace” taught by Associate Professor brian Carroll. The Chaplain’s Office will be cosponsoring the evening lecture.

conTribuTed by The guardian



Hunger is closer than you think. Reach out to your local food bank for ways to do your part. Visit FeedingAmerica.org today.

February 23, 2012


CaMPus CarrIer, PaGe 3

Texting cuts students’ sleep, study says
JESSICA bRyAnt Staff Writer some students choose texting over sleeping according to a study by sue K. adams, an assistant professor of human development and family studies at the university of rhode Island. The new trend, as found in the study, is that students are choosing texting over sleeping. she said that the behavior occurs most frequently when students have their phones near their beds while they are trying to sleep. she said students go to sleep but are constantly being awakened by a new text message and then feeling the urge to respond to the message, and so losing precious minutes and sometimes even hours that could have been spent sleeping. In a 2006 study conducted by the university of Michigan asked 82 students to give up their cell phones for 48 hours. Only 12 students made it the full 48 hours. scott w. Campbell, associate professor of communication studies who conducted a study at the university of Michigan, said he believes cell phones have replaced the traditional first date and has become the way that many young people keep a relationship going now. Campbell warned against the addicting nature of cellphones but also said he believes that some students really can effectively multitask. adams went on to explain that because students felt the need to text back instead of sleep that on average they lost 45 minutes of sleep a night which she said was a huge problem because most college students need nine and a quarter hours of sleep a night. she also found that the lack of sleep caused by the need to text back led to anxiety and depression. adams found some students who were so addicted to their phones that they slept with them underneath their pillows as a way to have easier access to them in case a new text arrived. The most common thing that adams kept hearing over and over again was that students felt “naked” without their phones. Junior ann ryden said while she does feel “naked” without her phone, she knows when to turn her phone off and not respond to messages. she also said she believes that the depression and the dependency that the study talks about is related more to the relationship with the person who you are texting rather than the actual text messages themselves. adams said she is continually fascinated by this new behavior among college students and is highly interested in college students’ inability to “disconnect.” she is currently continuing her research in this field of study and is hoping to find out just how much technology is affecting student’s lives, sleep quality and in turn their academic performance. adams along with another researcher, Tiffani Kisler, also of rhode Island, are hoping to get a grant from the National Institute of Child T: 2.0625 in Health and Human Development to study this S: 1.8125 in behavior more. Gospel of Mark watch and listen to the live performance of the gospel of Mark Thursday Feb. 23 at 7 p.m. at barnwell Chapel. Ce credit offered. Jabali Afrika Hear authentic african drumming with traditional spirituals and rock-reggae arrangements saturday Feb. 25 at 8 p.m. in the Ford Dining Hall. Film and Discussion watch “The Crying Game” as the next movie in the Irish Film series to learn more on Irish history and culture sunday Feb. 26 at 7 p.m. in blackstone 200. Ce credit offered. International Studies abroad Information Table Learn more about options for studies, internships and service around the world at the information table Monday Feb. 27 from 11:50 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in Krannert Lobby. Engaging Poverty through Deliberation watch the documentary “The Motel Kids of Orange County” to learn more about homelessness among children Monday Feb. 27 at 7 p.m. in the evans auditorium. Ce credit offered.
T: 5.25 in





S: 5 in

Life of Abraham Hear a multi-faith conversation about the life of abraham featuring Jewish, Christian and Islamic perspectives Monday Feb. 27 at 7:30 p.m. in the Interfaith Center. Ce credit offered. African-American Read-In Celebrate african american Literature by reading and listening to excerpts from some favorite african american writers Tuesday Feb. 28 at 7 p.m. in Memorial Library. Ce credit offered.

RyDER MCEntyRE, Graphics Editor

1-column size B

NOTE TO PUB: DO NOT PRINT INFO BELOW, FOR ID ONLY. NO ALTERING OF AD COUNCIL PSAs Wildfire Prevention - Newspaper - B&W - WFPA05-N-02520-P “Fuse” 2 1/16 x 5 1/4 85 line screen Sibshops digital files at HudsonYards: (212) 716-6600 Ref#: 21046 Hear the panel exploring gay (ga) 1. there once was ¯ experiences from siblings Volunteer Ad “gay” meant Agency: FCB a time when all
was “happy.” then it meant “homosexual.” now, people are saying “that’s so gay” to mean dumb and stupid. which is pretty insulting to gay people (and we don’t mean the “happy” people). 2. so please, knock it off. 3. go to ThinkB4YouSpeak.com
of children with disabilities Tuesday Feb. 28 at 7 p.m. in the evans auditorium. Ce credit offered. Winter Concert Hear the berry College Wind Ensemble’s first concert of the spring semester Tuesday Feb. 28 at 7:30 p.m. in the Ford auditorium. Ce credit offered.



FEbRUARy 23, 2012

Top eight annoying Facebook habits We all have hundreds of Facebook friends, so among those hundreds there’s bound to be at least a few who continually fill our homepage with the most annoying posts. Thus, in the interest of educating and/or relieving the public, we’ve compiled a list (in no particular order) of The Carrier’s Top Eight Most Annoying Facebook Habits. 1. Hashtags. Most use these as an attempt at humor. However, hashtags are for Twitter, so that people may follow the link provided in the hashtag to read what others are saying about the same thing. Facebook provides no such service, thus rendering hashtags on Facebook utterly useless. 2. Requesting likes. if you have to ask people to like your status, it most likely doesn’t deserve to be liked in the first place. 3. Abbreves. it’s totes obvs so not presh to use abbreves on the reg, ‘kay? not to mention it makes you appear stunningly unintelligent. 4. sports and politics. if we wanted to know every play or point scored in the game, we’d be watching or listening to it ourselves. We don’t need you to update your status 10 times every hour. And if we wanted to know which candidate was doing what, we’d be researching it or watching the news. so kindly take your political bias elsewhere. 5. Liking your own posts. Really? Did she really like her own status? you’re the one who posted it; of course we know you like it. no need to be overly eager and fill your profile with your own name under every post. 6. “Look to the left of your profile and use the first 10 friends… No cheating!” Those things were amusing at first, but now they just take up real estate on our homepages. 7. posting song lyrics repeatedly. if every status is comprised of song lyrics—especially since most don’t take the time to put quotations marks around them—we’re all going to start wondering about your mental state of being. you’d better throw some original thoughts on your wall while you’re at it. 8. Obvious statuses. For instance, posting “Going to bed now, goodnight everybody” every night gets old, and we’re not going to respond to every “Hello, how’s everyone doing?” status you post, either. Come on, try to be a little more inventive than that. These are just a few of the many annoyances people inflict on their Facebook friends each and every day. We at The Carrier are simply doing our duty and raising awareness.

On the existence of libraries
fiction of stories shields us with distance from a reality that is so often frightening and ugly and dark, but they are more than MICAH escapism. BHACHECH The best stories are not only Staff Reporter the most beautiful but also the truest; they show us monsters, Libraries exist, and they exist veiled in fiction though they may in order to lend stories to vir- be, that we all fear, and the absotually anyone for no payment lute best stories remind us that other than the flimsy promise those monsters can be beaten. of their eventual return. That stories are as necessary to the fact contradicts everything that life of the human soul as food is i thought i knew about human necessary to the human body. nature and basic economics. Without stories the soul shrinks Think not that the liberality of and shrivels and withers. Why the library, the free stories there, then do we find this anomaly is the result of a lack of demand. called “the library” that exists to From an economic standpoint, if freely give that which we need so there is absolutely no demand desperately? We would (and we for a commodity then the only do) gladly pay to enjoy stories, price for which that commodity but at the library they are loaned can be sold is zero. out for free. but there is a demand for stoThe only logical conclusion ries that exists deep in the heart that I find is that at some point of humanity. before we had ink in history the inspired idea we told stories around a fire, descended on humanity and and before we had letters we someone (or some group) began drew our stories on cave walls. to compile all of the best stories. We cannot, in fact, stop creating i’m sure that a bit of opposition and seeking stories; they are the was met during this arduous source and substance of all cre- compilation; new and difficult ativity, and they form the fabric undertakings are usually mocked of our music and our movies. rather thoroughly. but then Through stories we make again it probably seemed to most sense of a world and a life that to be an absolutely astounding are, in almost all ways, con- idea. A novel concept, this unitfounding and mysterious. The ing of prose and poetry, fantasy Bonny Harper Opinions Editor Ryder McEntyre Graphics Editor Heather Barger Entertainment Editor Kristen Sellers Deputy News Editor Sydney Kelly Asst. Features Editor Christian Turner Asst. Photo Editor Steven Evans Asst. Sports Editor Austin Sumter Asst. Online Editor Andy Plott Business Manager Anna Curtis Asst. Business Manager Emily Faulkner Asst. Entertainment Editor Kaitlyn Pierce Cartoonist Kevin Kleine Adviser and fact, the stories of a thousand imagined realities united beneath the banner of the written word. Then something strange happened, something that i do not quite understand. someone in history was gifted with the idea that these stories so painstakingly brought together, this nourishment for the mind and soul, be given away for free. This decision i am quite certain met with unprecedented ridicule. New and difficult undertakings that are guaranteed to make no money are first of all nearly nonexistent and secondly are always mocked intensely. The story of the library ends with one of the strangest anticlimaxes that reality has ever provided. someone said, “i think, now that we’ve got all of these stories together, that we should give them out for free.” And i expect someone else responded, “There’s a very pretty idea. Very pretty. but my dear friend, let me be crass and ask: How will we make any money?” And then, oddity of oddities, that original inspired someone answered, “i suppose we won’t make any money.” And yet, by some miracle of divine intervention and economic anomaly, the library lives.

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February 23, 2012

senior year nostalgia
AsHLey MCIntyRe Editor-in-Chief Class of 2012. We’re almost there. 72 days. and we’re done. This is a beautifully tumultuous time for us. So many students around me are applying for jobs, interviewing for medical schools and being accepted into graduate school programs. The caps and gowns have (hopefully) been ordered, we’re getting ready to send out the announcements and we’re starting to experience our bittersweet “lasts”. i went to my last berry vs. shorter basketball game, wandered around clueless at my last Casino night and wore blue on my last Mountain Day. i would like to say that i have tripped over the cobblestones at Ford for the last time on Monday, but we all know that would be a lie. But after seven and a half semesters of blood, sweat and tears, once we step out of the Bubble, a great injustice is being done to us. I’ve had four years to get over hearing “berry College? Where the hell is that? Where’s rome, Ga.? oh, you guys are the ones with the deer and the exorcism.” What I find frustrating is people outside of the bubble (or those who lack much intellectual capability) discounting my college degree because it won’t come from a giant or well-known college. And if you haven’t faced it yet, beware friends, it’s coming. i gave a tour to prospective students and their families as part of last week’s Firsthand Friday and one of the student’s parents asked me how berry students were perceived by employers. i told them that from what I have heard, seen and experienced firsthand, Berry students all have one thing in common: We know how to work. in my internship and seasonal work experience, that’s something that employ-


paGe 5, CaMpus Carrier

Dear Ms. Turnbuckle, So recently I started making a lot of new male friends. I thought, since Berry is such a largely female school, more men in my life would balance everything out. Sadly, my friends are not very excited by this idea. They are all calling me “too flirty.” I even had a friend say I was out to steal her man when all I did was get his phone number for a project. I don’t understand. Am I just accidentally flirty with boys or am I unknowingly out to get all my friends’ crushes? Or is everyone just going crazy over nothing? Sincerely, Boy Crazy at Berry Dear boy Crazy at berry, oh my dear, you are certainly in deep and clearly in need of help. i am relieved that you wrote me. in answer to your questions, in my humble opinion, it is fairly impossible to “unknowingly” be out to get your friends’ “crushes.” If you are out to get them, let’s not beat around the bush any longer: you need to stop, or else your friends will, as harsh as it may sound, cease to be your friends. But if you aren’t out to get their men, then you know you aren’t, and that’s that. The only question is: How will your friends also know you aren’t out to get their men? My dear niece penelope helped me with the solution to this particular problem. First, you must find a man—one man—and throw yourself at him to get his attention. This shows that you’re interested in this man, but that’s not enough. you have to show your friends that you’re not also interested in their men. To do this, you’ll have to pretend, every time you see these men or your friends mention them, that you haven’t the faintest memory of who they are. Continue this long enough, and your friends’ primary concern will no longer be keeping their men from you, but rather, your mental health—a good trade, if you ask me! Hugs and deep-fried Oreos, Ms. Turnbuckle
Ms. Turnbuckle wants to hear your woes! Be a dear and send her your burdens, secrets or questions at her personal email, violaturnbuckle@ yahoo.com or find Viola Turnbuckle on Facebook and ask her there! No matter the method of inquiry, she’ll do her best to respond promptly (and, of course, humorously) right here in the Opinions section of The Carrier.

Respect my beliefs
AnA HADAs Online Editor

ers recognize and appreciate, because as an employer, you can’t really teach that. As a worker, you just kind of do it. In high school, some of us were valedictorians, salutatorians, beasted our standardized tests and logged hundreds of hours of community service while saving puppies and children from burning buildings. Some of us could have gone a number of different places in pursuit of higher education, but we chose good ole berry College because we thought we could succeed here. We thought we could learn here. We thought we could contribute to the community and create a home here. i would say that 99 percent of us have done that. The one percent, well, you all have wasted roughly $128,000 if you stayed all four years and didn’t learn anything. I am not the one percent. And that’s perfectly fine with me. say what you will about old berry, tried and true. Regardless of our intellectual capacity, berry students know how to work hard. We’re not Vanderbilt university. We’re not boston College. We’re sure as hell not Harvard. but remember those all-nighters you pulled working on the courses you hated? you may not remember what you learned in philosophy, psychology, economics or public speaking. You may not remember all the stupid stuff you said under the influence of all the Red Bulls you drank. But after a while, you learn how to wade through the stuff you don’t like because at the end of the day, you’re driven enough to do whatever you need to make it through. i’m not necessarily saying that berry students are better than everyone else because of our work ethic. But anyone would be crazy to discount us for it. In the words of Tim Gunn on every season of Project Runway, “Make it work”. Class of 2012, we’ve spent eight semesters doing just that. So we better bring it when we leave.

“What is the most annoying thing people do on Facebook?”

When guys complain about wanting someone to ‘cuddle with.’”

Mariah LeRoux Junior

When people are fishing for pity or compliments.”

Erin Griffin Freshman

ASk VioLA turnbuckLe

Valentine’s Day should be a day when we celebrate loving one another and appreciating others loving us. This year, instead of celebrating love, I was fighting anger. i was angry at the Virginia House of Delegates for passing new restrictions on women who seek abortions. The new regulations require any woman seeking an abortion to first undergo a trans-vaginal ultrasound, which is an invasive procedure that is done when an ultrasound cannot be performed externally because the woman is not far enough into her pregnancy for a clear picture. The problem is: If a woman is determined to get an abortion, she will find a way, even if she has to do it herself. I think back to articles from history books about the various ways that women got abortions when they were completely illegal: back alley doctors (who may or may not have been actual doctors), drinking cleaning fluids or other household substances to try to abort or using kitchen utensils or knitting needles to try to perform the procedures themselves. These were all unsafe measures that desperate women underwent because they saw no other way, many dying as a result. abortion has been legal since roe v. Wade in 1973, but women continued to perform abortions at home or in unsafe locations by people who were not medical professionals into the late 1980s. i am by no means saying that i agree with abortion, but telling women that

they must go through a procedure that they have no option to opt out of is something i do have a problem with. I also find issue with Delegate C. Todd Gilbert’s statement about an abortion being a “lifestyle convenience.” He could be saying that women who just don’t want a baby are having abortions because it’s convenient, but what about women who are raped and become pregnant? Is it convenient for a woman who endured a traumatic experience to not want to be reminded everyday of the trauma she went through? Maybe, but that is not for me or Gilbert to decide. I believe that God has a plan for every child he creates, even if they are the result of such traumatic experiences. But after working with women who were raped or abused, I see why a woman who was affected by that traumatic experience would not want to keep the resulting baby. I believe children are a blessing and if ever faced with the question of keeping a child or having an abortion, i would keep the child. i hate it when people push their beliefs on me and tell me that how I feel about something is wrong, and in turn I try not to push my beliefs on others. This is one of those instances. We should respect the choices of others, even if it is not the choice we would have made. The Virginia House of Delegates passed this bill in hopes of deterring women from getting abortions. I feel that women should consult every option before going through with an abortion, but if that is the decision they wish to make let them make that decision and give them the opportunity to make that decision. allow them to give consent to an invasive ultrasound, don’t force them to undergo the procedure when it is not a necessary matter.

When people do dumb things with their relationship status.”

Claire Conner Junior

When people post the ‘re-post...’ stuff.”

Kit Durant Senior

When people like their own status.”

James Henderson Junior

Letters to the editor must include a name, address and phone number, along with the writer’s class year or title. The Carrier reserves the right to edit for length, style, grammar and libel. E-mail: campus_carrier@berry.edu

Letter SubmiSSion PoLicy

PaGe 6, CaMPus CarrIer

Facial recognition meets the consumer
Kim Treese Features Editor sydney Kelly Asst. Features Editor

Let's Face it


February 23, 2012


Computers gy, especiall lite L755 en many social listed below.

Facial recognition is a tool that utilizes biometrics to measure and assess an individual’s face in order to collect information. This collected information allows the identification of an individual by using a specific algorithm to numerically assess the various distances between features, such as the distance between the eyes, the chin to mouth and mouth to nose. Other than identical twins, each person has a unique measurement. These measurements are then filed in a large database for future comparison. Facial recognition was first developed after the September 11 terrorist attacks in an effort to identify terrorists in airports. Since then, the utilization of this technology has moved from government implementation to various social media websites and private corporations. Here are just a few of the many ways we encounter facial recognition on a daily basis.

Facebook: "tag suggest cording to F and uploads

findyourfacemate.com This web site, launc local singles with people who have similar biom who have similar facial features.

Cell phones:
In mid-December 2011, Google released the Android 4.0 Galaxy Nexus which enabled users to unlock their phones by simply recognizing their face. According to PC Magazine many users reported that the tool was easily fooled with a picture. Not long after, on Dec. 29 Apple filed for a patent that will enable a user to unlock their iPhone based on not only the identification of an individual but by detecting his or her physical presence as well. On both markets, many apps have also been released that utilize facial recognition technology. Some of the most popular are below: SceneTap: Released in June 2011, this app allows users to determine the male to female ratio in local bars before heading out for a night on the town. Installed security cameras use facial recognition to determine the gender ratio then send realtime updates to the app for its users. RemembAR: This app allows for users to immediately access the Facebook page of the person in the view finder of the phone's camera. It only works if you are Facebook friends with the individual, but the idea is that it helps people remember the name of who they are talking to as well as provide the user with easy conversation starters based on profile information.


The most recent application of facial recognition is in the world of television. On Jan. 9, Samsung announced t nology along with voice and gesture control features. This tool will recognize each family member and immedia enables users to connect their television apps to the Internet in order to stream movies more easily from services to make future video and television recommendations. Although ideal for online streaming, it also allows uses t Facebook.

However, Samsung isn't the only one planning to use facial recognition in television. Toshiba announced that th The television uses facial recognition to track your position in relevance to the television screen then adjusts the has an estimated cost of $11,500.

February 23, 2012


CaMPus CarrIer, PaGe 7

are one of the main places individuals encounter facial recognition technololy through the use of the Internet. Some computers, such as the Toshiba Satelnable users to unlock their accounts through facial identification. Furthermore, l networking sites utilize this technology as well. Some of the most popular are w.

: The phototagger application on Facebook users facial recognition to make tions" so that users can easily identify their friends in uploaded photos. AcFacebook.com statistics, as of September 2011 it has 800 million active users s on average more than 250 million photos a day.

Facial recognition technology leads to privacy concerns
sydney Kelly Asst. Features Editor

ched out of New York City, enables users to find their "face-mate" by pairing metric measurements. The idea is that people are more attracted to individuals

Facial recognition technology has grown into a prevalent force in the daily lives of people throughout the world. The technology applies an algorithm to identify and digitize every face it comes in contact with and catalogues the information for future use. The emergence of facial recognition technology has raised a question of privacy throughout the world. Although the founders of the United States never explicitly used the world ‘privacy’ when writing the U.S. Constitution, the concept has been interpreted in the Fourth Amendment. “Therefore, it’s a negotiated right,” Associate Professor of Communication Brian Carroll said. “And it’s constantly being negotiated and renegotiated.” In addition to being the director of the Honors Program at Berry, Carroll earned his Ph.D in from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and regularly teaches media law. He said every time a new technology emerges, it’s difficult to anticipate how active it can become in our daily lives. “When a new technology rolls into our lives, it comes with all sorts of hype and promises and a parade and streamers and confetti,” Carroll said. “But once it’s used, it changes. It’s bent, it’s reshaped, it’s transformed and it pops up in places we never expected it to pop up.” Facial recognition technology has emerged in everything from law-enforcement to social networking. Facebook has already implemented facial recognition technology in their photo-tagging program, regardless of a person’s ownership of a Facebook profile. “How about people like me that aren’t in Facebook, who didn’t ever read or sign or agree to any of that stuff and our faces are on there too,” Carroll said. “That really kind of makes me mad that I never had a say.” Carroll said the people who protest the implementation of facial recognition technology don’t necessarily fear that secrets will be exposed but fear the lack of ability to control their personal information. This information, Carroll said, is the kind that can only be given away once. “Your face, once it’s digitized, can go anywhere, for anything, for any reason,” Carroll said. “That’s my fear.” In addition to the corporate and social uses of this technology, there are alternative ways to utilize facial recognition programs. The initial developments of such technologies were implemented in airports after September 11 terrorist attacks and the programs have since spread into other law enforcement agencies around the world. While acknowledging the benefits, Carroll said he considers the costs to be greater. “You’ve crossed a Rubicon when you’ve given up your DNA, your biometric data, and in this case, your face,” Carroll said. “It’s gone forever. It’s out of your control forever.” Carroll said the inability to protect personal information jeopardizes a individual’s ability to retain a sense of identity. Carroll said he has plans to travel in a few weeks without his cell phone. He plans to be anonymous and unreachable, if only for a short while. “I don’t want to live my whole life that way but I like to choose it every now and then,” Carroll said. “And these kinds of encroachments on us, on our person and the information they know about us nick away at our sense of self.”

that it's 2012 Smart TV line up will have facial recognition techately log them into their personal Smart Hub profile. Smart Hub s such as Netflix and Hulu. It also logs the history of each user to connect to social media outlets such as Twitter, Tumblr and

hey are developing the ZL2 which is a no glasses 3D television. e dimensions of the picture accordingly. This 55 inch television

PaGE 8, CamPUS CarriEr

Green novel explores love, loss, brings tears
COmmentary by emily Faulkner Asst. Entertainment Editor This book makes the reader feel so many different emotions. The love that Hazel and Augustus have for each other makes you so hopeful for the world. Even though they are both going through so much internally, they are still just two people who fell in love with each other. It’s even more than just silly teenage love too, this is the real thing. There is a point where Augustus turns to Hazel and just simply says, “I’m in love with you, and I’m not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things. I’m in love with you, and I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we’re all doomed and that there will come a day when all our labor has been returned to dust, and I know the sun will swallow the only earth we’ll ever have, and I am in love with you.” Those words are not words that a simple teenager would say. Because these kids have gone through so much in such a short time, they have matured to a point where you can’t deny that they are in love with each other. Even up until the very end, there is no denying their love for each other, and that love is the kind of love that I one day hope to find. It’s really hard to tell a person that you want them to read your favorite book without just constantly saying, “it’s just so good.” As Hazel puts it, “Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.” It really is an amazing book though. From the moment you open the book and read a quote from “An Imperial Affliction,” till you finish reading that last sentence, you will be consumed by this book. You become so involved with this book that even when it you are finished, it still stays with you. This book is a work of pure genius and I would recommend this book to any person willing enough to give it a try.


FEbrUary 23, 2012

It’s really hard to find a way to explain to someone how fantastic “The Fault In Our Stars” by John Green is without making the book sound incredibly depressing. “The Fault In Our Stars” tell the story of Hazel Grace Lancaster, a 16-year-old girl suffering from thyroid cancer. After being diagnosed at 13, Hazel was taken out of public school and ended up either spending time with her parents or her favorite book “An Imperial Affliction.” Hazel’s life takes a surprising turn when she meets Augustus Waters, a handsome 17-year-old boy, at her support group. From then on, the book takes the reader on a journey about sickness, family, and most of all, love. Being an avid reader of Green’s books, I was very excited to crack open this book. This is the first book that he has written that is from a girl’s perspective and I was so interested to see how he was going to portray a 16-yearold girl with cancer. It’s amazing how a grown man can portray a character in such a way that makes it so realistic. The words that she says and the phrases that she uses is almost identical to what I would say when I was that age. I feel like that level of realness helped me to get lost in the book and when I got lost, I didn’t find my way back until I finished the book. Knowing that it was a story about children with cancer I knew it was going to make me cry at some point. Characters dying in books always makes me extremely sad. When I finally finished this book, I was crying so hard that people were approaching me and asking if everything was okay. I had so many tears in my eyes that I could barely read the last sentence.

PenGuin PublishinG

Vampire Weekend has reach, cultured sound
COmmentary by Christian turner Asst. Photo Editor I care about the Oxford comma. I care a lot, actually, and I’m not alone on this one. Many people like Vampire Weekend because of their clever song titles and lyrics. Vampire Weekend is a very special band to me. They’re easily on my top five bands of all time, and, if you know me at all, you know that I listen to a lot of music. I consume it. Ever since I first listened to them, my opinion about them has never diminished. Their albums and I have gotten to know each other pretty well, and I can assuredly say that we will definitely be life-long friends. Unlike a lot of my favorite bands, this band’s discography is relatively small. They have two records and a couple B-sides (less played songs) here and there. At first glance, it’s not a whole lot to work with, but after you get into them, you realize how “full” each album is. There is a lot of substance to each album. Now, with a third album underway, I am revisiting this band. I have thought a lot about which album is better, “Vampire Weekend” or “Contra.” I have tried to come to an answer, and, honestly, I can’t. I take this band so seriously and I’m okay with that. However, there are low points on each album for me. The band isn’t “perfect” to me; they’re just really close. “Vampire Weekend” is their self-titled debut record. I don’t think that I recall Vampire Weekend ever being “unknown” or “indie.” They just kind of blew up. This record is just that good. It’s got the generic indie-rock feel, but there is a lot of Afro-pop in the mix with some synthesizer undertones. These four preps from

Columbia University really did a good thing here. They created a new sound that is easy to listen to and extremely catchy. Based on their reputation, it’s not exactly what you would expect when you first get into them. A lot of their songs have the same indie/ prep-feel, but then you reach the song “M79” and the heavy use of strings leaves you dumbstruck. You don’t really expect something beautiful like that to come from

some guys who wrote the crowdpleasing “A-Punk.” It doesn’t seem to fit and I love that. However, it’s not all sunshine and smiles for me on this album. I do want to listen and digest this band and I want to be real with myself. I love them so much, but I want to be able to critique them. “One (Blake’s Got A New Face)” has always been my least favorite. I don’t think it fits well where it is in the album, right before “I Stand

Xl reCOrdinGs


9 Central Plaza (706) 802Rome, GA 30161 0826

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Corrected.” On a bigger scale, I think it shouldn’t even be on this album. I think it would have been better on “Contra.” “Contra” is the latest release and I love that they blazed a new path. Keyboardist Rostam Batmanglij provides a unique use of sequencers and sounds that are just plain weird. Frontman Ezra Koenig also goes crazy with the vocals. On “White Sky,” the chorus consists of some odd howling from Koenig’s part. He’s either in pain or trying to call for wolves but in a beautiful way. I love the proficient use of diction that permeates the songs. I don’t quite understand it all, and I don’t quite want to. It’s just incredibly fun to listen to. There are definitely up-beat and livelier sounds on “Contra.” It’s the perfect album to pick songs for movie trailers or car commercials. “Holiday” and “Giving Up The Gun” are my two recommendations for this album. I think really their sound is cultured, in a sense. It definitely adds in a brilliant way. I have always been a bit resentful as to how they chose to end the album. “I Think Ur A Contra” is this slow, beautiful song that just kind of takes you away. Sounds great, right? Maybe. I just think it sticks out, and the end of the album is important. It’s their “farewell for now,” but I think it comes rather abruptly. What’s so cool to me is the reach that this band has. I love that it appeals to not just one “type” of listener. The indie kids will always love them and the preps now have a superhero to look up to. This band has the indie sound down, yet they manage to pair rad hooks with infectious lyrics that allow those non-indie kids to enjoy their music as if they were indie kids themselves. They break down stereotypes because I feel like their sound is wide enough to please both sides of the spectrum.

FEbruary 23, 2012

‘Secret World’ visually pleasing, lacks magic
Commentary By GraCe Dunklin, Staff Reporter like borrowers very much, sho and arrietty’s friendship reaches across those bounds and, according to sho, creates a lifelong memory. in fact, their friendship is what inspires the secondary theme of “secret World.” Despite his heart’s weakness, sho does everything he can to help arrietty when her mother is kidnapped by Haru, including sneaking across the roof when Haru locks his bedroom door. in turn, arrietty is not afraid of sho’s motives in helping her, and trusts in him when he offers his aid. I have seen many of Studio Ghibli’s films, which are all good in their own rights. For some reason that i cannot quite put my finger on, “Secret World” lacked some of the magic of studio ghibli’s previous works. it is an excellent film for a family movie night, and is a sweet feel-good movie, but only in a few places did the true wonder of this studio’s best work really shine through. the detail of the backgrounds is astonishing. Every time i saw a location that had been shown before i noticed something new like the giant pair of nail clippers in Pod’s workshop. another shining moment was when great aunt sadako turns on the electric lights of the elaborate dollhouse in sho’s room. unfortunately, and this may be because i have been spoiled on the actual magic of “Howl’s movie Castle” or “spirited away,” at points the movie seemed almost disappointing in its lack of sparkle. i loved it for its adherence to the book, the messages it gave and the well-executed visuals, but i left the theater wanting something. make no mistake “secret World” was magical, but not in a way i had been expecting studio ghibli to present it. i suppose that i was expecting something more than oversized pill-bugs and an enchanting dollhouse.


PagE 9, CamPus CarriEr

my brother and i grew up on classic children’s literature. my mother would sit down with us every night and read from one of the many books that seemed to appear out of nowhere. One of these books, one that my brother and i demanded over and over was “the borrowers” and its sequels by mary norton. therefore, when i discovered that studio ghibli was making “the secret World of arrietty,” an animated film based on the first Borrowers book, I was thrilled. though it has been many years since i last read “the borrowers,” i can still recall enough of the plot to know that “the secret World of arrietty” follows the main story faithfully. the story focuses on Pod, Homily and arrietty Clock, a family of borrowers, tiny people who “borrow” items from humans. arrietty and her parents live under the floorboards of an old house where two older women, Great aunt sadako and her maid Haru, are caring for a young boy, sho, who is resting up before major heart surgery. Overall, “secret World” is about friendships and courage. the borrower family holds an inherent distrust of “human beans” and sees them as dangerous creatures to be avoided. Pod often tells arrietty that if a borrower is seen by a human, that location is no longer safe. therefore, when arrietty is seen by sho her mother and father start considering moving away from their comfortable home to find a larger community of borrowers in a safer location. While her parents are trying to figure out the logistics of

moving their worldly possessions across the vast unknown, arrietty befriends sho. though most humans tend not to

StuDio GhiBli

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Traveling improv comics from the group Mission IMPROVable performed in the Spurill Ballroom this Saturday, Feb 18. Adam Higgins, Pat Kiely, Mike Norris and David Sill were the “agents” who came to perform at Berry. For the full story, check out Fusion.

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Hunger is closer than you think. Reach out to your local food bank for ways to do your part. Visit FeedingAmerica.org today.

Vikings, Lady Vikings senior night
PauL Watson Sports Editor The Vikings and Lady Vikings played their final games of the season against the covenant college Scots on tuesday. The Vikings’ last game ended in a 63-58 loss against the Covenant College Scots. Sophomore forward Lake Graham and sophomore guard Mac Whalen led the Vikings with 14 points each. Senior guard Michael Schulte scored eight points in his final game. The Scots were led by junior forward John DeVries, who scored 10 points. Berry College committed 22 fouls, while Covenant College committed 15. The Vikings earned 39 rebounds, while the Scots only earned 35. The Vikings forced 16 turnovers, and the Scots forced 22. There were about 500 people in attendance. Men’s basketball head coach Jeff Haarlow commented on Schulte’s performance over the past season. “I can’t say enough about Schulte,” Haarlow said, according to BerryVikings.com. “To go from not playing to getting 24 and 26 points in different games this year just speaks to his work ethic.” Schulte said the team really improved this year. “In the beginning, we didn’t have trust on or off the court as a team. Developing that trust made a big difference,” he said. “My biggest achievement was being able to be a regular contributor on the court this year,” he said. “God gave me perseverance, especially the first two years, not being able to play much.”

February 23, 2012


page 10, campuS carrier

Parker seaLy, Photo Editor

Senior Brittany Coughlan charges past a defender in the Lady Vikings’ win against Covenant College. Schulte said he plans on teaching english for a year in Japan after graduation. He said he also wants to join Teach for America, an organization that places teachers in needy schools in America, or join a Fellows program at the John

Jay Institute in Pennsylvania. The Lady Vikings game had a more favorable outcome. Their final game ended in a 74-60 win over the Lady Scots. Freshman guard Mel McLean led the Lady Vikings in scoring with 19 points. Senior guard Brittany Coughlan scored eight points in her final game. The Lady Scots were led by sophomore forward Jessie Blankenship, who scored 21 points. The Lady Vikings committed nine fouls and the Lady Scots committed 16. Berry College earned 32 rebounds, while Covenant College earned 42. The Lady Vikings forced 20 turnovers, while the Lady Scots forced 23. There were about 350 people in attendance. Sophomore guard Alesa Hammaker said she and the rest of the team enjoyed playing under Coughlan’s leadership. “We got to see her grow as a leader. We saw her step up and take the lead on her own, where others usually have other seniors to help,” she said. “She’s a very strong and confident person.” Coughlan said the team’s biggest achievement this year was the second game against Shorter University. “We played Shorter so close the last game and came within 16 points, a big difference after losing the first game against them by 44 points,” she said. Coughlan said her post-graduation plans include earning her master’s degree in education from Berry College and staying as the graduate assistant for the Lady Vikings. The Vikings ended the season 3-22 and the Lady Vikings ended the season 8-14.

Berry half-marathon attracts community, Berry runners
Berry College hosted half-marathon, 10K, and 5K races on Saturday, attracting runners from both the school and the community. Cash prizes were awarded to the top three male and female runners. The Berry half marathon/10k/5k is a qualifier for the Peachtree Road Race. One of the event’s attractions accompanying the race is Kite Day, as race organizers provide free kites for spectators and kids to fly during and at the conclusion of the race as an inspiration for runners in the home stretch.
WiLL MiLLer, Staff Photographer


PAgE 11, CAmPuS CArrIEr


FEbruAry 23, 2012

Vikings, Lady Vikings set records at ASC
STEVEn EVAnS Asst. Sports Editor the Vikings and Lady Viking both swam their ways to success at the Appalachian Swimming Conference (ASC) Championships on Friday and Saturday, finishing in seventh place. the ASC championships, hosted by union College in barbourville, Ky., featured twelve men’s teams and fifteen women’s teams. this performance was berry’s swimmers’ final ASC Championship appearance due to their transfer to the new Southern Athletic Association next year. “the entire team dropped time and posted personal best times,” head swimming and diving coach Paul Flinchbaugh said. “the seventh-place performances were the highest conference placing ever for berry’s swim teams, and on the final day, the entire men’s team qualified for the finals or consolation finals.” this is Flinbaugh’s third year as the swimming team’s head coach at berry. Vikings freshman Conor monaghan became the first Berry swimmer in school history to claim the title of conference champion, winning the 200-yard butterfly on Friday. Monaghan claimed victory in the event with a time 1:50:93, setting both a school and conference record. “Honestly, [my victory] was probably one of the greatest feelings I have felt in a long time,” monaghan said. “I always kept a positive attitude throughout the year, even when things got rough. And on good days, I only looked forward to the ASC championships. It was a great experience.” monaghan was also crowned conference champion in the 200yard freestyle with a time of 1:41:22, which also set a school and conference record. He swam in the men’s 800-yard freestyle relay team with freshmen David Lutomski, freshman Adam Jarrell and sophomore graydon mcCrite, finishing second with a school record mark of 7:02:75. monaghan also finished third in the 100-yard butterfly in 50.23 seconds. For the Lady Vikings, sophomore rachel Sandoval set two school records She finished fifth in the 100-yard freestyle in 54.34 seconds and seventh in the 50-yard freestyle in 25.01 seconds. Sophomore Kaitlin o’brien set a school record as well, swimming the 1,650-yard freestyle in a time of 18:46:71 and finishing sixth overall. A relay team of o’brian and Sandoval with sophomores ruth Pappas and Julie Zimmerman finished seventh in the 800-yard freestyle relay with a time of 8:14:03. “It was really cool to see all the other really good swimmers from other teams,” sophomore mariah moon said. I really enjoyed it. I thought the atmosphere was really competitive and fun.”

Feb. 16

Women’s Basketball vs. Shorter: L 67-55 Men’s Basketball vs. Shorter: L 76-60

Feb. 17

ConTriBuTED By kAyLA SAnnEr

Freshman Adam Jarrell swims the breaststroke in the Appalachian Swimming Conference (ASC) Championship, which was held on Friday and Saturday. The Vikings placed seventh out of 12 teams, and the Lady Vikings placed seventh out of 15 teams. This performance was Berry’s swimmers’ final ASC Championship appearance due to their transfer to the new Southern Athletic Association (SAA) next year.

Men’s Swimming & Diving ASC Championships: 7th out of 12 Women’s Swimming & Diving ASC Championships: 7th out of 15 Feb. 18 Men’s Swimming & Diving ASC Championships: 7th out of 12 Women’s Swimming & Diving ASC Championships: 7th out of 15 Equestrian Judson: 1st and 2nd Baseball vs. barea: L 5-3 W 4-2 Men’s Basketball at young Harris: L 79-84 Women’s Basketball at young Harris: L 50-84 Women’s Lacrosse vs. guilford : L 16-17 Men’s Lacrosse vs. brimingham-Southern : L 5-11 Feb. 19 Softball at birmingham-Southern: L 8-12, 0-8

Feb. 21

Baseball vs. bates: W 8-0 L 4-5 Women’s Tennis at Piedmont: W 6-3 Men’s Tennis at Piedmont: L 2-7 Women’s Basketball vs. Covenant: W 74-60 Men’s Basketball vs.Covenant: L 58-63

Feb. 22
If an adult suddenly collapses, perform Hands-OnlyTM CPR.
Call 911 then push hard and fast in the center of the chest.

Baseball vs. bates: L 12-13

Hands can do incredible things.


Feb. 25-26

Equestrian Western & English

Feb. 25-26

Baseball vs. North Park 1:00 p.m.

Feb. 25

Women’s Lacrosse vs. Augusta (IL) 12:00

Feb. 28

Baseball vs. Covenant 5:00 p.m. Men’s Lacrosse vs. Alma 3:00 p.m. Women’s Lacrosse vs. Alma 1:00



FebRUARy 23, 2012

What's cooler than bein' cool?!
Mountain Campus’ Residence Life staff hosted their Late Night Edition, Fire &Ice on Friday in Kilpatrick Commons. Seniors Derek Hay and Will Reese dee-jayed a dance party in the Dining Hall. Attendees experienced the best of both worlds, with hot and spicy foods, liquid nitrogen ice cream, a fire performer and February temperatures.

photos by christian turner, Asst. Photo Editor

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