Derek Young Sports Comm Sports Artifact The Duke Lacrosse scandal really gave the sport a bad

rep for many years. Just because one sports team across the country had a party and things got out of hand, that they national spotlight was on Duke Lacrosse. The sport easily had a stereotype from the kids that had played on that specific team. A team that was predominately Caucasian had a African American stripper over for a party. After the students were charged, there was a stereotype of all lacrosse players across the country as being white prep kids who have money, kids who are cocky and don¶t listen to anyone because of their back round. All across the country kids who play lacrosse or lacrosse programs were feeling the backlash from the controversy. Being the first real big thing that happened to the lacrosse community was a big reason for so much of the backlash from the community. Also a district Attorney trying to get his name back in the papers for re election, he would later be thrown in jail for trying to convict these kids for himself not for the right or wrong of the situation.

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