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An Invitation to the Dance

An Invitation to the Dance

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Published by Lisa M Harrison

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Published by: Lisa M Harrison on Feb 24, 2012
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The time had come to re-evaluate the role I play in my contact
experience. It was clear to me that what was happening to
countless numbers of diverse Experiencers all around the world went
way beyond the surface picture as reported by them and speculated
upon about by investigators of the subject. It meant something
deeply profound, as far as I was concerned, and it is now our joint
responsibility to determine that true meaning.
In Steven Spielberg’s film from 1977, Close Encounters of the
Third Kind
, a seed is planted in the minds of the Contactees to
identify an exact geographical location in the USA and travel to that
point at a specific time and date and it is left up to them to find out
how to proceed. I’m sure that the movie affected its viewers on many
different levels, but now the message contained within its fictional
narrative was starting to have an impact on the Contactees of today
and we had become players in a real-life version of the movie.
I began to formulate a list of questions: What did the contact
really mean to the individual participants and, more importantly, to
the human race as a whole? On a personal level, how had my contact
influenced my belief systems and how did it continue to shape my
day-to-day behaviour? What constructive action could I now take,
based on the growing awakening that I was experiencing?


I truly believe that from the moment we engage in the cycle of life
to the time we die and then rejoin the long and eager queue to return
to the material world, everything that we experience is recorded and
stored forever more. Therefore, even when we have trouble recalling
certain facts from our life it is not because they have been ‘lost’ but
rather they are temporarily inaccessible. So, based on that belief I
know that all of my contact experiences have affected how I have
lived my life: sometimes in ways that are blatantly obvious and then
in other ways that remain subtle and indistinguishable from normal

Elsewhere in this narrative I have spoken of my view that some
memories continue to have an influence on my life without being there
in the clear forefront of my conscious thoughts. I have referred to these
types of memories as the ‘wallpaper that hangs in the passageways of
our mind’. As we go into the real life entrance of our homes, we rarely,
if ever at all, identify and acknowledge the decoration that greets
our conscious mind, but it has been proven that that initial impact
stimulates our senses in an unconscious way. It is the same, I believe,
with the contact experiences that are stored away in hard to reach or
apparently lost ‘memory files’.
I now have full and accurate recall of all of my ET experiences
dating back to when I was just five years of age. They had always been
there, I knew that, but some had been compartmentalized for my own
safety. When my ‘reawakening’ began in 2001 a vital part of that
process included unrestricted access to all of my contact memories.
In doing so I began to understand certain traits that had made up
my character over the years and had had a detrimental affect on my
belief systems.

First of all, because I had incorrectly remembered some of
the contact – especially in later years – as traumatic, I began to
understand why I had been subconsciously fearful for most of my
life. And it was because I believed I had no control over what was
happening to me, in my ET contact and in life in general, but now
I know that wasn’t actually true, just a false perception. As you are
aware by now I believe that the majority of contact experiences are
the same, but are perceived differently based on the belief system of
the individual. It would be rather naive of me to say that there are


no negative experiences happening, because as with all aspects of life
there is light and shade. However, based on my own experiences and
research I feel I am able to make that statement. If you are a fear-
based person it is very likely that your experience will be coloured
by that viewpoint. There are a million and one perspectives that will
ultimately effect an experience that occurs outside of the normal
‘waking’ reality: fear, religious beliefs, education, learnt behaviour,
role models, parents, contemporaries, work place. So it is important
to remember that the contact events are happening just outside the
normal realm of experience, in a domain that one might describe as
surreal, but not in the usual sense. Therefore, working out what is
actually happening during a contact experience, recording that event
accurately and then remembering it at a later date, can be distorted
by an amalgam of sources, which lie active yet beyond our control
in the workings of the mind. I have now been able to sidestep that
normal human obstruction and know that we are all capable of doing
so. I’m not saying that I still don’t forget where I have put my keys or
have a problem remembering certain items I need to purchase when
walking around the supermarket. What I am saying is this: when I
have an ET contact experience, it happens consciously and within the
normal realm of reality; it is then stored accurately and is accessible
whenever I so desire. But that wasn’t always the case and in that
way it had a crossover affect that infected my belief system like an
undetected virus.

I don’t believe that the ET contact is about the individuals who
are instigating that communication. It is also not about the mode of
transport that they use. Neither is it about where they hail from. It
is also possible that the activities they carry out during their contact
with us is only integral to their own objectives and not that important
to our own. What they have to say may be the only element of the
proceedings that we should take notice of. So if we remove all of the
other components from the overall picture we are left with us. I firmly
believe that the ETs are, therefore, a stimulus to our own ends: the
spiritual evolution of the human race.
It is important to consider that the ETs are somehow connected
to us, either through their point of origin and present home base,
or possibly their genetic linkage to the human race. If we were to


acknowledge these probabilities we can then see possible reasons for
their contact and the content of what is being said.
The human race is on the brink of an upgrade: spiritually,
physically, intellectually and emotionally. However, I do not believe
that we will be able to achieve that goal based on our current software
and hardware. Our bodies need to change on a physical level, so that
we can function with the new information we will acquire to move
forward. As I have said before this all sounds a little bit like the
Idiots Guide to Evolution, but I do not have the ability to explain it
otherwise and there is a need for me to speak in a manner that we can
all understand; after all, what is the point of being so profound that
no-one can understand what you are saying? Re-reading my words I
believe and trust that I have managed to achieve this.
These alterations have been occurring for a number of years now
and will continue up until, and probably beyond, a specified point
of transition. The knowledge of this leap forward is recorded in the
cultures of people from all around the world. The year 2012, I believe,
is the focus for all of these events. 2012 will be the end of an era
and the start of another. There will, of course, be certain events:
earthquakes, floods, disruptive weather patterns, etc., as depicted in
an ever-increasing number of books, films and in the media at this
time, but the Earth is constantly making changes to its construction,
it always has done so, it’s a normal process. But please be aware that
some catastrophes might not be natural and may be instigated and
controlled by human hands. These human-manipulated events have
already begun – can you identify which ones they are?
In the lead up to the 2012 time window there are interested
and benevolent sources that will continue to play a hands-on
part in assisting us in that change, but it is not all down to them.
Through contact and communication the ETs are playing their part
in stimulating us at this very important time of re-awakening. But
it is not entirely their responsibility. The universe, as a conscious
and sentient energy, is also a vital component of the bigger picture
– clearly chapter two of the Idiot’s Guide to Evolution! By and large,
however, the most fundamental and significant ingredient for the
success of this event will be what we ourselves actually contribute.
The human race has been issued with a clear invitation to the


dance. But to gain entrance to the ballroom, however, it is strictly no
jeans or sports shoes. A mirror has been held up for us to look in. Are
we pleased with what we see? Some of us are dressed appropriately
whilst others still require additional grooming. So how do we get our
act together to ensure that we are not left at home whilst everybody
else has fun at the dance? The answer is actually blindingly obvious
and a no-brainer to achieve. The answer has been out there in the
public domain for the longest time, since time immemorial, in fact.
One word of advice though, if any reader has one bone of cynicism
left in their bodies it is now time to have it extracted. You will not be
able to hear the truth if you do not. Open your minds and lay aside
your doubts. My complete skeleton used to be made up of pessimism,
sarcasm, suspicion, disparagement, skepticism, distrust, doubt and
scorn, but then I received my invitation. I can assure you that it
wasn’t easy leaving behind a way of thinking and believing that had
apparently protected me all those years. After all, being a ‘wise arse’
is a great way of avoiding being a caring and sensitive human being.
If I had only known in my younger years how easy it was to make
friends and influence people I would not have taken the stony path
to get where I am today. It was relatively late in the day that I made
the changes, but at least I did find out that all I had to do was to be
authentic, to be real, to be true. With that as a solid foundation, one
can then move up to being caring; the next step is to be loving; whilst
the ultimate goal is to be responsible for one’s words and actions. I
know we deal with a lot of challenges, after all life can be tough at
times, but change, I believe, comes from the individual and not from
the masses. Eventually, one becomes two, and all of a sudden we are
of a like-mind. That’s when the change occurs – when the individual
grains of sand become the beach. We can achieve that by replacing
one thought with another. It’s not easy; I know that better than most.
After surviving for so long by being a stranger to myself, it came as a
major revelation – one of such empowering force – to be comfortable
‘being in my own skin’.
Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet: ‘This above all: to thine own
self be true.’ In following this advice I have now learnt to be kind to
myself and in doing so, my life has become a place of safety where
I no longer fear, because I know who I am and what I need to do at


all times: which is to show love and care to everybody that I come
into contact with, including myself, at all times, without exception.
To take full and complete responsibility for every single word I say
and every single action I carry out. If I can do that, so can you. These
are not simply actions of the mind and then that’s where it stops.
Consider the theory put forward by the world of Quantum physics
that there is an invisible ‘field of energy’ that connects everything
in the universe, and that the actions of one thing or one person can
affect everything else in existence because of that ‘field’. If my words
and actions become aware of the sensitivity and needs of others then
their effect will have an impact not just on the people I come into
contact with, but will have the potential to be of influence beyond my
awareness. This is not airy-fairy, New Age waffle anymore, but facts
and data being put forward by legitimate scientists in white coats.
By embracing this change and becoming aware, we gain entrance
to the dance. By not listening and continuing to keep our heads buried
in the sand, we become a version of Cinderella and stay at home. This
is the opportunity that the human race has been waiting for. Don’t
forget though, there are agencies that would have us stay the way we
are because it suits their purpose to keep us in a state of blindness
and fear so that we stay forever in their power, beholden to them
and propping up their inflated egos. Therefore, it won’t necessarily be
easy, but it is achievable.
I would like to propose a task, but it is important that it should
be realistic. For such a long time I kept waiting for somebody to show
me an idea of real worth, something practical that I could take out
into the real world. Instead, all I heard were words, when what I
desired was action. We all need a little push sometimes to ensure that
we are moving off in the right direction. I have never wanted to be
told what to do, but I do desire the occasional signpost. What I have
to share with you might sound over simplistic, but understand this:
it is only the key to unlock something much greater. What will come
from you carrying out this action is the thing of wonder, I assure
you. Please don’t read on further with cynicism or you might just
miss out on something extraordinary. There is an old adage about
‘not running before you can walk’, so please bear that in mind. Don’t
forget that at all times this is a ‘do-able’ thing. The completion of this


task is a real, practicable step forward – not just a line in a book, a
self-help book with good intentions but no practicable advice. It is a
provable, constructive action to bring about change, change for you
that is. Once again, it’s not earth shattering in its content and will
only reflect what I have already spoken about, but sometimes we all
need to hear the starter’s whistle.
So this is where you start. Consider the concept of being
responsible for your words and actions when communicating and
responding to everybody you come into contact with; do you think
you could do that for a whole hour? In the workplace or in a social
environment? Or even when you’re completely on your own with just
your own thoughts? Give it a try.
Then do it the next day. Remember, don’t run. Then maybe
do it the next day after that. Watch and experience the effect your
kindness has, how the people respond to your care, to your stillness,
to your listening. Then after each hour, see what it feels like not to
do it and watch and experience the impact of not caring. It’s all about
mirrors remember, see what gets reflected back.
If you can complete a whole week, one hour a day for seven days,
try it for two hours a day. Baby steps remember. Consider keeping a
diary or just a notebook, so you can record your thoughts and feelings;
it would definitely help, I guarantee it.
Consider these over-simplified examples: imagine going into a
store and holding the door open for somebody behind you. Make eye
contact, share a smile and acknowledge the thanks that you receive.
Be in that moment. Hold on to that feeling for as long as possible and
pass it on. Your grain of sand will soon become a beach. The effect of
your one action will take on exponential energy if it is acknowledged
in the moment and passed on. Take this one pure paradigm and
translate it into a hundred different examples.
Your words and your actions will manifest something real.
Watch and record the manifestation in yourself and then in others.
My advice would be to not tell anybody what you are doing, then you
will not feel self-conscious and in turn you will not be judged – either
by others or by yourself.
I’m not suggesting that you become something that you are not.
I don’t want you to lose yourself. All I want you to do is to release


something that is in there already. The more I think about it, the
more I feel the need to emphasize the point that I’m not saying we
should all become saints overnight: I want you all to remain the same
people in essence, but just to turn ‘your’ page to the next section.
Then let the process expand naturally. Take it easy though, stay
at a steady pace. The key to success will be making sure you do it
everyday. Continuity and persistence is what it is all about. I am not
suggesting you make the change of a lifetime overnight, but I am
suggesting that you very carefully substitute one habit for another.
To do this though you have to remain conscious during the process
of carrying out this new action – you need to be aware of what you
are saying and doing, and not operate on automatic pilot like we
normally do when attempting to stumble our way through everyday
from waking to sleeping.
So, give it a go, would you? It would be an interesting exercise
if nothing else. Remember, ‘This above all: to thine own self be true,’
because if you cheat or don’t keep up with the discipline of this task,
try looking in the mirror and telling yourself what has happened.
If you can achieve it you will be making the best friend you have
ever had – you! (Sorry if that sounds cheesy, but it really is so true
– and that is from the most cynical man in the world prior to the year

Seriously, this really does mean something important. In the
next few years, the human race will take part in a huge shift in its
consciousness and if we are ill-equipped to do so, the process will be
quite unpleasant. Look at it like this (and once again, forgive the
cheesiness); the planet Earth is pregnant, it really is Mother Earth,
and the spiritual evolution of the human race is the baby within. To
ensure a healthy and comfortable birth, and to make sure we emerge
capable of residing in the upgraded environment that we will find
ourselves in, we need to be capable of operating in a new vibrational
rate, one that is not as dense as the one we are currently in. Our new
Earth will be a very different place and if we are unable to make the
necessary alterations to all aspects of our being, we will not survive.
By carrying out the exercise as I suggest, it will begin to have
an impact upon the physical and that will ultimately manifest in
many ways, with the most important being a physical level, directly


altering and upgrading aspects of our DNA make-up that will remain
unseen at this time. Continuing to embrace the Quantum theory of
a ‘connecting field’, the changes that will occur to you will spread out
once more and have a positive effect within the ‘field’, and don’t forget
that the positive aspect of change that is happening to others will
have a compound affect on you: ‘Then one will become two and all of
a sudden we are of a like-mind. That’s when the change occurs.’ The
DNA change then becomes a permanent change and therefore our
children and grandchildren will inherit the Transformation Years
and pass it on. This is not science fiction, but science fact.
There are moments in the lives of each and every one of us that
stand out. They are normally very easy to remember, although they
may not always be pleasant memories. They are the events that are
spoken of when asked to remember an occasion of importance, a time
that leaves a profound imprint on our psyche.
I have three such memories.
On Friday 31st July, 1987 my son was born. He arrived in the
early hours of the morning. There was one moment during his journey
where we all became a little concerned, but after the professional
assistance of the nursing staff the moment soon passed. My son was
taken away for about 30 minutes and then brought back wearing a
tiny woolen hat to ‘keep his liccle head warm’ we were told. A robust
and curvaceous Caribbean midwife handed my son over to me to hold.
And then it happened.
I cradled my son in my arms and looked down into his eyes. I
welcomed him into the world and then I began to cry. The tears fell
from my eyes onto his face. I was overwhelmed with love, the purest
love I had ever felt.

As I was driving home later in the day, a song came on the radio
by a young British singer called Alison Moyet. I believe the universe
was talking to me at that moment. As Ms. Moyet came to the chorus
she sang, ‘I go weak, weak in the presence of beauty’. For the second
time that day I began to cry.
My son’s arrival denoted an important transition in my life and
his continued presence in my world remains just as significant and
vital. He is and always has been a ‘gift’.
I called my son, Reece Joseph.


In 1991, my dear friend Jacqui knocked on the door. I was still married
to Reece’s mum at the time and we all lived in east London. Jacqui
told me of an advertisement that she had seen in the local newspaper,
which told of a ‘Psychic Development Class’ to be held every Tuesday
night not far from us. As we were both extremely interested in the
subject matter, we decided to sign up.
So, on a Tuesday evening a couple of weeks later, Jacqui and I
parked outside the address that we had scribbled on a piece of paper.
As I got out of the car I looked up to the front door to check that
we had the correct number. Just by the steps, which led up to the
house, was a For-Sale sign. In seeing the sign I felt a profound sense
of unease and then I heard a voice in my head, which clearly stated in
an unforgettable voice, “You’ve finally found her again and now she’s
going to move.”

I stopped in my tracks with the words still softly ringing in my
head. Jacqui enquired if I was all right and encouraged me to get a
move on.

I rang the bell and waited for it to be answered. When the door
was finally opened, I got another shock: without having ever met
Anne Ashley before, the tutor of the course, I totally and absolutely
recognised her.

For the next few years, I wrestled with this dichotomy. During
this period I also fell head over heels in love with Anne, but she never
knew anything about my feelings. Due to problems relating to my
own inability to make the marriage work, and definitely nothing to do
with my feelings for Anne (which remained hidden), Reece’s mum and
I finally parted. The first few years after our break up were extremely
painful and difficult for all of us, but we ultimately found a light at
the end of the tunnel. I finally found the courage to tell Anne about
my feelings for her. We then fell in love together. Anne became Annie
and eventually we got married.
I don’t know if I ever thanked Jacqui for responding to Annie’s
advertisement, the one that enabled me to follow that trail of golden
breadcrumbs to her door, but without dear Jacqui passing on the
information where would I be today? It’s too scary to think about! So,


thank you Jacqui – bless your heart!

Time passed. Life happened. Annie was always Annie, whilst I
continued to search within for who I really was.
And then on Sunday 25th May, 2008, I found myself.
Up until that moment the universe had placed numerous
obstructions in my way, which were designed to make me stop and
look at my life, to decide if I was happy with how things were or
would I like to make a change. On these occasions, small alterations
were made; fine-tuning took place, but somehow not enough to make
that almighty shift that my life deserved. Then the universe got fed
up with waiting and placed an obstruction that I could not get round.
So finally something wonderful happened. The transition was painful
beyond belief, but I can only suppose that at the end I experienced
something along the lines of how I imagine a new mother might feel
after giving birth.

The details of what happened in this pivotal moment in my life
are so intensely personal – more so than anything else that has ever
happened for me – that I literally cannot find the words to properly
or adequately describe what occurred. Even if I could, I’m not really
sure if it would serve a constructive purpose. It is my belief that all
that needs to be said is this: from that moment on I began to take
responsibility for my words and actions

Those are my three memories. In a way I believe they are all
intrinsically connected.
I would like to add a fourth: This moment; this exact moment in
when I wrote this section and the feeling I experienced when I
truly believed and embraced the concept of you reading what I have
written and, by doing so, making a change within yourself.



“A sufciently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Arthur C. Clarke

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