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...beats one that doesn’t exist yet!
Concepts rock, but for now we have to be content with cars actually destined for full-on production. Like these babies...

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MAzdA CX-5
Showcasing Mazda’s new design theme, “Soul of Motion”, early 2012 will see the release of this baby in two-litre and 2.2litre diesel and petrol engines.

porSChe 911 CArerrA S
In case the standard Carrera isn’t enough for you, you’ll now be able to perve over this 3.8-litre flat-six monster that produces 298kW!

Vw beetle
The rumours are true, and now we know what the new Beetle will look like (without that dodgy flower vase on the dash). A fat, less powerful TT then?

VolkSwAgen buggy up
VW released six new concepts that mark the beginning of a new series: the Small Family. We’re most excited about this one, a modern concept of that beach buggy we’ve all stolen on holiday from a mate’s parents’ garage. VW promises it’s 100 per cent waterproof inside — that includes the iPhone docking system.
StAtS Engine Electric motor Output 60kW 0-100 11,3 seconds Top speed 135km/h

Audi urbAn ConCept
Audi hopes this concept car will be the answer to traffic congestion. Passengers sit in a one-plus-one seating arrangement that fosters “not talking” to someone to whom you may just be giving a lift. The car is ultra-light and has free-standing wheels; elements of a racing car and an urban car in one.
StAtS Engine A pair of rear-mounted electric motors Output 14.8kW and 510Nm of torque 0-100 16,9 seconds Top speed 100km/h

hondA CiViC
It’s always exciting to see a new hatch. Starting at a 1.4-litre and going up to two-litre engine variants, expect Focus and Golf supremacy to be challenged.




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