Providing stability.

Securing the future.

This year, our financial markets have been tested in unprecedented ways. And though the global landscape has become increasingly complex, one thing has remained consistent: Citi’s commitment to helping our clients and customers find solutions that will drive their financial success. That’s why we’re diversified across a broad range of markets and businesses in over 100 countries. Why we’re streamlining our operations. And why we’re using our global presence, knowledge and expertise, along with almost 200 years of experience, to rise to the challenges and take advantage of new opportunities. That’s why 200 million people around the globe have put their trust in Citi to take control and secure their futures. And why we’re offering them solutions like risk-free savings products, unparalleled financial guidance, credit cards that give you cash back and the Citi Homeowner Assistance Plan that’ll enable half a million Americans to make their payments and stay in their homes. That’s why now, more than ever, you can feel confident that Citi never sleeps.

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