Half-Life Version 1.1.1.

1 Readme File 12/2/02 ******************************************************************** About This Document: This document contains last-minute information about Half-Life, including questi ons you may have concerning the game or your computer. If you have a question, c heck to see if it is addressed here first: you may save yourself a call to Techn ical Support. ******************************************************************** I. II. III. IV. V. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS GENERAL TECHNICAL ISSUES GENERAL GAME ISSUES 3D HARDWARE ISSUES CONTACTING SIERRA

I. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS Windows(r) 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0 Pentium 133+, 24 MB RAM SVGA, high color (16-bit) 2x CD-ROM drive Windows-compatible sound card Mouse, keyboard II. GENERAL TECHNICAL ISSUES DRIVER ISSUES If you are using a nVidia based GeForce video card, download the latest referenc e drivers from www.nvidia.com. This will fix the problem with models showing up as all white. When running Half-Life in OpenGL, you must select '3Dfx Mini Driver' from the dr ivers list in the Video Options menu if you have a 3Dfx card (Voodoo, Voodoo2, R ush or Banshee). Choosing the 'Default' driver may severely impact Half-Life's performance. The Diamond Viper 550 drivers older than 4/2/99 cause the game menus to be drawn incorrectly. Use the drivers from the Nvidia home page (http://www.nvidia.com) dated 2/17/99 or later. Make sure the most current version of DirectX is installed on your computer. Dir ectX 6 is the most current version (as of 10/31/98), and it is included on the H alf-Life CD in the 'DirectX' folder. If you are running a pre-OSR2 release of Windows95, get the OpenGL 1.1 fix in or der to run Half-Life in OpenGL mode. The fix can be found at ftp://ftp.microsof t.com/softlib/mslfiles/opengl95.exe Make sure you have installed the most recent drivers for all your hardware befor e playing Half-Life. There is only one CD-Key allowed per client for Internet play. If you are getti ng a "CD-Key in use error" make sure that there are no other clients connected t o any game server using your CD-Key.

wad models\mymodel. T his map uses a few different custom resources.spr 3. a new model called "mymodel. refer to the Team Fortress manual loca ted at \half-life\tfc\manual\tfccontents.. Create a file called "mymap.0 of A3D.wav) Targas (.mdl sprites\mysprite.III.0 to 2. the Half-Life game engine now reports the current status of IP LAN ( e.0 versus 2. It has it's own . Exi t Half-Life.0. The .res" and place it into the \tfc\maps dir ectory. If you try to enable A3D support in Half-Life without upgrading to 2. sv_lan 1 or unable to authenticate) games to the master servers.bsp". For this example let's assume we have a Team Fortress map called "mymap. This will not repl ace any files that are currently on the client's machine. If you would like to opt out of h aving your IP lan server report to the master servers. SOUND PROBLEMS If you don't hear any sounds while playing Half-Life or if you only hear music.g. As a server operator you will need to go through these steps to al low these resources to be downloaded: 1. You can upgrade your A3D from 1. There are seven valid file types for this: Maps (.htm. close the other application.wad) Models (.0 Half-Life requires version 2.wad". we've added a new feature/function to help simplify the p rocess. The client's do wnload speed/bandwidth is throttled according to their rate.bsp name.wad file.bsp) Textures (.a3d. and restart Half-Life. Running a custom map that has it's own . So.res file must be the same as the .spr". GENERAL GAME ISSUES LAN HEARTBEATS By default. This rep orting is for general statistical information to Valve only and these IP LAN ser vers will not be visible to Internet players. you must run the engine o r dedicated server with the "-nomaster" command line option.mdl".spr) Bitmaps (.wad file called "mytextures.bmp) Sound files (. A3D 1. Run your server with sv_allowdownload set to 1. 2.tga) TEAM FORTRESS For information on playing Team Fortress. you will get a n error message when starting Half-Life. and a new sprite called "my sprite.0 by downloading the latest drivers from Aureal's website at www. CUSTOM RESOURCE DOWNLOADING Something that has always limited the propagation of custom maps has been the la ck of support for custom map resources. The file should look like this: mywad. When a client connects they will start downloading these files. .com. Add the resource names relative to the game directory in this file. or precached sounds has been something of a burden to server operators. another application you are running may have control of the sound hardware.mdl) Sprites (. custom sprites.

Devices. If you still can't hear the Half-Life musi c. Cdaudio. you must either edit this file directly using notepad. If you're under NT.com. Once the first two requirements are met. this modification will be detected and your sys tem won't be authenticated. We also suggest updating to the latest version. must modify the executable in order to work. then check Control Panel. the virus will modify hl. Multimedia. The work arou nd is simple . and the "CD Player" application works.download an appropriate virus scanner. type gl_polyoffset 4 at the console. actively using the CD Audio when Half-Life starts up. such as CD music players. Th e section entitled "YOUR HALF-LIFE INSTALLATION HAS BECOME CORRUPT OR OUT OF DAT E" ERROR MESSAGE provides instructions on how to proceed. then Half-Life should be able to play the CD mus ic without any problems. To fix the first problem. If the CD Player doesn't pla y the music tracks on the Half-Life CD. uninstall and then reinstall Half-Life. Accessories. and unfortunately some antivirus programs don't currently detect thi s virus. By far the most common virus that our users have encountered has been the CIH virus. Multimedia.exe ). PLEASE CHECK YOUR SYSTEM FOR VIRU SES AND THEN RE-INSTALL HALF-LIFE. you may also want to check Control Panel. CD ROM Selection. "YOUR HALF-LIFE INSTALLATION HAS BECOME CORRUPT OR OUT OF DATE" ERROR MESSAGE One cause for this error message is computer viruses. Half-Life checks itself to determine if the Half-Life executable you are running has been damaged or altered in any way. If you would like to modify settings at the console . To fix this. "YOUR HALF-LIFE EXECUTABLE HAS BEEN MODIFIED.cfg' which is located in the 'valve' dire ctory of your installation. an d make sure it's not disabled. run the application "CD Player" that comes standard with Windows located on y our Start Menu Programs. When you try to play a multiplayer game. USING KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS Hotkeys can be activated by using the ALT key in combination with the highlighte . and make sure it's set to your first CD-ROM drive. The re ason you must uninstall and reinstall Half-Life is because many virus scanner pr ograms. We recommend Norton AntiVirus which is available on Symantec's website at www. close other applications which may be accessing your CDROM drive. If your system has a viru s. SWITCHING BETWEEN OPENGL AND D3D ON THE NVIDIA TNT If you run OpenGL on the nVidia Riva TNT and switch to Direct3D. Half-Life will detect the changes and refuse to authenticate the execu table. To fix the second. decals may not appear. while capable of fixing damaged executables.HLDS. SETTING UP A LISTEN SERVER IN THE LAUNCHER OR THE CONSOLE If you are setting up your listen server variables in the launcher then all sett ings are stored in a file called 'game. CD Music. Upgrading to the latest version of Half-Life won't solve the problem.exe as well as any other programs you run. Thus. though the virus scanner has "cleaned" the Half-Life ex ecutable.CAN'T HEAR CD MUSIC If you don't hear any music while playing Half-Life. The most likely causes of such damage are 1) computer viruses and 2) corrupt portions of a user's hard disk drive. remove the virus from your system using the virus scanner. the problem is likely to ha ve one of three causes: 1) The Half-Life CD needs have more than one CD-ROM 2) Another application is 3) CD Audio isn't enabled to be in the first CD-ROM drive (only an issue if you drive).symantec. or delete this file and modify all server settings at the console. for the CD-ROM drive. make sure the Half-Life CD is in your first CD-ROM dri ve." ERROR MESSAGE As soon as you run Half-Life ( or the Half-Life dedicated server -. as the virus will infect that version as well.

Run Half-Life with the command line argument "-wavonly ". For example. VIEW OPENING AVI SEQUENCES Half-Life begins with two short AVI sequences.d letter. create a file with notepad that contain s the line: _snd_mixahead 0. Any value other than zero will work properly. make sure that the server you are running on does not have the variable sv_airaccelerate set to zero. try setting fps_lan to a number less than it is currently set to at the co nsole. Name the file "autoexec. CD AUDIO SLOWDOWNS Some CD-ROM drives take a few seconds to spin up to their playing speed. JUMP KEY NOT ALLOWING YOU TO SWIM UP If you are having trouble swimming up when you are standing on the ground underw ater. If you are having trouble viewin g the AVIs. go to the Windows Start Menu.2 And save it in your Half-Life\Valve\ directory. . PLAYING ON THE SAME MACHINE AS A DEDICATED SERVER If you are going to be playing Half-Life multiplayer on the same machine that yo u are running a dedicated server on.EXE -wavonl y". GETTING STUCK ON LADDERS IN MULTIPLAYER If you are getting stuck on the tops of ladders in a multiplayer game. 2) Disable direct sound. check to see that you have video compression installed. Programs. Multimedia. There are two common adjustments you can make: 1) Adjust _snd_mixahead. note that the 'jump' and ' crouch' commands need to be controlled by different fingers. select Windows Setup an d scroll down to Multimedia. CUSTOM KEYBOARD CONFIGURATION If you plan to customize your keyboard configuration. you may need to adjust your direct sound configuration in Half-Life. If not. make sure you not using the same port for b oth. CD MUSIC VOLUME You cannot control the CD music volume within Half-Life. Edit the Half-Life shortcut. Select Multimedia and make sure that Video Compres sion is checked. From there. You ma y notice some parts of the game that will momentarily slow down before the CD au dio will play.' DESKTOP RESOLUTION AND HALF-LIFE Half-Life should be run in a resolution that is lower than or equal to your desk top resolution. and se lect the Volume Control applet. The 'target' field should say: "HL. If you have access to the Half-Life console. you can use ALT+R to perform a 'Refresh' within the Multi player/Internet Games menu. Run the Half-Life client with -port 27016 (or any other port not in use) i n the target line of the shortcut. To adjust your CD music volume. Go to the Co ntrol Panel and select Add/Remove programs. SOUND QUALITY PROBLEMS If your sound is skipping or cracking. Running Half-Life in a full-screen or windowed mode that is gre ater than your desktop resolution can cause problems.2" at the console. type "_sn d_mixahead 0. You will need to us e both keys simultaneously when performing a 'longjump.cfg". Accessories.

To enable Half-Life joystick support. and blood effects in multiplayer. for permission to use his excellent documentation on joystick support. "-d3d" selects the Direct3D engine "-soft" selects the Software engine "-gl" selects the OpenGL engine "-gldrv <driver name> " selects the GL Driver.fpgaming. then launch Half-Life. You can set r_decals to any value between 0 (completely disables these effects) and 4096 (normal value for single player). Half-Life supports standard joysticks. Half-Life Joystick functionality . Right click on your dial up con nection and go to 'Properties'.dll". The two choices are "Default" and "3dfxgl. "-win" selects windowed mode "-full" selects full screen mode "-gamegauge <demo name>" runs the demo in Game Gauge mode. For better performance. You can adjust the console variable "r_decals" to set a lower limit. To turn off data compression go to your dial up connection i n the Dial-Up networking area of your computer. Bring down the console (using the ~ key) and type "r_decal s 500". Half-Life will automaticall y execute this configuration file each time you start the game. The default value is 4096. Decals are used to display spray paint. JOYSTICK AND GAMEPAD CONFIGURATION Enable use of joysticks or gamepads by checking the joystick box in the Configur ation/Controls/Advanced controls menu. Inc.com/.txt in the Half-Life directory. digital joysticks and advanced controller s like the FPgaming Assassin 3D. NEW COMMAND LINE SWITCHES IN THIS UPDATE "-w #" sets the video mode width where # is the width in pixels of desired vid eo mode. TURNING OFF DATA COMPRESSION When playing Half-Life online turning off data compression can significantly imp rove your latency. Information on their products are available on the Internet at http://www. verify that your joystick or game controll er is selected in the Joystick control panel applet and has been calibrated and tested. try set ting "r_decals 500".cfg. the Logitech WingMan Warrior and the SpaceTec I MC SpaceOrb. Typically this configuration file should be obtained from your g ame controller company. This is a benchmark u tility that runs through a demo as fast as possible and stores the framerate in the file fps. bulletholes. The configuration files for common game controllers are included below. it may be cause d by too many decals. For advanced controllers. click on the Server Types tab at the top and unc heck the software compression box. you will also need to have a configuration file called joystick. However you can create your own and place this file in the Valve subdirectory of your Half-Life directory. Valve thanks James Barnes at First-Person Gaming. Check the joystick box in the Configuration/Contr ols/Advanced controls menu of Half-Life.MULTIPLAYER FRAMERATE ISSUE If you are experiencing low framerate in long multiplayer games. Joystick and gamepad buttons can then be configured through the Configuration/Controls menu.

Dead-zone setting for each control 5. The default sensitivity settings are 1 (or 1). R. the faster you move) 2. You can set the sensitivity settings to negative numbers. you will reach full speed with only half of the movement. Variable: Joypitchsensitivity Function: Controls the speed or ratio used when you look up and down using the Assassin 3D Default: -0. Support for absolute controls (like joysticks) and relative controls (like tr ackballs and spinners) The default joystick setting is for joystick left/right movement to control turn ing and for joystick forward/backward movement to control moving forward/backwar d.cfg. Turn) 7. Look. assig n the 'Joystick look modifier' to one of your joystick buttons (also via the Co nfiguration/Controls menu). Support for up to 32 buttons (JOY1-JOY4 and AUX5-AUX32) 3. Z. Variable: Joysidesensitivity Function: Controls the ramp-up speed or how much joystick movement is required for moving "full speed" side to side Default: 1. U.5 Comments: This setting will allow you to look left and right at a 90 degree ang le without repositioning your hand. V) 6. To control joystick looking. These variables control your sensitivity settings: Command Name Command Action Default NOTES: Variable: Joyforwardsensitivity Function: Controls the ramp-up speed or how much joystick movement is required for moving "full speed" forward and backward Default: -1. Side.0 Comments: If your joystick is not as fast as you think it should be try a setti ng of -1. Proportional movement (the farther you move the stick. 'Reverse mouse' in the Configuration/Controls/Advanced controls menu also change s the direction the joystick has to move when looking up and down.1.25 Comments: This setting will allow you to look Up and Down at a 45 degree angle without repositioning your hand.5. To control strafing. The following variables can be set in your joystick.0 Comments: If your joystick is not as fast as you think it should be try a setti ng of 1. Variable: Joyyawsensitivity Function: Controls the speed that or ratio used when you look left to right usi ng the Assassin 3D Default: -0.5. These variables control your threshold settings: Command Name Command Action Default NOTES: Variable: Joyforwardthreshold . Support for all 6 axes (X. assign the 'strafe modifier' to one of your joystick bu ttons (via the Configuration/Controls menu). Sensitivity setting for each control (allows tuning and inverting the control direction) 4. you will reach full speed with only half of the movement. Mapping of any axis to any control (Forward. Y. This inverts the dire ction of movement for the control.

The range of the threshold settings is from 0 to 1. Joyadvaxisr Controls mapping of DirectInput axis R (typically joystick rudder) 0 Not used.1). Variable: Joyadvaxisu Function: Controls mapping of DirectInput axis U (custom axis .20 Variable: Joysidethreshold Function: Controls the dead-zone for moving side to side Default: 0.2). etc.15 Comments: If you have problems with your character moving left or right when tr ying to stop or walk a ledge. Variable: Function: Default: Comments: Variable: Function: Default: Comments: Joyadvaxisz Controls mapping of DirectInput axis Z (typically joystick throttle) 0 Not used. So. increase this number to . WingMan Warrior SpinControl and SpaceOrb roll) Default: 20 Comments: Sets the Assassin 3D to relative turning left and right.15 (meaning 15% of the full-range). Premium joysticks can use a smaller number (l ike . increase this number to . These six variables control axis mapping: Command Name Command Action Default NOTES: Variable: Joyadvaxisx Function: Controls mapping of DirectInput axis X (typically joystick left and r ight) Default: 3 Comments: Allows the joystick to turn. The default threshold settings are .15 Variable: Joyyawthreshold Function: Controls the dead-zone for looking left and right Default: 0. 12 buttons with the Microsoft S ideWinder 3D Pro. (Not self ce ntering) .20 Variable: Joypitchthreshold Function: Controls the dead-zone for looking up and down Default: 0. you get 8 buttons with the Logitech WingMan Extreme.15 The threshold settings allow you to control your dead-zone (or no-movement zone) . Variable: Joyadvaxisy Function: Controls mapping of DirectInput axis Y (typically joystick forward an d backward) Default: 1 Comments: Allows the joystick to move forward and backward.Assassin 3D tra ckball left and right. Troublesome analog joysticks ma y need a larger number (like . the buttons are mapped to AUX29-AUX32.15 If you have problems with your character moving forward or back when stop or strafe. If your joystick has a POV hat.Function: Default: Comments: trying to Controls the dead-zone for moving forward and backward 0.

0 +mlook joyadvancedupdate Here is a configuration file for the Logitech WingMan Warrior: // Revision 0. add 16 to the above control number. It's a bit complicated.25 joyyawsensitivity -0.5 joyforwardthreshold 0. For example.15 joyyawthreshold 0. As another example.com for updates joyname "Logitech WingMan Warrior" .fpgaming. 3.logitech.Assassin 3D tra ckball forward and backward and SpaceOrb yaw) Default: 18 Comments: Sets the Assassin 3D to relative free-look up and down. but only needs to be done once . 5.com for updates joyname "FPgaming Assassin 3D" joyadvanced 1 joyadvaxisx 3 joyadvaxisy 1 joyadvaxisz 0 joyadvaxisr 0 joyadvaxisu 20 joyadvaxisv 18 joyforwardsensitivity -1. Absolute axes are defined as having a stopping position whereas relative a xes don't have a stopping position and just go around and around. type 'joyadvaxisu 20 '. The advanced axes variables will not have any effect until joyadvanced is set to 1. type 'joyadvaxisr 4'. 4.15 joysidethreshold 0. to make your rudder pedals control turning left and righ t.Variable: Joyadvaxisv Function: Controls mapping of DirectInput axis V (custom axis . the procedure for creating an advanced m apping is: 1. to set the Assassin 3D's axis U to be looking left and right.0 joysidesensitivity 1.0.0 joypitchthreshold 0. (Not self cen tering) Each joyadvaxis variable can be set to the following controls: 0 1 2 3 4 = = = = = Axis Axis Axis Axis Axis not used is for forward is for looking is for side to is for turning and backward movement up and down (pitch) side movement left and right (yaw) Additionally. Additionally. 2. any changes to the axes will not take effect until the joya dvancedupdate command is executed. each axis can be designated as an absolute axis (like a joystick) or a relative axis (like the FPgaming trackball or the WingMan Warrior SpinContr ol). Set 'joyadvanced 1' Make any desired mapping changes Make any desired sensitivity changes Make any desired threshold changes Call 'joyadvancedupdate' Here is the configuration file for the FPgaming Assassin 3D: // Revision 1.1 -.0 joypitchsensitivity -0. So.refer to www. To designate an axis as a relative axis.refer to www.0 -.

1 -.15 joysidethreshold 0.0 joyforwardthreshold 0.15 joyyawthreshold 0.0 joysidesensitivity 1. your rudder pedals control turning left and right and throttle control movin g forward and backward: joyname "Joystick. Rudder & Throttle" joyadvanced 1.0 joyadvaxisx 3 joyadvaxisy 1 joyadvaxisz 0 joyadvaxisr 0 joyadvaxisu 20 joyadvaxisv 0 joyforwardsensitivity -1.1 joypitchthreshold 0.0 joyyawthreshold 0.0 joypitchsensitivity 0.15 joypitchthreshold 0.15 joypitchthreshold 0.15 joysidethreshold 0.spacetec.0 joyyawsensitivity -0.0 joypitchsensitivity 1.0 joyadvaxisx 3 joyadvaxisy 1 joyadvaxisz 0 joyadvaxisr 2 joyadvaxisu 0 joyadvaxisv 4 joyforwardsensitivity -1.0 joyadvaxisx 3 joyadvaxisy 2 joyadvaxisz 1 joyadvaxisr 4 joyadvaxisu 0 joyadvaxisv 0 joyforwardsensitivity -1.0 joywwhack1 1.1 +mlook joyadvancedupdate Here is a config file for making your joystick operate looking around and strafi ng.1 joysidethreshold 0.0 joyyawsensitivity -1.0 joyadvancedupdate Here is a config file for the SpaceTec IMC SpaceOrb: // Revision 0.com for updates joyname "SpaceTec IMC SpaceOrb" joyadvanced 1.refer to www.0 joysidesensitivity -1.0 joypitchsensitivity -0.0 joywwhack2 1.5 joyyawsensitivity 1 joyforwardthreshold 0.1 joyyawthreshold 0.joyadvanced 1.15 joyadvancedupdate .6 joyforwardthreshold 0.0 joysidesensitivity 1.

then select the Customize option and chan ge your model to the team you wish to be on.Two additional values you can set specifically for the Wingman Warrior: There are two variables which enable special response curves tuned for the Logit ech Wingman Warrior joystick. any white in the image w ill be totally opaque. Sel ect one of these and hit Join Game' Playing a teamplay game: Holding down the TAB key will show you the teams. and a pain t program capable of simple palette manipulation and image scaling. Paint or scan an image. Photoshop." That is. however.Dedicated server: in the valve/autoexec. Select the options Multiplayer->Lan Game->Crea te Game->Advanced Options and select the 'Team Play' check box.jasc. and any black in the image will be totally transparent (i nvisible). "joywwhack1" fixes a centering problem. if you look at the color palette.com/ randy/console. Painting in black and white is recommended. Use your paint program to make the image a "grayscale" image: that is. Joining a teamplay game: In the server browser. you want the first color in your palette to be black (which will come through as completely transparent). and is available as shareware from http://www.cfg.cfg add the line: mp_teamplay 1 then w henever you start the server it will be in teamplay mode. The steps for creating a decal are: 1. "joywwha ck2" fixes an "out of control" spin problem when using the joystick to turn or l ook left/right. b ecause the final decal will be displayed as one color only. the first color (usually the upper left-hand corner color) will be black.) ). visit http://pcgame. . and adjust it if necessary. With the palette going from black to white. the first . If you are painting the image yourself using Paint Shop Pro. You can choose the color of your decal and you can change that color at any time between games using the game interface. such that the black portions of your image are the parts that will be opaque. Hit Done then St art Game. CONSOLE COMMANDS AND CONTROLS For a complete listing of Half-Life's console commands. you can see teamplay games are called "HL Teamplay". ramping to the last color which is white (which will come through as opaque). and the white po rtions are the parts that will be transparent. hit ESCAPE to go back to the launcher.Listen server: Start Half-Life. you can specify that you want the image to be grayscale before you start.com. In this case. or by scaling your scanned i mage (or larger painted image. Be sure you check what the palet te looks like after you save your file.htm TEAM PLAY Starting a teamplay game: . Think of it this way: if your decal looks like a chalk drawing on a blackboard. To change teams. Teams are assigned according to the player model you are using. and the last color (usually the lower right-hand corner co lor) will be white. All you need is an image. CREATE A CUSTOM DECAL Making a custom decal is a simple process. Some applications will ra mp the palette from black to white when you select "grayscale. Paint Shop Pro is ideal. either by painting the image to that size. 2. Save your source decal as a black and w hite image. See the Wingman Warrior configuration above for an example of h ow to use these in your joystick. Make it 64 by 64 pixels in size. If your drawing looks like a pen drawing on white paper. the palette (the colors that the image uses) should be a ramp from white to black. or some similar program. and close to opaque if it is near white. you want to invert your image. Any gray in the image will be translucent: very translucent if it is near-black.

disable SL I mode. is included on the Half-Life CD. Most graphics card vendors make them freely available on th e Internet. Half-Life does not suppo rt Direct3D on Voodoo cards. If you need to reinstall at a later time. bout which chipset is incorporated in your graphics ion that accompanied your card. or contact the card 3DFX Banshee. ramping to the last color which should be black. . version 6. and it will automatically show up in the list of decals you see in the la uncher interface. The default location for this file i s: C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\media\DrvPage\default. and a collection of links to sites of many popular cards is installe d on your hard drive along with Half-Life. Half-Life ships with the current.htm Video configuration is set in the Configuration\Video\Video modes menu in Half-L ife.54 or above. Many cards with sup port for 3D acceleration will provide both OpenGL and Direct3D drivers. Save this image in your half-life\logos directory as a Windows bitmap (. Half-Life supports the Voodoo rush in software mode on ly. There you can choose the decal's color. In general. Voodoo 1. Check with 3DFX for an updated driver that offers support for Half-Life NVIDIA Riva 128 You must have Windows 95 OSR 2 or later. As of shippin compatibility issues for spe If you have any questions a card. Voodoo 2. open the DirectX folder on your Hal f-Life installation CD and run dxsetup. Changing the color of your decal during a game will not take effect for that game.0. Only after you re start your game will the new color appear. several are shipped with Half-Life an d can be found in the Half-Life\logos directory. make sure you have the latest versions of the device drivers for you r display hardware. 3DFX Rush With the current drivers. Voodoo 2 SLI Get the latest drivers from your card manufacturer or get the latest drivers dir ectly from the 3DFX site. IV. 3. The following section explains the known driver and cific chipsets at the time of Half-Life's shipping. or run under Windows 95/98. Make sure that you have Glide version 2. 3D HARDWARE ISSUES Half-Life has the ability to use both OpenGL and Direct3D. Which o ne is better depends upon the quality and performance of the drivers themselves. The solut ion to this instability is to either get an updated driver from 3DFX. and will vary from card to card. It should be automatically installed as part of the Half-Life installation process . Windows 98 or Windows NT.color should be white. These will give you a good ide a about the file format and appearance of a decal. before it appears in the game .exe.bmp) file. If you would like to view pre-made decals. The Voodoo 2 running in SLI mode on Windows/NT is prone to crashing. consult the documentat manufacturer. tested GL mini-drive r. The latest release of DirectX.

put this line in your opengl. www.s3. and vice versa. If neither work. try selecting OpenGL. Half-Life will fall b ack to a software emulation mode. non-3DFX cards have a problem with clearing the z buffer and this ca n cause parts of the screen to flash.com. NVIDIA TNT Half-Life supports the TNT in software. Check with Matrox for details. Direct3D Input seems lagged.1. www. 1 or 20.cfg or d3d. S3 Savage Half-Life support the Savage in software and Direct3D.com. add this line to your d3d. To over ride the default settings for this feature. Matrox G200 Half-Life supports the G200 in software and Direct3D.g.cfg or d3d.cfg file: gl_d3dflip 1 Parts of the screen are flashing (in Direct3D or OpenGL) Some older. Matrox will also be providing a GL mini-driver t hat will support OpenGL in Half-Life. try -0. Get this driver off of their site. S3 will also be providing a GL driver that wil l support Half-Life. If your input seems to lag behind the visual display on occasion. Check with S3 for details.cfg file: gl_ztrick 0 Network instability If you have a connection to the Internet that is unstable. General Issues: Missing Decals (i. Direct3D or OpenGL are running very slow On some cards that don't fully support Direct3D or OpenGL.com. Half-Life Riva 128 OpenGL support requires the latest reference driver from N VIDIA.cfg file: gl_polyoffset 0. put this line in y our opengl. S3 Virge Half-Life supports the Virge in software mode only. change yo ur settings to use Half-Life's software video modes instead and the speed will i mprove.matrox. www.1 If this doesn't work. These modes are very slow. Bullet holes) Half-Life uses a feature of OpenGL and Direct3D that some video card drivers do not support correctly. Get the latest driver from Matrox's site. This tells the driver how far to offset the decal from the surface of the polygon that the decal is being applied to.nvidia. or prone to packet lo . Direct3D support is c urrently unavailable. If your Direct3D su pport is slow. You can get the latest dr ivers from S3's site. OpenGL and Direct3D modes. If you are seeing this.e. Contact NVIDIA for a Direct3D driver that supports Half-Li fe. Get the lates t driver off of NVIDIA's site.

and selecting the Display applet. and selecting the Display applet. What can I do if the game looks washed out? The most likely cause is that your monitor is slightly brighter than average and the default game settings are for a darker monitor. This is usually done by adjusting buttons or knobs on the front of you r monitor. These are used to adjust for different kinds of monitors and roo m brightness. If your card's device driver supports this. and Sales ---------------------------------United States U. COMMON QUESTIONS What can I do if the game is too dark?. is that "black" isn't showi ng up as black. Some graphics cards also have support for controlling how bright the display is. If this still doesn 't work. You may need to adjust your monitors Brightness back up after you do this. but all monitors are a bit different so you may want to look through your monitors documentation to be sure. . especially on new computers. Support. then slowly turn it back up until it just before it starts getting visibly lighter. you then may need to adjust the a ctual brightness and contrast of your monitor. Sales Phone: (800) 757-7707 Hours: 24 hours a day. Some places in the game are intentional ly dark. and Sales B) Technical Support C) Legal Information A) Customer Service. You will need to adjust the Gamma and Glare Reduction settings in the Configuration\Video\Video options menu in Half-Life. but will sacrifice your overall latency. you can find it by going to the Windows control panel. 7 days a week International Sales: (425) 746-5771 Hours: Monday-Friday 8 AM to 4 PM PST FAX: (916) 939-1010 . try typing 'cl_nodelta 1' at the console (bring down the console with the ~ key). Some graphics cards also have support for controlling how bri ght the display is.ss. You will need to adjust the Gamma and Glare Reduction settings in the Configuration\Video\Video options men u in Half-Life. but more of a dark gray. This will improve your overall network stability. Support. Turn the Contrast down until the borde r around the edges of the picture are totally black. If this still doesn't work. but you should be able to see e verything without difficulty in the opening train ride and throughout the first part of the game. These are used to adju st for different kinds of monitors and room brightness. and you'll need to use your flashlight.A. you can find it by going to the Windows control panel. but Half-Life provides controls to correct this problem. Some monitors are darker than others. This is usually done by adjustin g buttons or knobs on the front of your monitor. If your card's device driver supports this. but all monitors are a bit diff erent so you may want to look through your monitors documentation to be sure.CONTACTING SIERRA ======================= A) Customer Service. you then may need to adjust the actual brightness and contrast of your monitor. T he most common problem. Adjust the two sliders s o that the Soldiers camouflage pattern is dark but visible.S. Adjust the two sliders so that the Soldiers camouflage pattern is dark but visible. V.

com http://www.co.00 outside the UK. CA 95762-9972 Email: customer.K." 2 Beacontree Plaza. Main: (0118) 920-9111 Monday-Friday.sierra. are £6.sierra.de Disk and or Manual Replacement: Product Returns*: . Fax: (0118) 987-5603 Disk/CD replacements in the U.com United Kingdom Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing UK Ltd.fr Internet Germany: http://www. Tel: (0) 6103-99-40-40 Montag bis Freitag von 10h .sierra-online. or £7.uk Internet France: http://www.19Uhr Fax: (0) 6103-99-40-35 Paul-Ehrlich-Straße l 63225 Langen Deutschland On-Line Sales CompuServe United Kingdom:GO UKSIERRA CompuServe France: GO FRSIERRA Internet USA: http://www. Gillette Way.: Ret urns.support@sierra. Add "ATTN.sierra.sierra.00.m.com Internet United Kingdom: http://www.5:00 p. 9:00 a. Av de l'Europe Bât Energy 1 (2e étage) 78 140 VELIZY-Villacoubaly France Téléphone: 01-30-67-90-50 Lundi au Jeudi de 10h à 19h Vendredi de 10h à 18h Fax: 01-30-67-90-65 Germany Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing Deutschland Gmbh.m.Sierra Direct P O Box 629001 El Dorado Hills. Berkshire RG2 0BS United Kingdom France Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing France 32. . Reading.

Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing International Sierra On-Line Returns 4247 S. . PST Fax: (310) 258-0755 http://www. call (0118) 920-9111. . no credit cards. call (425) 644-4343.sierra. To access this service. Minnewawa Ave.m. you may still write. CA 93725 Main: (425) 644-4343 Monday-Friday 8:00 a. For Documentation replacement. Gillette Way. After 90 days please include a $10. If this fails to solve your problem. offers a 24-hour Automated Tech nical Support line with recorded answers to the most frequently asked technical questions.m.m. * Returns to this address valid in North America only. Sierra On-Line Technical Support 4247 South Minnewawa Avenue Fresno.5:00 p. 9:00 a. 2 Beacontree Plaza. Minnewawa Ave. 00 handling fee and a photocopy ONLY of either your disk or cd.00 handlin g fee along with the cd(s). if less then 90 days. Berkshire RG2 0BS United Kingdom Main: (0118) 920-9111 Monday-Friday. CA 93725 NOTE: To replace your cd(s) please send only the damaged cd and copy of your dat ed Receipt. and follow the recorded instructions to find your specific topic and resolve the issue. Fresno.com support@sierra. or fax us with your questions or cont act us via our Internet or CompuServe sites. Reading. please include a $5. or contact us via our Web site.com United Kingdom Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing UK Ltd. Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing UK Ltd. you may still write. To access this service. . Fresno. B) TECHNICAL SUPPORT ------------------------North America Sierra On-Line offers a 24-hour automated technical support line with recorded a nswers to the most frequently asked technical questions. If this fails t o solve your problem. or fax us with your questions.m. CA 93725 Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing International Sierra On-Line CD/Doco Replacement 4247 S. Payment should be made at the time of your request. and follow the recorded instructions to find your specific topic and resolve the issue.5:00 p. Sorry.

es Soporte Tecnico: soporte@havasinteractive. Av de l'Europe Bât Energy 1 (2e étage) 78 140 VELIZY-Villacoublay France Téléphone: 01-30-67-90-50 Lundi au Jeudi de 10h à 19h Vendredi de 10h à 18h Fax: 01 30 67 90 65 http://www. Technischer Kundendienst Paul-Ehrlich-Straße la 63225 Langen Deutschland Tel: (0) 6103-99-40-40 Montag bis Freitag von 10 .sierra.uk France Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing France 32.co.havasinteractive. C) Sierra Warranty & Legal Information ----------------------------------- .sierra-online.Fax: (0118) 987-5603 http://www.19Uhr Fax: (0) 6103-99-40-35 Mailbox: (0) 6103-99-40-35 http://www.fr Germany Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing Deutschland Gmbh.es Italy Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing Italia spa Contattare il vostro distributore.de Spain Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing España NUESTRA SEÑORA DE VALVERDE Nº 23 28034 MADRID Spain Tech Support Teléfono: 91 735 24 37 Soporte técnico de lunes a Viernes de 09:30 a 15:00 y de 16:00 a 18:30 www.sierra.es Comercial: comercial@havasinteractive.

Copyright © 1991-2001 by RAD Game Tools. . limited warranty and return policy is set f orth in the EULA.txt. and is also available during the install of the product.Sierra's end user license agreement. found on the CD. Copyright (2002 Valve LLC. Inc.) Half-Life Uses Miles Sound System.