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Solving Applied Mathematical Problems With MATLAB

Solving Applied Mathematical Problems With MATLAB

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Published by: sourav on Feb 24, 2012
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Artificial neural networks (ANN) were originated from studying and under-

standing the behavior of complicated neural networks of living creatures. In

Nontraditional Solution Methods


human brains, there are about 1011

interlinked units, known as neurons. Each

neuron has about 104

links with other neurons[51]

. When the mathematical

representations of artificial neurons are established, the interconnected neu-
rons can be used to construct artificial neural networks. However, due to the

limitations of the status of computers today, neural networks as complicated
as human brains cannot be built so far.

In this section, an introduction to mathematical descriptions of artificial

neurons and neural networks are given first, followed by the descriptions
of MATLAB solutions to the neural network-based problems. The neural

networks graphical user interface is demonstrated in detail.

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