Garza Independence High School

February 23, 2012

To whom it may concern:

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for a former student of mine, Tiffany Hernandez. Tiffany has been enrolled at Garza High School since August of 2011 and has worked quickly and efficiently to complete the course credits and all of the requirements that she needed for high school graduation. Persistence, independence, and intelligence are her hallmarks.

Our curriculum is completely self-paced, with students the owners of their learning. Tiffany has completed both the Government and the Economics curriculum in this classroom. She has both a great attitude and the ability to maintain focus o'n the tasks presented her. Her work is always quality, and she strives to truly understand the concepts she is learning. I appreciated her warm smile and positive energy in cl'ass each day.

Tiffany is personable and hard-working, and she works well without supervision. She came to school on a daily basis, arriving before school began and leaving after most others had, demonstrating to us that her education was important for her. Her maturity and positive attitude were so refreshing. Tiffany brings light with her wherever she goes, and will be greatly missed in this classroom and at this campus.

I wish Tiffany the best of luck while she plans to continue her studies and someday become a nurse. She will be very effective in college and whatever path she chooses for the future. I highly recommend Tiffany Hernandez for any work or educational experience she may wish to pursue. Please don't hesitate to call me for any further information I might be able to provide. Sincerely,

Barbara Aviles-Torsberg
Facilitator 512-414-8639
1600 Chicon SL Austin, TX. 78702

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