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Fabulous February 2012 Grand Finale Download free QR code reader to your iPad, iPhone, or borrow an iTouch from Lisa H. (or work with a friend.) Follow the clue to nd a QR code and scan with your device. You will nd the answer to the question within the website that pops up on your device. Answer the question and turn your scavenger hunt in to the ofce. Clue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Bathroom with sports decor
This teachers name rymes with BOARD????

Question List 2 ways to stay organized How is this Macbook used?

How does a student get a speeding ticket?


The only table with 3 ags Students get prizes here on Mondays 1st Grade - USA - Rocket Dont forget to check your mail. There are 4 bulletin boards in this hall Cold, smelly, and cleaned on Friday Monthly character word posted here

What are these student seats made from? How much do Nice Notes cost? How are post-its used here? Name one tool to publish student work. Name one podcast episode What grade did iPads improve test scores? Name of HS piloting BYOD.

10 In case of re in 3rd grade....