L1 Grammar Focus




I. Noun clauses beginning with that
1. 名詞子句的類型按照所引導的連接詞來區別,主要有以下幾種:

(1) 由疑問詞(question words)who, what, which, when, where, why,
how 等所引導出來的名詞子句。
例:What he said was a lie.
  Nobody told us who our new English teacher would be.
  I don’t know which one is right.
  Please tell me when he left.
  Nobody knows where he is going.
  Don’t ask me why they got divorced.
  I have no idea how old she is.

(2) 由 whether 或 if 所引導出來的名詞子句。
例:Whether you like English or not is not of my concern.
  She asked me whether I had passed the test.
  I wonder if he likes me.

(3) 由 that 所引導出來的名詞子句。
例:That he has a talent for singing is obvious.
  He told me that he will submit his resignation tomorrow.
  The truth is that he never returned the book to me.
  It is my belief that virtue is its own reward.
本課所介紹的便是由 that 所引導出來的名詞子句。
2. 和一般普通名詞一樣,名詞子句在句中隨著位置的不同而有不同的功能,名
(1) 當主詞
例:What is mine is mine.
(2) 當受詞
例:I don’t know if he will show up today.
(3) 當補語
例:Your answer is exactly what I have in mind.
(4) 當同位語
例:He gave me the impression that he hated English.
3. 由 that 所引導出來的名詞子句,兼具最多的功能,在句中可以當主詞、受詞、
請看 p12 example
4. that 引導的名詞子句當主詞時,不可以省略 that。
例:That he is a lazy boy is true.(○)
  He is a lazy boy is true.(×)
此外,為了修辭上的考量,經常將 that 子句移到最後,並用 it 當虛主詞 。
例:That he was sent to prison was not surprising to me.
  → It was not surprising to me that he was sent to prison.
5. that 引導的名詞子句放在動詞後面當受詞時,that 經常被省略。
例:I suppose (that) he doesn’t want to see his mother at the moment.
  I know (that) he did it for me.

6. that 引導的名詞子句當同位語時,經常與
fact、belief、conviction、report、theory、suggestion、conclusion 等字連用,用來說明
例:It is a fact that the earth goes around the sun.
  His suggestion that we change our marketing strategy really helps.
1. 在分析英文句構時,常會提及 S + V + O + C 的句型,因為有許多不完全及物
動詞(如感官動詞與使役動詞),後面接了受詞之後,意義還不 完整,常需
要再接補語,以補充說明受詞,這樣的句型就是 S + V + O + C。
例: S
  You are making things
found the job
quite boring.
beating another boy.
2. 在 S + V + O + C 的句型中,如果受詞是一個不定詞片語,或者是一個由 that
或 wh-words 引導出來的名詞子句當受詞,在形式上會以虛受詞 it 代替,並將
例:We consider it impossible to remove all the trees in one day.
   S  V it  C   to V
  We think it a big loss that he quit show business.
  S V it  C   that-clause
  The teacher made it clear what she would like us to do for the class.
  S   V  it C what-clause
  除了課本句型表內所列的動詞之外,尚有 suppose、hold、deem、prove 等和
例:Scientists have proved it true that global warming is becoming more serious.
  I deem it my duty to finish the assignment in time.
  We suppose it unlikely that he will apologize for his mistake.
1. 我發現要和他合作很困難。(find /difficult /to)
2. 電話讓我們可以和遠方的人聯繫。(make/ possible/ to)
3. 我們認為政府與他們溝通是必要的。(consider / necessary / that)
4. 老闆將他對員工的要求說得明明白白。(make / clear / what)
5. 我認為專心上課是學生的義務。(think /a student’s obligation / to)
1. I find it difficult to communicate with him.
2. The telephone makes it possible to connect with people far away.

3. We consider it necessary that the government come to terms/compromise with
4. The boss made it clear what he expected of his employees.
5. I deem it a student’s obligation to be attentive in class.

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