for Invoking the Power of Three
Hear now the words of the witches The secrets we hid in the night. The oldest of gods are invoked here The great work of magic is sought. ... In this night and in this hour We call upon the ancient power.

Bring your powers to us sisters three We want the power. Give us the power.

Cast by Phoebe
Episode 1.1

To Kill Jeremy….
Ingredients; A rose, a drop of blood from caster, a poppet

Your love wither and depart from my life. Let me be, Jeremy, and go away forever.
Cast by Piper

Episode 1.1

Power of Three Spell
The Power of Three will set us free! The Power of Three will set us free! The Power of Three will set us free!

Cast by Prue, Piper, and Phoebe

Episode 1.1

and Phoebe Episode 1. Eye of Earth. Bend thy will to the Power of Three. Piper. Evil eyes look onto thee. evil and accursed! Cast by Prue.2 .To Vanquish Javna….. May they soon extinguished be.

Rid all beings from these walls. Cast by Prue. safety's gone and evil roams. and Phoebe Episode 1. save sisters three.  To Banish Shapeshifters… When in the circle that is home. Piper. Now heed our call.3 .

As I desire. I'm the Queen and you're the bee.5 . I conjure thee.To Attract Men. so shall it be! Cast by Piper and Phoebe Episode 1.… I conjure thee.

1 cup betel nuts. mandrake root. Cayenne pepper. Look upon another face. Episode 1.To Discourage A Lover… Ingredients. 1 lock of lover's hair. red wine Your love for me shall be no more. make your feelings only pure.5 . theirs will mine now replace.

8 . Those who now are in this house will here the truth from other's mouths. after which the memory ends.Truth Spell For those who want the truth revealed. From now until it's now again. opened hearts and secrets unsealed. Cast by Prue Episode 1.

Assorted herbs. Hold the container with you when ready to cast the spell. Mix the herbs and feather into the pouch. Outside of time. 1 pouch. Know only sorrow. a container (to hold warlock ).9 . 1 spotted owl feather.To Capture Matthew Tate…     Ingredients. know only pain! Cast by Melinda Episode 1. outside of gain.

we release you. blood of our blood. Our great.. Cast by Prue. blood of our blood. great. To Release Melinda Warren… Melinda Warren.. great. great. We summon thee.9 .To Summon Melinda Warren. Melinda Warren. great. and Phoebe Episode 1. great grandmother. great. Piper.

Vanish the words. vanish our powers.To Banish Powers… From whence they came. return them now. Cast by Prue.10 . and Phoebe                                 Episode 1. Piper.

Take my troubles and cast them aside. Cast by Piper Episode 1.            To Banish Bad Luck… Ingredients.13 . a stick of sage Sage so fair from far and wide.

Cast by Phoebe Episode 1. and take with you this endless night. I am one too strong to fight. Go away and leave my sight. Return to dark where shadows dwell.15 .To Banish the Woogyman… I am light. you cannot have this Halliwell.

blessed be. Cast by Prue Episode 1. and multiply their strength by three.16 . recite these words at length Take my powers.  To Multiply Strength… To multiply your strength.

To Unbind a Bond… The bond which was not to be done. give us the power to it undone. And turn back time to whence it was begun! Cast by Phoebe Episode 1.17 .

young Piper. its place. Return what has been moved through time and space. A time for everything.To Return To the Present: Halliwell. young Prue. and unborn Phoebe.17 . and to everything. Cast by Patricia Episode 1.

Let this Nick no more exist! Cast by Prue.17 . and Phoebe Episode 1. Holy Thistle.Nicholas Must Die: Lavender. cleanse this evil from our midst. Piper. Scatter its cells throughout time. Mimosa.

To Banish a Spirit… Ashes to ashes. spirit to spirit. Take this soul.20 . Cast by Prue's spirit Episode 1. banish this evil.

To Switch Powers…
What's mine is yours, what's yours is mine, Let our powers cross the line. I offer up my gift to share, switch our powers through the air. Cast by Piper, then by Prue

Episode 1.21

To Accelerate Time…
Winds of time, gather round. Give me wings to speed my way. Rush me on my journey forward, let tomorrow be today.
Cast by Prue Episode 1.22

To Move Ahead in Time…
Materials: the date you want to travel on a piece of paper, a burning candle

Hear these words, hear the rhyme, we send you this burning sign. Then our future selves we’ll find in another place and time.
Cast by Prue, Piper, and Phoebe

To Return From the Future…
Take us back to whence we came to time and place that are the same. Let past be present, that time regain.

Episode 2.2

To Create a Door…
When you find your path is blocked, all you have to do is knock.
Cast by Prue and Piper

Episode 2.2

To Bind Powers… I take your hands in mine. and with this string I will entwine. Episode 2.2 . Your powers I’ll forever bind from now until the end of time.

To Erase a Memory…              Thoughts. What I now mention you will release. Truths. Episode 2. All these you hold onto tightly. Images.2 . Ideas. Beliefs.

P.S.Smart Spell Spirits send the words from all across the land.3 . . I will understand the meaning of all words from here to heaven. from seven to seven. Cast by Phoebe Episode 2.There will be no personal gain. Allow me to absorb them through the touch of either hand. For 24 hours.

3 . Translation: To free what is lost say these words: Mine Forever Cast by Prue. Piper.To Enter the Enchanted Painting… Absolvo Amitto. Sempler Mea. and Phoebe Episode 2. Amplus Brevis.

3 . Cast by Phoebe Episode 2. Translation: Words free us all.To Free Those Trapped Inside the Painting… Verva Omnes Liberant.

so that she may perish as moth to fire. Rend from her foul desire.To Lure and Destroy a Succubus… Instructions: Draw the symbol of the Succubus in the centre of an empowered space. Light candles in a circle around the area. draw to us this woman fell. With the target of the spell standing upon the symbol. say the incantation.5 . By the forces of heaven and hell. Cast by Prue Episode 2.

Cast by Tuatha Episode 2. red ribbon By the passing of this hour.6 . take away all of their powers.To Disempower a Witch… Ingredients: a fresh human heart ( 1 per witch ).

7 . Open locked thoughts to my mind’s willing ear. Bringing innermost voices to mind and speech. May the smoke from this candle into everywhere creep. Cast by Prue and Piper Episode 2.To Hear Secret Thoughts… As flame lights shadow and truth ends fear.

Awakening Spell… Materials: blood from target person. and shift the source of unearthly spawn To this poppet whom none shall mourn. a poppet Troubled blood with sleep’s unease. Remove the cause of this disease. Take sleep eternal nevermore.12 .           Cast by Prue and Phoebe Episode 2.

Cast by Prue and Phoebe Episode 2. Return the disease to whence it came So life can ease back to the same.12 .Reverse Awakening Spell… What was awakened from its sleep Must once again slumber deep.

and Tessa (Phoebe's friends) Create-A-Mate Spell… [successful version] From strike of twelve count twenty-four That's how long this spell is for. count twenty-four.13 . Andrea. If to abate my lonely heart Enchant these gifts I thee impart. That's how long this spell is for. Turn these gifts into a mate And then my lonely heart abate.Create-A-Mate Spell… [unsuccessful version] From strike of twelve. Cast by Phoebe Episode 2. Cast by Brooke.

Episode 2.13 . Cast by Phoebe Human-Into-Animal Reversal Spell… Undo the magic acted here. Reverse the spell so all is clear. Make them animals sayeth this spell.To Turn Humans Into Animals… Ingredients: a pinch of salt and a pack of herbs Something wicked in our midst In human form these spirits dwell.

Cast by Phoebe Episode 2. Let these mortal arms embrace The life that haunts before.14 .To View a Past-life… Remove the chains of time and space And make my spirit soar.

To Exchange Spirits with a Past-life… In this time and in this place Take this soul that I displace. Cast by Phoebe Episode 2.14 . Bring her forth while I go back To inhabit a soul so black.

Cast by past-Prue and past-Piper Episode 2.To Vanquish an Evil Soul… Evil witch in my sight Vanquish thyself Vanquish thy might In this and every future life.14 .

To Give a Sign of True Love… I beseech all powers above To send a sign to free my sister's heart One that will lead her to her love.15 . Cast by Phoebe Episode 2.

Your bad luck as well. You're free from this hell.To Erase Bad Luck … From this moment on your pain will be erased. Cast by Prue Episode 2.16 . Enjoy your good luck Maggie.

17 . Humbled by his power. Amanda. We invite him to our circle. Cast by Gail. Reach back through the ages. and Helen Episode 2.To Call Cryto… We call on the demon Cryto.

and then by Prue.To Call The Powers of a Witch… Powers of the witches rise. Piper. Amanda. Cast by Gail.17 . and Helen. Come to us who call you near. Come to us and settle here. and Phoebe Episode 2. Course unseen across the skies.

17 . Cast by Phoebe Episode 2.To Vanquish Cryto… What witch has done and then undone Return this spirit back within And separate him from his skin.

( failed ) Episode 2. Remove this creature from these walls.18 .To Vanquish the Demon of Illusion… Evil that has travelled near I call on you to disappear. Elementals heed my call.

To Vanquish Libris… Demon hide your evil face. Cast by Prue Episode 2. Libris. and leave no trace.19 . die.

21 .To Vanquish the Demon of Anarchy… Sword of discord. Cast by Piper and Phoebe ( failed ) Episode 2. your works now must cease. I vanquish thee now with these words of peace.

Cast by Prue. Enchanted are our newfound eyes. In innocence we search the skies. and Phoebe Episode 3. this darkest hour. Three together stand alone Command the unseen to be shown.To See the Unseen… In this tween time. We call upon the sacred power.3 . Piper.

apples defining the perimeter of a circle Knowledge and reverence! Knowledge and reverence! Knowledge and reverence! Cast by Prue and Phoebe Episode 3.To Cast a Protective Circle… Ingredients.3 .

Episode 3.Belthazor Vanquishing Potion Ingredients & Instructions… Cockle shells Pig's feet Crickets Mandrake Belthazor flesh Dash of Cardamon Toadflax Pinch of carrot seeds Mix altogether. This potion must be thrown at him to vanquish him.8 . allowing to come to a boil. Then add the Belthazor skin. save the demon-flesh.

Be he far or be he near.To Summon Belthazor… "Magic forces black and white. Reaching out through space and light. Bring us the demon Belthazor here.8 ." Cast by Prue and Piper Episode 3.

The Alchemist shall transform none. Scientist of evil born. Cast by Prue.9 . Piper. With these words face the fire's scorn.To Kill an Alchemist… Let flesh be flesh and bone be bone. and Phoebe Episode 3.

Love's light end this cruel possession. Piper. Cast by Prue.9 . and Phoebe Episode 3. reject this evil essence.To Kill an Essence… Host soul.

9 .To Animate the Dead… "Caducus Exanimas Vita Aetas Anima!" Cast by Kierkan Episode 3.

11 .To Summon a Darklighter… "Ixo Mende Layto Sempar!" Cast by Eames Episode 3.

Cast by Prue.11 . and Phoebe Episode 3. Piper.To Vanquish Eames… Time for amends and the victims' revenge. Power to change turned strange. Clone power turned sour. I'm rejectin' your deflection.

To Banish Lost Souls… I return what I didn't want to find.12 . Cast by Phoebe Episode 3. Let it be out of sight. out of mind.

Lead me to the one I cannot find. Cast by Piper and Phoebe Episode 3.Lost and Found Spell… Guiding spirits. Restore that and my peace of mind.12 . I ask your charity. Lend me your focus and clarity.

To Find Tom… Show me the path that I cannot find To save Tom and restore Prue's peace of mind.12 . Cast by Phoebe Episode 3.

Cast by Dantalion Episode 3.13 . Create the pain of heaven and hell. Excemo dempress anama tomb.Dark Priestess Spell… Through this book weave this spell. May she suffer.

Blood of life. you will impede. Poisoned bark will stop the breath And in the bud.13 . will bring death… Not Cast Episode 3. do your deed.Hemlock Killing Spell… Betask of hemlock.

To Kill a Female Warlock … Through the book.13 . Her tears will run and then she dies. Not cast Episode 3. Bring the death of evil and hell. May she suffer until she cries. cast the spell.

Cast by Prue. magic of right.13 . Piper. and Phoebe Episode 3. Cast this blight into forever's night.To Vanquish an Evil Priestess… Power of light.

Cast by Prue.To Vanquish Seekers… Knowledge gained by murderous means Is wisdom's bitter enemy. The mind that burns with stolen fire Will now become your funeral pyre. and Phoebe Episode 3. Piper.16 .

sand. In the wind I send this rhyme. Cast by Prue Episode 3. and sea.To Summon Death… Spirits of air.16 . before my time. Converge to set the angel free. Bring Death before me.

We ask that you commune with us And move among us. focus on connecting with the spirit. incense (cinnamon.A Séance Materials & Instructions. If the name of the one that contact is desired with is known. a white cloth. sandalwood). We seek your guidance. modify the spell accordingly. As the incense and candles burn. White & purple candles. Piper. and Phoebe Episode 3. frankincense.17 . Beloved unknown spirit. Performed by Prue.

and Phoebe Episode 3. Felt no pain and kept his breath. Cast by Prue. Piper.17 . This warlock standing in our midst. Let him now feel what he has missed.Nine Deaths… Nine times this evil's cheated death.

19 . and add to the mixture. Shake water vigorously for two-hundred heartbeats. Episode 3. 1 pinch dandelion. Billings Root. Potion must be cool and appear blood red before drinking. Grind the ingredients together in the mortar and pestle. a mortar and pestle Instructions. water.Power Stripping Potion Ingredients. 1 dash chickweed.

Protect me with the power of good.Amulet Activation Spell… Evil is approaching. Let darkness be withstood. Not Cast Episode 3.20 . Blanket me with defences.

To Track a Banshee… The piercing cry that feeds on pain And leaves more sorrow than a gain Shall now be heard by one who seeks To stop the havoc that it wreaks.21 . Cast by Phoebe and Piper Episode 3.

Cast by Phoebe. No longer will you dwell.22 . then by Prue and Piper Episode 3.To Deter/Kill Shax… Evil wind that blows. Death takes you with this spell. That which forms below.

Cast by Piper Episode 4.1 . bring back my sister. Bring back the Power of Three.To Restore Prue… ( failed ) In this night and in this hour. I call upon the ancient power.

1 . Come to us and settle here. yarrow root. Course unseen across the skies. sprig of cyprus. return to me.To Call a Lost Witch… Ingredients. and chant: “Blood to blood.” Cast by Piper Episode 4.” Add a drop of your own blood. pinch or rosemary. I summon thee. & a mortar & pestle Mix the ingredients in the mortar while chanting: “Powers of the witches rise. Blood to blood. Come to us who call you near.

Cross now the great divide" Cast by Piper Episode 4.To Summon a Spirit… Materials.1 . hear my cry. white. Spirit from the other side. a circle of nine. lit candles "Hear these words. I summon thee. Come to me.

take him away. We call on the spirits to help undo And send him off to Timbuktu." Cast by Grams' spirit and Phoebe Episode 4. don't let him stay. Remove him now.1 .To Move Inspector Cortez … "Take him back.

Enchant these so those can't hide. Allow this witch to use therin. So she can reveal the evil within. Cast by Piper and Phoebe Episode 4.2 .To Enchant an Object… Magic forces far and wide.

A compromise they'll disentwine" Cast by Paige Episode 4.3 .To Promote Compromise… "These words through the minds Of stubborn parties and unbind The thoughts too ridged to be kind.

3 .Vanishing Spell… "May the object of objection become but a dream As I cause the seen to be unseen." Cast by Paige Episode 4.

and evil ways Follow this villain for all his days.Instant Karma… To make a demon* feel the pain he inflicts Let cruelty. Reverse the torment he creates. Turn on him a crueller fate. * ‘Demon’ can be substituted for ‘dirtbag’! Cast by Paige Episode 4.3 . pain.

let it be.3 . and touch the paper to the flame. Light a candle. recite: "Guiding spirits. hear my plea. Annul this magic.Reversal Spell… Instructions. write the spell that you want reversed on a piece of paper. As the paper burns." Cast by Phoebe and Paige Episode 4.

Come to us who call you near. Course unseen across the skies.3 . return to me. Come to us and settle here. Blood to blood. "Powers of the sister rise." Cast by Phoebe and Paige Episode 4.To Call Fury-Piper… Requires a drop of blood into a candle flame. Blood to blood. I summon thee.

To Kill Gammil… "Small of mind. big of woe.4 . The pain you caused you know will know." Cast by Piper. and Paige Episode 4. Phoebe.

" Cast by the Evil Enchantress.6 .To Summon/Enchant a Prince… "Bring together my prince and me. and then by Paige Episode 4. Let him fall on bended knee. I summon him to my side. So that he may take me to be his destined bride.

From myself I will not hide.6 .To Open Portal to the Past… "Bring together my prince and me." Cast by Paige Episode 4. His kingdom know I wish to see. Crossing history to his side.

To Vanquish Shocker Demon… "Vanquish! We three witches cry. and Paige Episode 4. Phoebe.6 ." Cast by Piper. One final shock and then you die.

7 .To Vanquish Chameleon… "Evil hiding in plain site. I use this spell with all my might. This vanquish seals your fate." Cast by Piper Episode 4. Stop your changing form and shape.

Mind Link Spell… Life to life and mind to mind Our spirits now will intertwine We meld our souls and journey to The one whose thoughts we wish we knew.7 . Cast by Phoebe and Paige Episode 4.

Our spirits now will disentwine.7 ." Not cast Episode 4. We part our souls and journey home To let our thoughts be on their own.Reverse Mind Link Spell… "Life from life and mind from mind.

" Cast by Phoebe Episode 4. show yourself now to me.To See a Muse… "Being of creativity. Let our vision now embrace. Your light that shines upon our face.9 .

he blinks from place to place." Not cast .Warlock Vanquishing Limerick… "A warlock is a funny thing. And when we say these words to him His face they will erase.

Phoebe. we call ourselves now to thee. and Paige Episode 4. Your light now darkened in a ring Shall feel the Power of Three we bring." Cast by Piper.9 .To Find a Muse… "Being of creativity.

Phoebe. with these words." Cast by Piper. Waste the warlock's evil zest.9 . and Paige Episode 4.Warlock Vanquishing Spell… "Evil is a faithful foe. But good does battle best. We witches will.

Hide yourself now from me.To Un-See a Muse… "Being of creativity. and Paige Episode 4.9 . Your light that shines upon our face From our vision." Cast by Piper. Phoebe. now erase.

11 .To Stretch the Imagination… "Let mind and body soar To heights not reached before. Let limits stretch That you mat catch A new truth to explore." Cast by Paige Episode 4.

Cross now the great divide. Beloved spirit Angela. & Paige Episode 4. hear my cry. I summon thee. We ask that you commune with us And move among us. Come to me.To Summon the Spirit of Angela Provozolis… "Hear these words. We seek your guidance." Cast by Piper. Phoebe.11 . Spirit from the other side.

and Paige Episode 4.12 .To Weaken a Magic Shield… "Door unlock. no magic block." Cast by Piper. Phoebe.

" Cast by Piper. and Paige Episode 4.To Vanquish Ludlow (Haiku)… "The brittle winter Gives way to flowers of spring. Phoebe. Ludlow is vanquished.12 .

" Cast by Piper.To Call Powers from the Hollow… "Powers of the witches rise.13 . Phoebe. and Paige Episode 4. Come to us and settle here. Course unseen across the skies. Come to us who call you near.

Phoebe. Penelope. Vanquish this evil from time and space!" Cast by Piper. Melinda. Halliwell witches stand strong beside us. and Paige Episode 4.13 .To Vanquish the Source… "Prudence. Astrid. Helena. and Grace. Patricia. Laura.

To Contain the Hollow… "Aboleo extium cavium du eternias.13 ." Cast by Phoebe and The Seer Episode 4.

It is an answer that I seek." Cast by Phoebe Episode 4. The question burns within the fire So that I may hear my hearts desire.14 .To Hear Your Heart's Desire… "My heart is strong. my spirit weak.

14 ." Cast by Piper. Since heaven cannot be your place Your flesh and blood we now erase.To Vanquish Kurzon… "Hell threw you from its inner core But earth won't hold you anymore. Phoebe. and Paige Episode 4.

you are gone forever." Cast by Piper.18 . and Paige Episode 4. Phoebe.To Vanquish a Harpy… "Claw of pain we have to sever. Demon.

19 .To Gain the Source's Powers… "Msolus into exitus omne" Cast by the Wizard Episode 4.

To Steal an Unborn Child… "Give me strength and give me might To steal a child in still of night. bring life to me. let it be Hear my plea. Darkest forces.21 ." Cast by The Seer Episode 4.

21 . I summon thee Blood to blood.To Call Piper… "Powers of the witches rise." Cast by Phoebe Episode 4. Course unseen across the skies. return to me. Blood to blood. Come to us who call you near. Come to us and settle here.

To Find A Lost Love… "Whither my love.22 ." Not cast Episode 4. Wherever you be Throughout time and space Take my heart near to thee.

Wherever you be.To Find a Lost Love in the Astral Plane… "Whither my love." Cast by Phoebe Episode 4.22 . Through Time and Space Take my love near to thee.

Through time and space Bring her back to me." Cast by Piper and Paige Episode 4.22 .To Return From the Astral Plane… "Return thy love wherever you be.

To Track a Target… Water Find Follow Then the rise one up who the from fled winds like days the from are of sea. cold old. where fall ten-fold Cast by the Sea Hag Episode 5. me.1 .

cruel sea. Lead us through the cruel. Find the hag that speaks in lies. Phoebe. Cast by Piper. and Paige Episode 5. Balance chakras. focus chi.1 .To Locate the Sea Hag… Powers of the witches rise.

boxed in. My panic grows manic till I can't hear. Full of fear.2 . Cast by Piper Episode 5. Please make it leave. In need of a reprieve So that I can breathe Remove my fear.Fearless Spell… Locked in.

That he may feel her true desire… Cast by Paige Episode 5.2 .To Reveal Phoebe's Love… Open Phoebe's heart to Cole. Bring forth the passion of love's fire. Reveal the secret that it holds.

With all our strength we fight this fate. Cast by Paige Episode 5.2 .To Vanquish Necron… Tide of evil washed ashore Bring this darkness evermore. Make this evil obliterate.

Cast by an Evil Witch Episode 5.3 . Into the glass to do my bidding.To Trap Another in a Mirror… Freedom's lost. Must be unwitting.

Purge her to awaken From this toxic take-in. Cast by Piper Episode 5.Antidote Spell… Hear our call for those who fall.3 .

Not cast Episode 5.. We hearken ye.4 .Siren Summoning Spell… Oh singing lady of the dusk Who prays on men. turns love to lust..

To Vanquish Random Demon… Hellspawn.7 . Cast by Penny Episode 5. Creature of death. demon. Fire shall take your very breath.

8 .To Steal a Witch's Heart… Magic attrecto! To Make a Witch Visible… Aspectus invisus! To Induce Sleep… Sopio! Cast by Bacarra Episode 5.

Concealing Spell… Consilio! Fireball Spell… Incediaries Globus! To Break a Time-Freeze… Glacies Ember! Cast by Bacarra Episode 5.8 .

To Cripple a Witch…

To Deflect a Witch's
Murus Adigo!

To Teleport an Item…
Cast by Bacarra

Episode 5.8

To Vanquish Bacarra…
(failed) We call upon Medusa's bones. Turn their flesh into stone. Cast by Phoebe

Episode 5.8

Mummification Spell…
Saqqara Tiet Usheb Ti
Cast by Jeric

To See Last Scrying
Scrying secrets, come to me. Drop again so I might see.
Cast by Paige

Episode 5.10

To Move a Spirit…
Khet Mastaba Hotep Ka
Cast by Jeric

To Expel a Host Soul …
Together no more through time, expel her soul, leave only mine.
Cast by Isis

Episode 5.10

10 . Cast by Piper Episode 5.To Expel Isis' Soul… Two warring souls now burn inside Where only one can reside. I call upon the Power of Three To save her body and set Paige free.

Demummification Spell…
Dromos Wabet Kufu Nemes Ahk!
Cast by Paige

Episode 5.10

To Remove Phoebe's Powers…
This witch's power cannot fight The lure of evil's magic might. Before misuse lines in hell, Remove the powers of Phoebe Halliwell.
Cast by Piper

Episode 5.11

Transformation Spell…
Ribus uero fecit orum bitis danae. Arca nvenio hospiyto fortis mundus.
Cast by an Avatar

Episode 5.12

Manor Cleansing Spell…
Burn a bundle of sage incense and ring a cowbell while chanting:

Eimo Sayto Dama Mundo
Cast by Phoebe

Episode 5.13

liverwort. pinch of dragon root. Add liverwort & dragon root together in a cauldron and recite: Free us from the ties that bind Of evil magic intertwined. We call upon the one who cures.To Summon a Witchdoctor… Ingredients & Instructions. Cast by Phoebe Episode 5. snakeskin. He who's to the dark inured. Then add snakeskin to complete the spell.13 .

So it's existence can be reaffirmed. Cast by Piper Episode 5.Reverse Vanishing Spell… Let the object of objection return.13 .

Episode 5. Let we who awaken from our sleep Return at once to slumber deep. and say the spell to activate.The DreamSpell… Instructions: Sprinkle casters with dream dust (as this will enhance the magic).14 .

To Return the Unicorn… Take this beast before I end her. Ship her back. return to sender Cast by Phoebe Episode 5.15 .

15 . myth. and lore. Episode 5. Beast of legend.Doris & Cronin Vanquishing Spell… Throw dust from unicorn's horn upon demons and say. Give my words the power to soar And kill this evil evermore.

17 . and then Saleel Episode 5.To Summon A Rainbow… Go N-Eiri An Bother Leat Cast by Phoebe. Shamus.

Recite spell. then burn paper.17 . Personal loss should not be mine. Write spell down on paper and light candle on table. Restore this sweater and make it fine. Cast by Paige Episode 5. Lay the sweater on table near candle.To Restore A Sweater… Instructions.

I cast this spell to find good luck And hope my life will cease to suck.17 . Creditors I soon must duck.To Find Good Luck… Finances have run amok. Cast by Paige Episode 5.

17 .To Distribute Bad Luck … Marbhfaisc Ort! Cast by Leprechauns. then Saleel Episode 5. then Saleel To Distribute Good Luck… Slante Is Tainte! Cast by Leprechauns.

Cast by Piper Episode 5.18 . Let our lives unfold.To Relive Memories… Let the truth be told. So we can relive memories And stop being enemies.

Cast by Piper and Paige Episode 5. Take this demon and give him roots. Nothing is immune.19 . everything transmutes. Life renews as creation calls.To Change Demon Into A Tree… Changing seasons changes all.

Cast by Paige Episode 5.To Summon The Leader Of The Creepers… Demons who dwell in slivers of night. Uncloak your shadows to witches' sight.21 .

Pour red sand into the figure and recite: Evocum I letiterum abdigo. Manes ascendo. Cast by random demon Episode 5.21 . manes ascendo.To Summon The Necromancer… Instructions. Place bones and a skull in the shape of a pentagon.

Halliwell Matriarch Summoning Spell… I call forth from space and time. Our family spirit without an end. And help us bring this child to grace Cast by Grams Episode 5. To gather now in this sacred place. daughters. friends. Matriarchs from the Halliwell line.21 . sisters. Mothers.

A witch's heart is where is lies. Help her through her agony. Cast by Paige Episode 6. Bless her with her memory.To Restore Memory… Powers and emotions tied.1 .

the Troc. Let's get him.To Vanquish The Troc… From other worlds Far and near. Cast by Phoebe Episode 6. Out of here.1 .

I call our powers to undo this spell. Cast by Paige Episode 6.To Reverse A Curse… (Turn Oscar fro his dog form) I call upon the Halliwells. Make right again that we must. Reverse the curse that made this mutt.2 .

Send it back from whence it came. That part which only Phoebe feels.2 . Don't protect her from the pain. Cast by Paige Episode 6.To Open Someone’s Heart… Open Piper's heart to reveal.

To Reverse Someone's Attitude… A spell was cast. Cast by Paige Episode 6.2 . Now make it past. Don't ask me how. Remove it now.

To Fill In The Blanks… Moments lost make witches wonder Warlock's plot or demon's plunder? If this is not a prank. Cast by Paige Episode 6. Help us to fill in the blanks.3 .

Vanishing Spell… Let the object of objection Become but a dream As I cause the seen To be unseen… Cast by Piper Episode 6.3 .

Scrying Spell… Give me sight through the blackest bile Show me the faces I revile Cast by Mitzy Episode 6.4 .

Cast by Mabel.To Steal An Identity… Blinking faces blank and ho-hum. Mitzy and Margo Episode 6.4 . We are they and they are no one. Grant to us the power of three And turn them into nobody.

Come to us and settle here.Spell To Call The Charmed Ones' Powers… Powers of the witches rise. Course unseen across the skies. Cast by all three sisters Episode 6.4 . Come to us who call you near.

Reveal yourself. we call to thee Those who wish to set you free. Cast by Paige Episode 6. Come to us. Cross on over.To Summon The Dead… Unknown spirit. so that we may help.5 .

To Find Paige… Lead me back from whence this came Help me help my sister's pain Cast by Phoebe Episode 6.5 .

To Banish A Ghost To banish a ghost to oblivion pour this mixture over the departed bones: a palmful of pomegranate seeds ground into a fine paste a pinch of comfry root a pinch of blood meal a pinch of clematis seed a pinch of dried rhubarb leaf Mix well.5 . Episode 6. add a chalice of twice blessed water and boil.

5 .To Call A Lost Witch… Blood to blood I summon thee Blood to blood return to me Cast by Piper Episode 6.

Bar my sisters from this power of mine.To Block A Power (failed) In the name of the Halliwell line. Cast by Phoebe Episode 6.5 .

To Summon Zahn We call upon the ancient powers To summon one to save a soul Cast by Piper Episode 6.7 .

Cast by Paige Episode 6.To Make Someone Invincible… Blessed with powers from my destiny bless this hero with invincibility.9 .

Claim refuge in its rightful space. Cast by Chris Episode 6.10 .To Summon The Book Of Shadows… I call upon the ancient power To help us in this darkest hour. Let the Book return to this place.

hear the rhyme Heed the hope within my mind. Cast by Chris Episode 6.10 .To Travel Into The Past… Hear these words. Send me back to where I'll find What I wish in place and time.

10 . give me back All that was taken from the attack Cast by Chris Episode 6. Come to me across the skies.To Restore Chris' Powers… Powers of witches rise. Return my magic.

Spirit from the other side.To Summon the Dead… Hear these words. Cross now the great divide. Cast by Phoebe Episode 6. hear my cry. I summon thee. Come to thee.11 .

To Turn Weapons Into Flowers… They have no right They have no power Turn their hate sticks Into flowers Cast by Penny Halliwell Episode 6.11 .

she's my sister. I have a girl to introduce.Attraction Spell Come to me and be seduced. Cast by Piper Episode 6. Fall for her you can't resist her.11 . mister. Trust me.

11 . Cast by Robin Episode 6.To Allow Evil To Roam… And so I call upon the Crone Let evil roam inside this home.

11 . Cast by Penny Halliwell Episode 6.Love Spell May peace and love From the moon above Flow through your heart On the wings of a dove.

11 .To Vanquish Nigel… Snuff this warlock his days are done But make him good for the ecosystem. Cast by Penny Halliwell Episode 6.

11 .To Vanquish a Slime Demon… Drawing on the power of three Destroy this evil entity Cast by Paige Episode 6.

Right Cast by Phoebe and Paige Episode 6.To Create the Perfect Man… A perfect man we summon now Another way we don't know how To make our sister see the light Somewhere out there is Mr.12 .

To Prepare a Table On Piper's day set this table With all the favours you are able. Cast by Paige Episode 6.12 .

pure witches fire. From dark to light sweep Cast by Richard Episode 6.13 . Through vortex flow the heavenly mire Cleanse brackish karma of debris.To Cleanse The Karma… I call to thee.

To Vanquish The Swarm King… Demons that swarm that serve as one Vanquish him from which they come Cast by all three sisters Episode 6.13 .

14 . Reverse the role and make us whole.To Vanquish The Headless Horseman… Power of Three unite. End this grizzly fright. Cast by all three sisters Episode 6.

Cross on over so we may see. Cast by Paige Episode 6.16 .To Contact A Spirit… Sister spirit. we call to thee.

Let them always remember when. Cast by Phoebe Episode 6.To Never Forget… Those who mark who I am.17 .

and the future is the past.To Revive Old Days… The past is the future. Let’s welcome back the senior class. Cast by Phoebe Episode 6.17 .

Cast by Phoebe Episode 6.17 .To Create An Illusion Of Fire… Make them see what cannot be. Flames that leap to make them flee.

17 .To Create An Illusion of Sound Make him hear what isn’t there. Cast by Phoebe Episode 6. His deepest worries come to bear.

17 . Take the face of Wyatt’s brother. Cast by Paige Episode 6. you’re now another.To Change Someone's Physical Appearance… Who you were.

18 . Return to who you really are. Cast by Paige Episode 6.To Restore Someone's True Appearance… You who found me at this bar.

To Bestow Good Luck… (Activates the magic of a nugget of luck) Sláinte is táinte Cast by Riley Episode 6.18 .

To Turn Flowers Into Fire… Flowers that bring desire Make them turn into fire Cast by Phoebe Episode 6.19 .

19 .To Summon the Tribunal Di! Ecce hora! Uxor mea me necabit! Cast by Gideon Episode 6.

Vanishing Spell
Let the object of objection Become but a dream As I cause the seen To be unseen
Cast by Paige

Episode 6.19

To Reverse the Vanishing
Let the object of objection return So that it's existence may be reaffirmed
Cast by Piper

Episode 6.19

To Summon Mr. Right…
A perfect man I summon now, Another way I don't know how. Bring him now into the light, Come back to me, Mr. Right.
Cast by Paige

Episode 6.20

To Age Someone…
What once resided in its place, Shall soon be gone with no haste. Make this girl age in time, As punishment for her heinous crime.
Cast by Vincent

Episode 6.20

To Activate A Ronyx Crystal… Mallock cormon alli-tas Cast by Phoebe Episode 6.21 .

Cast by all three sisters Episode 6. Create a path to another place.22 . We call upon the ancient power.To Open A Portal To A Parallel Dimension… In this place and in this hour. Open the door through time and space.

To Enchant A Blade… Wanton powers in this blade yield Penetrate that which would shield Cast by Gideon Episode 6.22 .

Make him suffer.22 . Strike down this threat from both there and here. then disappear Cast by good/evil Paige and Phoebe Episode 6.Spell to Vanquish Gideon… We call upon ancient lore To punish with the power of four.

blessed be.Happy Call now the powers. To make my sisters happy Cast by Piper Episode 6.23 .

1 . We seek those of divinity To separate from and set them free. Cast by Paige Episode 7.To Release Gods From Mortals… We call upon the mortal ways And gods who guide but may not stay.

Send her back to her domain. Cast by Paige Episode 7.2 .To Return Lady Godiva to Her Time… From lands afar and time and space Take her now from this our place. One that dwells so must remain.

To Summon Lord Dyson… We look to find the evil set free. Bring this demon before us three.2 . Cast by all three Sisters Episode 7.

Send them back to their domain.To Return Lady Godiva and Lord Dyson to Their Time… From lands afar and time and space Take them now from this our place. Two that dwell so must remain.2 . Cast by Paige Episode 7.

Bring forth the naked lady from the eleventh century.To Summon Lady Godiva and Lord Dyson… Where royals once lived. so did she. Cast by Paige Episode 7.2 .

2 . Return what has been moved from time and space.To Return What Has Been Misplaced In Time… A time for everything and everything in place. Cast by Duncan Episode 7.

Cross now the great divide.3 . Cast by Paige Episode 7. Spirit from the other side.To Summon a Spirit… Hear me now. hear my cry.

Let these feuding siblings no longer fight.3 . Cast by Grams Episode 7.To Resolve Sibling Rivalry… Pass your petty jealousies to darkest night.

Stop this snit and quickly freeze.To Freeze Someone… Let this girl. Cast by Grams Episode 7.3 . quick as a sneeze.

And please restore what was took. Cast by Patty Episode 7.To Reverse the Sibling Rivalry Spell… Reverse the spell from the book.3 .

sisters.To Summon the Halliwell Matriarchs… I call forth from space and time. daughters. Our family's spirit without end Cast by Grams Episode 7.3 . The matriarchs from the Halliwell line. friends. Mothers.

I call on thee. Give us the gift of eternal youth.4 .To Active the Fountain of Youth… With these offerings. show us the truth. The goddess of fertility Rise now. Cast by Piper Episode 7.

Cast by Paige Episode 7.7 .To see Guardian Angels… Show me what the evil sees. Even if at lightning speeds.

..Desiderata… Things that are Yearned for. Wisdom Patience Abundance Health Unbecoming Balance Love Truth .

evil and a curse. Evil Eyes look onto thee May they soon extinguish thee Bend thy will to the Power of Three Eye of Earth.Hand of Fatima The Phrophet Mohammad invoked this centuries ago to banish Javna back to the underworld. .

His fate is to wander the Earth feasting on human hearts. Beware the Wendigo on the three days of the full moon.The Wendigo The Wendigo is a non-dead creature that roams the earth destroying the goodhearted and those in love. turned to ice. his heart was in turn. In revenge for the treachery he slew his love and ate her heart. . Rather than savour the warmth of revenge. The first Wendigo was a mortal who was betrayed by his sweetheart.

To Unbecome a Wendigo… To unbecome a Wendigo. . you must kill the Wendigo that attacked you by melting it's heart of ice.

. remove him from the time he's in. always for his evil gain Remove him.TEMPUS The Devil's Sorcerer… Manipulator of Time Serving only his will always.

. He will seek you out for revenge.To Lure an Evil Spirit… Mix equal parts of mercury and acid with the blood of one of the Spirit's victims.. Pour it over the grave of the one being lured. Leaving an epistle of your image or a counterfeit of your face. .

Multiply their Strength by Three .Charm of Multiplicity. To multiply your strength recite these words at length: Take my powers Blessed Be...

Anise Oil 1 tsp. Pepper Red 3 tsp. Honey Rose Petals from 5 Roses Pinch of Catnip 2 Drops Musk Oil 1 Strand of Conjurer's Hair .Charm of Love 3 Sticks Cinnamon 4 Shelled Peas 1 tsp. Sweet Almond Oil 3tsp.

Barabas The Demon of Fear. If he can kill 13 unmarried. He lives off his life force by feeding off the fears of witches. . His appearance is attributed to the universal convergence of negative energies as derived from astrological halls. also known as Barabas appears on Earth once every 1300 years on a Friday the 13th for twenty four hours. single witches before the stroke of midnight on the 13th he will be able to break free from his eternal bonds and with the earth from eternity.

or else. a more powerful Evil that awaits will destroy you... .Rite of Passage Rite of Passage .Fight it with the Power of One.

When in the circle that is home Evil's gone and safety roams Rid all beings from these walls Save sisters Three. now heed our call. .To Rid Evil From the Home….

Strength is determined by the amount of Goodness a person Creates.Auras The Soul Energy that every human possesses. .

To Destroy a Grimlock… Gather a Shisandra root and make a potion then throw it on the Grimlocks. but only if the children are alive. .Grimlocks… are white demons with whirling Red eyes. The stolen eyesight will last twenty-four hours. Underground demons who roam from city to city killing potential forces of Good by seeing the unique Auras that surround them. which they are able to do by stealing the sight of innocent children. After the children's use has waned the Grimlocks consume them.

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