WRIT 1122 John Tiedemann PROJECT 4 The Assignment Your professor and the Writing Program faculty assess

WRIT 1122 by reading student writings at the end of the course. To help this effort and to demonstrate your writing accomplishments, please create a brief portfolio that contains at THREE pieces of writing. • TWO of those pieces of writing should be projects you completed during WRIT 1122 this quarter. Choose works that best show either 1) your ability to analyze the rhetorical strategies in texts written by others, or 2) your ability to produce effective texts for specific rhetorical situations, or 3) both. The other piece of writing should be a Short Introductory Essay that explains the other two pieces. First, explain the assignment for each piece (after all, most of your readers won't be familiar with your course). Then, explain how each piece illustrates your ability to analyze rhetorical strategies, to produce rhetorically effective texts, or both.

Please post a complete draft of your Short Introductory Essay to Google Docs by the start of class on Tuesday, February 27. The final draft is due, along with all of your other work for the course, by noon on Friday, March 16. How to Turn In Your Project You will need to turn in Project 4 both to John and to the Writing Program • To turn Project 4 in to John, simply post your Short Introductory Essay to Google Docs, as you’ve been doing with your other projects all quarter. Please name your doc as follows: 1122 [your name] Project 4. And please be sure to share the doc with John at writrhet@gmail.com

To turn Project 4 in to the Writing Program, please follow these instructions: • • Cut and paste all three pieces into one Word document, with your Short Introductory Essay coming first. Upload the Word document into the DU Assess-it system by March 16. 1. Go to http://assess-it.du.edu. 2. Log in to the system using your DU ID and passcode. 3. You will see a list of all of your current assessment assignments. Click the 'Start' link next to each assignment to begin.

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