Problem: What is the relationship between the gender sensitivity and intercultural communication competence of heterosexual males when

conversing with homosexual males in UP Manilas? Specific Objectives: 1. To identify gender sensitivity and intercultural communication competence 2. To analyze the gender sensitivity of heterosexual males and how it affects their communication toward homosexual males 3. To understand the interaction of heterosexual and homosexual males Attendance: February 23, 2012, 10:14am, CAS Lib Samiano, Llereza, Gay, Jimenez, Daquis, Zagala 1. Abstract 2. Introduction --- Yayi Background Statement of the Problem (Paragraph Form) Specific Objectives 3. Lit. Review Gender sensitivity --- Paul Ivan Intercultural competence --- Aira Homosexual male --- Jimm Heterosexual male --- Krysver 4. Framework --- Berna 5. Methodology 6. Results/Discussion 7. Conclusion/Recommendation 8. Reference List Deadline for Literature Review/Intro: Saturday at 3:00pm Deadline Framework: Tuesday at 11:00pm Deadline Intro/LR/Framework: Wednesday at 11:00pm Witnessed by: (Sgd.) Kevin Villanueva (Sgd.) Kessel Villarey

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