Perception towards Premarital Sex of BSN students in Universidad de Sta.

Isabel Please check your own perception on premarital sex based on the following aspects Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Social and Psychological. (5-Strongly agree, 4-Agree, 3-Fairly agree, 2-Strongly disagree, 1Disagree)

5 Spiritual 1. Premarital sex is bad, it s against my Religion 2. I am oriented that premarital sex is immoral 3. It s good to engage myself in premarital sex 4. I ll be a sinner if I commit premarital sex 5. I believe premarital sex is not a sin, as long as I ve done it out of love Physical 6. Physical appearance contributes in having sexual relationship 7. I am a man/woman and I need to respect my body 8. Engaging in premarital sex will satisfy my physical needs 9. Premarital sex is fun, I can do it with whom I want to 10. I am aware that premarital sex will put me into great risk of having STD. Emotional 11. Premarital sex is okay as long as love is there 12. Engaging in premarital sex will boost my self-esteem 13. Premarital sex can bring deeper emotion in a relationship 14. I feel worried to a person who engaged in premarital sex 15. I m afraid that premarital sex could happen to me Social 16. I am willing to discuss premarital sex with my family 17. Premarital sex is naturally occurring this day 18. Saying no to premarital sex can ruin a relationship 19. Peers didn t affect my perception premarital sex 20. Premarital sex is a trend Psychological 21. I am knowledgeable about premarital sex 22. It is permissible to entertain sexual fantasies 23. Sex education affects my perception about premarital sex 24. Out of curiosity I will engage myself to premarital sex. 25. Engaging into premarital sex makes me sexually attractive