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A Study in Womanly Vice and Virtue

World Wide WebSimon Peter Press announces the release of Raising Up Mommy: Virtues for Difficult Mothering Moments, by Heidi Hess Saxton. Part of the Women of Grace LifeGuide Series, Raising Up Mommy is for Catholic women who want to embrace authentic Catholic womanhood within the vocation of motherhood. Saxton, an adoptive mother of two former foster children, says she wrote this book not as a parenting expert, but as someone who is also soldiering along in the trenches of motherhood, and has found inspiration and encouragement from other spiritual mothers, particularly the saints. Each of the seven deadly sins have a uniquely feminine expression and a heavenly virtue that also is distinctively feminine. As Teresa of Avila taught her sisters, the best way to overcome vice is to practice the opposite virtue. This book shows how. The vice of pride, for example, can turn up as martyrdom or perfectionism in some women and the antidote, humility, is most often experienced in the hiddenness of a mothers life. Depending on how strongly the person is tempted to exhibit the vice, she might need to do a little spiritual weight training in order to cultivate strength or endurance in a particular virtue. The last chapter of the book leads the reader to develop her own plan. Each chapter of Raising Up Mommy explores a deadly vice and its corresponding virtuous antidote along with its distinctively feminine expression or gift. Greed is rooted out with generosity, as expressed through hospitality. Anger is tempered with justice, as meted out with compassion. Lust is stamped out through modesty and courage, with the simple habit of resilience. This last virtue is particularly rooted in the Theology of the Body, which teaches the inseparable character of physical and spiritual intimacy within marriage. To separate these two elements is to disrupt Gods plan for the essential unity that defines the marital relationship.