Subject: 1.

Modification in VT circuit, While implementing the comments received from system operation division, contractor by mistake removed the wire from winding1-tap 1of PT13 (63.5V) and connected to winding1- tap 2 of same PT (110V) for phase-R. This voltage is being used for over-flux relay, since voltage is changed from 63.5 V to 110 V, due to 2 * times voltage the over-flux relay operated. This modification was done without information and witnessing of CSD.

2. Previously CSD completed testing of all transformer protections, finally transformer stability along with REF was successfully completed. But contractor on its own behave did modification in CT circuit and kept R-phase CT wire of REF protection unfastened. This modification was carried out without any information to CSD. However above mention circuit are rechecked by CSD and found satisfactory to proceed for energization.

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