Document 5

Peyvand Publication of Political-Cultural Association of Peyvand ... On February 1, 2000, around 16:30, an agent of the Dutch secret police went to the residence of Haqi in the township of Elst. Subsequent to reading a list of names, the secret police said: “All of you are in contact with the Iranian regime and has set up a major network. We have plenty of information that you are in contact of the Iranian regime and the Iranian regime pays for your publication.” 1. AbolHassan Bani Sadr 2. Alireza Nourizadeh 3. Bahman Niroumand 4. Nasser Khajeh Nouri 5. Parviz Yaghoubi 6. Mehdi Khanbaba Tehrani 7- Mehdi Khoshal 8- Asghar Borzou (Sweden) 9- Bahman Rastgou ( the Netherlands) 10-Jafar Baghal-Nejad (Norway) 11- Hassan Khalaj ( Norway) 12- Abed Haj-Esmail ( Great Britain) 13- Hadi Shams Haeri (the Netherlands) 14- Ghassem (Mohammad Towfiq Assadi, the Netherlands) 15- Hassan Alijani (the U.S.) 16- Karim Haqi Moni (the Netherlands) 17- Ms. Nadereh Afshari ( Germany)