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The Next World - Harry & Ginny 4eva - Fan Fiction

The Next World - Harry & Ginny 4eva - Fan Fiction

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Published by: rfatimajaferi on Feb 25, 2012
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"Professor?" said James in puzzlement.

"I assure you I have yet to lose my marbles dear boy," said
Dumbledore with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Now Minerva," he said, turning to his deputy headmistress
"you need to welcome our first years in the great hall soon; I
suggest you to be off, as Hagrid was never late."

McGonagall's nostrils flared but turned around and walked
out of the office briskly. Dumbledore turned to James and

"Now Mr Potter and Ms Evans, would you be kind enough
to tell me how did you two arrive into 1997 when you are
suppose to be in 1977?"

James looked at Lily, who was staring at her hands. Lily
heard a small buzzing in her head; and James was
bewildered – still, not recovering from the shock of going
forward in time.

"The thing is professor, er...we don't know," said Lily.

"All I know professor, is that I went into the Heads
compartment and Lily started yelling at me as usual..." a

chuckle was sound from the other side of the room. James
tried to see who was there but he was interrupted by the

"Yes James please continue," Dumbledore said, his eyes

"And...And...Well, you see sir," said James, fumbling with
the ham of his robe, "I decided today that…er…" James
began to blush and Lily looked at him in wonder, "That I'll try
to…er…deflate my head a little."

Lily snorted and someone laughed hard on the other side of
the room.

"Hey! I can do it! And who is it there?" James asked, a little
hurt that they won't believe him.

"You see James, you ARE in the future. So if you please
come here professor…" said Dumbledore, obviously trying
to hold his laughter.

A man came forward; James gasped and held Lily's hand
unconsciously. Lily gawked but when she noticed James's
hand on hers, she said, "Get off me Potter! I want my blood
circulation back! Remus...? Oh my goodness is that you?"

"Yes Lily, it is me, want a hand James?" asked Remus

Wow, his hand really felt good on mine... Thought Lily

regretfully Wait! Hold on a minute! Stop! Stop this thought
immediately! Thought Lily in appall Are you saying that
you want him to hold your hand? Lily mentally shuddered
and shook herself back to the present.

"Don't play pun with me Moony" James said slyly.

But then he realized Remus was there, 20 years older than

"Wha-Whoa! Moony holy marauder! This is- bloody hell!"
James said wide-eyed "sorry professor" he added after he
remembered that Dumbledore was still in the room.

"I'm afraid I have gone temporarily deaf. Now, please
continue your story," said Dumbledore merrily

James continued, although he looked like he didn't want to
"Well…Like I said I decided to change for Evans" Lily
looked at him in disbelief written all over her face.

For me? Why would he change himself for me? He can't
have feelings for me right? It was all acting 'cos I'm the
only girl who ever turned him down. Lily tried to convince

James continued "Um…I kinda didn't want to make her
angry and I just…I just didn't say anything to her until I broke
down and told her I'm not in the mood. And then, the whole

compartment was spinning and we fell on this redhead boy
and this girl."

"The compartment was spinning you said?" asked
Dumbledore and he sat for a moment in silence.

"Remus, be kind enough to bring Mr Weasley and Ms
Granger over here after dinner. Make some excuse to
Harry. In the mean while, Mr Potter, I suggest you and Ms
Evans to eat your start-of-term feast in the kitchens."

"Why in the kitchens sir?" asked Lily.

"Because dear girl, you may cause panic between the
student body and between some – some of the teachers,"
he said, thinking of the heart attack Severus will get if his
long-lost-crush and enemy in heart will appear at the feast.

Lily and James stood up.

"Ah, before you two go I want you to promise me that you'll
stay in the kitchens. And also, I'll cast a Disillusionment
Charm on you, just in case someone will stumble his way
into the kitchen," he said.

"Yes sir" they mumbled

"Sir, I must ask you one thing though," said Lily hesitatingly
"If we are in the future, does that mean that we are no
longer Head Boy and Girl, sir?"

"I am afraid so Ms Evans, but don't worry, when you will go
back to your time, I am certain you will be the fantastic
Head Girl as I remembered you were. Same for you Mr
Potter. I am sure you will be a wonderful pairing."

Lily, who blushed to the compliment from the headmaster
now, stood in shock and a little anger at the headmaster
who suggested that she and Potter was a wonderful pair.

Does he know something that we don't? James wondered
and mentally smirked.

"Is he suggesting something here Moony?" asked James
suggestively to Remus.

"I must certainly not," Dumbledore said, eyes twinkling non-
stop while Remus chuckled.

"Very well, let's go," he said after he cast the charm.

James, Lily, Remus and Dumbledore left the office, splitting
when they got to the staircase separating the kitchens floor
to the Great Hall.

"Well professor, that was entertaining. I forgot how much
she used to dislike him," said Remus in amusement after
James and Lily went.

"Indeed, indeed my dear friend. It was a very enlightening

event," said Dumbledore.

"Professor…before they came…you said that there is a
chance we can bring them back to life. Is that…is that
true?" Remus said when a hope balloon started to grow in
his stomach.

"Yes. You see Remus, in the 12th century; a charm was
invented by the greatest wizard at the time, Ajax Ambrose.
This charm can be cast in order to reverse time, and to
keep the travellers in time in the age they were before they
cast the reversed charm - to travel to the future. This charm
is not an incantation. It is a sentence that in both future and
past, the person who said it has a strong feeling of pure
love towards the other person."

"And you guess that both James and Ron have these 'pure
love' feelings towards Lily and Hermione and they both said
the same sentence?" Dumbledore nodded in affirmation.

"Well, we both know James had feeling for Lily ever since
third year but Ron...? This is surprising," said Remus,

"Yes, yes…the problem is how we are going to get James
and Lily back to 1977. I'll have to think carefully about
this…" Dumbledore looked pensive. "Would you like to join
us for dinner? I'm sure that our new Defence Against the
Dark Arts teacher will keep you busy for a while," said

Dumbledore with a sly look at Remus.

"What do you mean?" asked Remus, his heart beating.

"Oh, don't worry Remus; I'm sure that you'll find her
company very enjoyable." Dumbledore said with the usual
twinkle in his eyes.

Remus didn't know what to say in response to this
statement so he kept walking.

"Where do you recon Dumbledore is? I mean…he was
never absent from the start-of-term feast," said Harry.

"I don't know," lied Hermione smoothly.

"Um…anyway Harry, who do you recon that woman is?"
asked Ron pointing to the teachers table; desperately trying
to change the subject. Hermione shot Ron a quick grateful

"There is only one option open is there?" said Harry
reasonably "But, wait a minute what's professor Lupin
doing here?"

"What?" said Hermione and Ron at once and quickly
searched the great hall, their eyes darting and widening as
they saw him.

"So…so…that means that they –" Ron started but was

"So…so…that means that they –" Ron started but was
pinched by Hermione "Ouch! Sorry Herms,"

"Don't call me Herms you prat!" hissed Hermione and Harry
couldn't help but laugh.

"What is so funny Harry?" she asked bitterly.

"Nothing, HERMS" he said and he and Ron burst out

Dumbledore watched the three teenagers that were
laughing. His eyes lingered on the black-haired boy. They
stopped laughing and no matter that a smirk was all over
his face, Harry Potter's eyes gave him away.

Even when he laughs, his eyes are still sad. He needs
someone to cry on.

He remembered the letters Hermione and Ron were writing
him for two summers, reporting on Harry's condition.

"He says that he is okay but I think that the summers are
particularly hard on him."

He remembered one of Hermione's letters to him this
summer; "It makes him to think of this. He needs
Hogwarts, and fast."

But then, a thought popped up in his mind and he turned to


"Remus, do you see what I see in Harry's eye? Do you see
his sadness?" he asked sadly.

Remus nodded as he tried to understand where this
conversation is going.

"Do you think it's wise to let Harry see his parents?"

Remus sat still for a few seconds. "Professor, I think that
first he needs to readjust Hogwarts, if his summers are bad
as Ron and Hermione say, he needs some time."

Albus sat there a moment, while the students were sorted
and finally said "Very well." Yet again Dumbledore
marvelled on his students' intelligence.

As the sorting ceremony was over, he stood up for the
regular start-of-term notices.

"Welcome to another year at Hogwarts! First I would like to
introduce you to your new Defence Against the Dark Arts
teacher, professor Amy Isadora."

Remus froze. Amy Isadora? This name was familiar. He
looked at the new Defence teacher and paled. On the other
side of the table, Snape's face tightened. Harry, Ron and
Hermione took notice of that, and wondered whom that
teacher was.

"Now, First-years ought to know that the dark forest is
strictly out of bounds, Mr Filch our caretaker has asked me
to remind you that no magic is permitted in corridors
between classes. In addition, he asked me to tell you all
that no Bowtruckles are to be taken from the greenhouses."
Several chuckles were sounded from the students as they
remembered Lee Jordan's prank (inspired from the twins)
from last year.

"Now, I believe I said it all, Tuck in!" several groans of
satisfaction were sounded, as the tables were suddenly full
with food.

"So Remus, what are you doing here?" asked a voice near

"Amy! Is that really you?" whispered Remus as he looked
disbelievingly at the woman near him.

"Of course it is me you prat! Who do you think I am, a
Death Eater under Polijuice Potion?" said Amy jovially.

"You'll be surprised; it happened three years ago."

"Really? Well now, I assure you I'm no more Death Eater
than you are," she said happily.

"I know Am" he smiled at her, "So…what did you do
since…since Lily and James died?"

"I've been working in Jordan for the Order." She said

"Funny, Dumbledore never mentioned you," he said

"Yes, well…I was undercover you know…he can't afford
telling the whole Order what are the plans…well, you saw
what happened last time. That blasted Black," she said
clutching her hands so tightly that her knuckles were white.

"Am, he was innocent" Remus said, somewhat chocking.

"Innocent? How can you say that Remus? He was their
blasted secret keeper! And he murdered 12 people! Not to
mention that he murdered Peter!"

Harry, who sat in the end of the table, caught her words. He
felt frozen; a numbing sensation was spread all over his
brain. He put down his fork, got up and went straight to the
common room.

"Oh my god, is that Harry?" she whispered tearfully.

"Yes Amy, that WAS Harry, and you just insulted his dead
godfather, the only person he knew that was close to a
father to him." Said Remus with barely concealed anger.

With that, he got up and went. Amy sat there, shocked until
Dumbledore got up.

"You may want to return to your common rooms. Teachers,
we will be having a meeting tomorrow morning. As such,
classes are cancelled until after lunch tomorrow. Good

"What's going on professor?" Amy asked. Dumbledore
studied her for a moment

"You'll know everything tomorrow Amy, go to rest, you'll
need that" he said with a sad smile.

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