Study Guides: 1. Evaluate team management at TRW s Lawrence plant. What organizational behaviour system is it most similar to? Does it reflect Theory X or Theory Y assumptions? As we evaluate the team management at Lawrence plant, we ve noticed that it is likely similar to Theory X where in the employees get benefit and they tend to work effectively. 2. Examine the results from team management at Lawrence. Do they support a satisfaction causes productivity or a productivity causes satisfaction relationship? Explain. I think they support both satisfaction causes productivity and productivity causes satisfaction relationship because it affects the management in two ways. 3. Assume the role of Bill Russell at the end of the case. Prepare your announcement regarding the layoffs to the cable division s employees. What do you expect their reactions will be, and how will you respond to them? The decision is hard and the previous management secured all of the employees that there will be layoff. The decision will be implemented and as of now, the firm goes up again. 4. Can participative and team management approaches work equally well during times of organizational crisis and during normal times? Explain. Yes it can. They should be cooperative and they must have open communication from one to another, so that in times of crisis they can solve it easily.

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