READ THIS if u cant understand my mumbling in the video...-.

1st download the files connect ur psp to the computer (usb cable) in the ROOT OF MEM STICK make a folder called SEPLUGINS inside the SEPLUGINS folder, make a notepad and name it vsh, inside the notepad type (ms0:/seplugins/zerorco_patcher.prx 1) without brackets extract the zeroRCO patcher and open it, put the zerorco_patcher.prx in the SEPL UGINS folder *UPDATE* After extracting the zeroRCO patcher and puttin it in the SEPLUGINS Double Click zerorco_patcher.prx, when click it should create a zerorco_patcher.bin file thu s allowing the cfw to successfully start the? new xmb command (THIS IS FOR NEW CFW like 6.39 pro b6/7/8...etc) (info frm kaarabios) make a new folder in the SEPLUGINS name it, RCO extract the ALL XMB WAVE and choose the WAVE u want, open it and copy the system _plugin_bg.rco file into the RCO folder go out of USB Mode then restart your psp (or vsh) and ur welcome i have CFW 6.20 TN-C thats why i have to restart it by pressing SELECT then scro lling down to RESTART VSH

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