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Cypress College

International Club
International Students Program and
Interested in joining the club? International Club present:
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~Culture Bash~

Brought to you by the International Club

President: Daphne Gopo
Vice President: Ruth Obidah
Secretary: Ashley Thai
ICC Representatives: Joshua Obidah
Ruben Dedman
Activities Coordinator: Neesha Lee
Publicity Coordinator: Nhi Thai
Webmaster: Bret Lee

Special Thanks to club members for their

cooperation in this production..
Anthony Brown, Aaron Sonn, Alfred Ong, Jon Tibbetts,
Thanh Nguyen, Sophia Choi, Sean Oh, Yoomin Kang,
November 19, 2008
Ashley Kim, Yichen Lee, Emi Maeda, Motoki Mansho, Student Activities Center
Roza Nguyen, Kite Tran
Conference Room
and to our advisers Janet Fujimoto and Yongmi Han for
their support. 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Talent Show Program
Featuring.. Welcome Speech
by Janet Fujimoto and Renay Laguana
• Korean and Taiwanese duet by Ashley Kim
and Yichen Lee Costumes around the World
• Vietnamese song by Kite Tran & guitar
accompaniment by Aaron Sonn PowerPoint presentation featuring costumes from around
• Flute piece by Yoomin Kang the world
• Taiwanese song by Yichen Lee
• “Get Crushed or get Even” comical skit by
Talent show
club members Experience music, dance, and art from different parts
• Beatboxing by Sean Oh of the world. Presented by club members and non
• Ukulele piece by John Sombrio club members

Origami workshop
Learn the traditional art of paper folding taught by
Motoki Mansho and Emi Maeda.
International Education Week
is an opportunity Tinikling workshop
to celebrate the
Learn the basic steps of Tinikling, a traditional dance
benefits of
from the Philippines.
education and
worldwide. This
joint initiative of the
U.S. Department of
“International Education Week 2008 is a time to celebrate
State and the U.S. Department of Education is part of
our efforts to prepare students for success in the global
our efforts to promote programs that prepare community and the promise of student exchange in training
Americans for a global environment and attract future the next generation of leaders”
leaders from abroad to study, learn, and exchange - Margaret Spellings
experiences in the United States. Secretary of Education