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$Id$ The format of this file was inspired by the Linux kernel CREDITS file. Authors are listed alphabetically. The fields are: name (N), email (E), web-address (W), SVN account login (C), PGP key ID and fingerprint (P), description (D), and snail-mail address (S). Laurent Aimar fenrir_AT_via.ecp.fr fenrir input and decoders core improvements avi, asf/wmv/wma, mp4/mov, mp3, aac, wav demultiplexers MPEG-4, Div & OpenDivX and various decoders (ffmpeg) AAC decoder (libfaad2) cinepak, adpcm, araw, musepack decoders Subtile file parser. mms, ftp access Stream output VLM France Marc Ariberti marcari_AT_via.ecp.fr marcari communication with channel server YOPY port France Stephan Assmus stippi_AT_yellowbites.com stippi BeOS module fixes and enhancements Germany Olivier Aubert olivier.aubert at liris dot cnrs dot fr Mediacontrol API, Python bindings, svg module France Sigmund Augdal Helberg dnumgis_AT_videolan.org sigmunau lirc plugin aalib plugin Subtitles and freetype Hotkeys Shoutcast discovery module and b4s playlist parser wxWidgets preferences File-Info and metadata handling Norway Pierre Baillet oct_AT_zoy.org octplane SDL audio and video output France

N: Gildas Bazin E: gbazin_AT_videolan.org

Power management inhibition PGP update core Spread bugfixes Netherlands N: Tony Castley E: tony_AT_castley. CSS decryption DVD navigation France Arnaud de Bossoreille de Ribou bozo_AT_via.fr stef MPEG video decoder DVD input. win32 VCD/CDDA input and win32 ipv6 code DirectX audio/video output. Telepathy. dts. David" Carré funman_AT_videolanorg funman C0AFF10F D-Bus control.C: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: S: N: E: C: D: S: N: E: C: P: D: D: D: D: S: gbazin Core improvements. bandlimited resampling Ogg and Raw DV demultiplexers Configuration file infrastructure wxWindows and http interfaces Pocket PC port France Rocky Bernstein rocky_AT_panix. Audioscrobbler.org littlejohn Java bindings Italy Rafaël "Hanz.ecp.fr bozo SDL video output France Filippo Carone filippo[dontspam]_AT_carone.com rocky Navigation-enabled VCD (via libvcdinfo) enhanced CDDA (via libcdio) SVCD/CVD subtitles USA Johan Bilien jobi_AT_via. decoders API Win32 port.fr jobi VCD input Satellite input libdvbpsi support France Stéphane Borel stef_AT_via.ecp. speex.ecp.net . flac and theora decoders/packetizers mpeg1/2 video decoder (libmpeg2). win32 WaveOut audio output DirectShow input a52. Taglib meta reader/writer Ncurses enhancements. vorbis. IFO parsing.

meta fetcher.. e rase. alphamas k.) modules S: France N: E: C: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: D: S: Renaud Dartus reno_AT_via.ecp.C: tcastley D: BeOS interface. extract. magnify.org courmisch network/DNS SSL/TLS support (core. croppadd.fr asmax Audio output skins module (X11 port) skins2 module (core and X11 port) JACK audio output France Rémi Denis-Courmont rem#videolan. bluescreen.ecp. playlist.ecp. puzzle. Dolby Surround decoder Audio output core enhancements France . BeOS Video S: Australia N: Antoine Cellerier E: dionoea_AT_videolan. rss. rotate.org pdherbemont Mac OS X Framework LibVLC enhancements France Boris Dorès babal(at)via. gaussianblur. gradient and edge detection.fr babal Win32 network input Win32 interface Headphone channel mixer. psychedelic D: Demux: podcast. shoutcast D: Access: v4l2 D: HTTP interface pages D: Lua (interface.fr reno AC3 decoder France Cyril Deguet asmax_AT_via.org C: dionoea D: Video Filters: mosaic.. motion detect. . HTTP input) VOC files demultiplexer Finland Colin Delacroix colin#zoy.org colin initial MacOS X port France Pierre d'Herbemont pdherbemont#videolan. HTTP server.

ecp.Fouilleul_AT_laposte.dot co dot.N: E: C: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: S: N: E: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: D: D: S: N: E: D: S: N: E: D: S: N: E: D: D: D: S: N: E: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: D: Jean-Marc Dressler polux_AT_via.hansink_AT_ordina.org.fr polux BeOS port MPEG video decoder France Henri Fallon henri_AT_via.nl Qt Embedded Video Output Netherlands Shane Harper shanegh_AT_optusnet.net Quovodis ActiveX control Safari/Firefox plugin for MacOS X Direct3D Video output SSE2 chroma converters improved MMX chroma converters Ireland Alexis Guillard alexis.uk text subtitler and font scripts United Kingdom Damien Fouilleul Damien.guillard_AT_bt.com.ecp.org hartman Mac OS X interface Dutch translation Directory input Mac OS X Video Output .au SDL plugin fixes and enhancements XVideo video output Gnome and Gtk+ interface enhancements United Kingdom Dugal Harris dugalh (at) protoclea . za OpenCV video filter South Africa Derk-Jan Hartman hartman_AT_videolan.fr henri ALSA audio output MPEG TS input Decoder modularization USA Andrew Flintham amf_AT_cus.com IPv6 support United Kingdom Gerald Hansink gerald.

net jlj PS input fixes Win32 DVD input port QNX RTOS plug-in MacOS X port norwegian translation MP4 DRMS support France Michel Kaempf maxx_AT_via.fr maxx audio output AC3 decoder MPEG audio decoder France Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb_AT_videolan.ecp.org sam playlist and modules system Gnome and Gtk+ interfaces Glide. and caca video outputs Esound audio output DVD subtitles decoder Video output Mozilla plug-in France Eugenio Jarosiewicz ej0_AT_cise.fr jimmy IDCT and YUV transforms France Samuel Hocevar sam_AT_zoy.org jb Qt4 Interface Contribs system France Pavlov Konstantin thresh_AT_videolan.org thresh Build system/linkage fixes Pidfile creation on daemon mode . Florida Jon Lech Johansen jon-vl_AT_nanocrew.ecp.ufl. fb.edu ej MacOS X interface.D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: Mac OS X Audio Output Kasenna client support contrib system for 3rd party libraries Netherlands Gaël Hendryckx jimmy_AT_via. and various fixes USA.

. Pflug . bookmarks wind ow. *BSD..ac.ecp.fr massiot decoder and input core functions audio output MPEG video decoder Many ports (Mac OS X. Québec Christophe Massiot massiot_AT_via.. iPAQ.org C: fkuehne D: MacOS X Interface (wizard. fullscreen controller) D: Interface Interaction (core and OSX) D: contrib system for 3rd party libraries D: German translation S: Germany N: E: C: D: D: D: S: N: E: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: D: S: Simon Latapie garf_AT_via..fr garf contrast/HSB. extended controls panel.com QNX RTOS video output and audio output Canada.D: Parts of Russian translation D: ALTLinux VLC maintainer S: Russia N: Felix Paul Kühne E: fkuehne_AT_videolan.) England N: Florian G. structure. M3U.fr lool Gtk/gnome enhancements xosd interface plug-in SLP France Christophe Mutricy xtophe at videolan d0t org xtophe libnotify plugin contrib system for 3rd party libraries win32 binary contribs Varios fixes (configure.levesque_AT_mindready. and logo video filters HTTP interface VLM France Pascal Levesque pascal. Solaris.) DVB input mosaic TS muxer/demuxer improvements contrib system for 3rd party libraries documentation fortunes maintainer France Loïc Minier lool_AT_via. wxWidgets. .ecp.ecp.

fr gitan SAP module France .panther_AT_web.E: C: D: S: N: E: D: S: N: E: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: S: N: E: D: S: N: E: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: S: fgp_AT_phlo.de Mac OS X audio device selection framework Germany Vincent Penne ziggy at sashipa dot com teletext decoder France Eric Petit titer_AT_videolan.org karibu skins module (core and win32 port) France Frédéric Ruget frederic.fr Portaudio audio output France Jean-Paul Saman jp_dot_saman#videolan_dot_nl libmad plug-in iPAQ port PDA (Familiar Linux) interface Dutch Translation DVB-S/C/T on v4l2 API HD1000 port OSD menu Digital Video (Firewire/IEEE1394/I-Link) Netherlands Arnaud Schauly gitan_AT_via.org titer BeOS module fixes and enhancements Stream output Mac OS X OpenGL video output contrib system for 3rd party libraries France Benjamin Pracht bigben+spam_AT_videolan.org fgp MacOS X port Austria Heiko Panther heiko.ecp.ruget_AT_free.org bigben MacOS X Interface (playlist) documentation France / Germany Emmanuel Puig karibu_AT_videolan.

demon.co.ecp.fr seguin core VLC structure interface and message queue video output YUV transforms X11 and GGI video outputs France Ken Self kens_AT_campoz.uk kenS BDA module United Kingdom Richard Shepherd richard_AT_rshepherd.ecp.org zorglub Playlist core and demuxers. SAP parser wxWidgets and joystick interfaces Announce system visualisation.co.sth.uk richards BeOS video output (BBitmap and Overlay) United Kingdom Clément Stenac zorglub_AT_videolan.N: E: C: D: D: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: S: N: E: C: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: D: S: N: E: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: S: N: E: D: S: N: E: D: S: Vincent Seguin seguin_AT_via. volume normalizer France Peter Surda shurdeek_AT_panorama.fslife.ac.at rc plugin for VLC control through /dev/stdin Austria Olivier Teulière ipkiss_AT_via.com real file/rtsp pause and seek support China .fr ipkiss Win32 interface skins module (core and win32 port) skins2 module (core and win32 port) France Yuehua Zhao zhao908_AT_hotmail.com real video codec China Bo Wang silencewang_AT_msn.

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