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. add yourself to the SketchUp mailing list. Materials. go to www. In addition. If you are serious about using SketchUp. Good Luck! . Sectioning. Pick the direction of inference before entering the dimensions.. These are all useful resources. You can save out components for later use or separate editing. Sun Calculations. red and green for x and y axes. Remember that the copies of a component can be edited as a singular if you right click and use the Edit (Just this One) command. These are all important parts of SketchUp we have not covered. Animation. A pink line indicates parallel or perpendicular line. I highly reccomend you view all of them. and you will develop a deep understanding of SketchUp in SKETCHUP TRAINING Many capabilities and topics regarding SketchUp and the use thereof have not been covered in the SketchUp workshop. Layers. There are a number of free video tutorials which will familiarize you with virtually any feature of the program.sketchup. Hold shift to lock the current inference. COMPONENTS Components are key to SketchUp models. if necessary. and inspect the forums. A cyan point along an edge indicates a midpoint.SKETCHUP 3: Job Aid INFERENCES Lock to blue for vertical.

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