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Just as computers have gone from bulky, room-filling monstrous systems to handheld computers, such reductions in size will continue until we reach fundamental physical limits, Nanotechnology is such revolution that is under the scanner of research and development. In market today one can find some or the other form of nanotechnology materials, products or processes, where manipulation of properties is done at a very small scale. As the technology suggests the consumer awareness is equally nano as compared to the usage of the former mentioned which is a wide worry to be diagnosed. The intricacies of the ingredient are still unknown to the consumer and it is the corporate social responsibility of the technology user to proclaim all its dimensions. When undone it increases the danger that the slightest fingers raised, be it a false alarm about safety or health -- could undermine public confidence. The future of nanotechnology is definitely bleak if the consumer is unhappy or is unsatisfied with findings of nanotechnology which may or may not be alarming, therefore not paving way to most exciting applications still not unfolded.