³Bachat mera adhikar Shubhiksha mera abhimaan´

Discount Store with a difference


164 stores all over Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry y About 1600 store all over the India y Revenue Rs. Subramanian in 1997 y In 2004.Shubhiksha Profile y Chennai based grocery & pharmaceuticals store y Founded by R. 2200 million y Aimed Rs. 2800 million by the end of 2005 .

Goal of the company y Open store for every two kilometer in Chennai y 550 store by 2009 in Delhi y Plan to expand in other part of India .

Strategy adopted by Shubhiksha y Focused on the lower & upper middle class y Offer a better ambience than typical general store y Prices are 8% less than the MRP y Inform customers about promotional offers y Store keepers help buyers in purchase decision .

A view on Organized Retail Market size .

unbraned & pharmacy products y All stores are connected through internet .Supply chain & Inventory y It avoid intermediaries y Goods directly procure from manufactures y In house built supply chain software y Separate godowns to stock branded.

Aimed to open 550 new shop by 2009 Threats Wall mart is coming Big bazaar expanding its outlets More .marks & Spencer .SWOT analysis of Shubhiksha Weakness Strengths Bulk purchase. Lesser price than other Targeted middle class people Strong supply chain management Lake of adequate resources Less attractive shop Lack of employees Opportunity Planning in semi metro city.

.Crisis Time y Initially pharmacy business faced many trouble y Other pharmacist protested & damaged the stores y Lower price created doubt about quality standard in the mind of drug inspector it fallowed by customers y Glaxo refused to supply the drugs y It filed a suit against Glaxo & won the case.

y Need funds to operating requirements y Looking for selling stake to raise funds y Unable to pay wages. y Trying to protect its store & assets but it has been crippled due to shortage of staff. . rentals and its suppliers.Current scenario y Company has a total debt of around Rs 750 crore.

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